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Nightmare, ds has chipped his front tooth

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Blossomhill Wed 27-Feb-08 17:30:00

Ds, 10, was mucking about with his mate and his friend lunged at him and he chipped a slither of his tooth.
I am gutted. I just think what are we going to do. The other tooth already has a hairline crack across the middle of it.
Dh has said I was wrong to tell my friend that her son did it. I was totally fine with her. I said it was an accident and I wasn't angry at all but I just wanted her to know. We talk every day on the phone and are close so hard not to iykwim.
Anyone else had experience of this?

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mountaingirl Wed 27-Feb-08 17:38:02

Oh dear, I'd take him to the dentist asap to see if it can be filed down a bit or whatever the dentist suggests. My ds 9 had his front tooth and left incisor left dangling in his mouth after he was hit in the face, we had to go to see a facio-maxiliary surgeon who put them back and wired up his teeth. They are slightly crooked but luckily the circulation stayed so the colour is normal, but he has got nerve damage. I hope it isn't too noticeable. It is so sad when they ruin their beautiful adult teeth.

mountaingirl Wed 27-Feb-08 17:38:23

or damage them!

vonsudenfed Wed 27-Feb-08 17:45:02

If it's any consolation, I chipped my front tooth as an adolescent (drinking beer from a bottle at a party...). It was filled, and has never either looked bad or given me any grief at all. In fact I'm not even certain which one it was!

Seona1973 Wed 27-Feb-08 19:56:04

I had a small chip in my front tooth (from trying to remove a paperclip with my teeth blush) but the dentist was able to fill it in and you wouldnt know it was there at all.

Milliways Wed 27-Feb-08 19:57:08

DS broke both of his front teeth when he was 9. The Dentist has built them up with temporary filling - but they do break off occasionally grin

When he is older they will give him permanent caps/crowns/veneers - whatever is best at that time, but he needs braces first so no point them doing anything until they are straight.

He is now a master of haveing them refitted. The first time he had an anaesthetic as the nerve eas raw (huge pieces of teeth off) but now they jst mould and shape a new piece on in 10-15 minutes. They look good too.

Blossomhill Thu 28-Feb-08 09:25:13

Thanks everyone. Your stories are encouraging! I have an emergnecy appointment at 10 so fingers crossed x

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Milliways Thu 28-Feb-08 17:22:41

How did it go?

Blossomhill Thu 28-Feb-08 18:07:48

OMG it went so well thanks for asking milliways. They filled and filed it and it looks perfect, better than it did before. I am so happy.
The only thing is he does have a weakness so we are going back next week to have a gum shield fitted for when he plays football to try and minimise any further damage!

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Milliways Thu 28-Feb-08 18:18:24

Glad to hear it

Beyondtiredmummy Tue 27-Aug-19 01:03:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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