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B12 deficiancy

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MAMAZON Mon 25-Feb-08 22:52:15

My mum has suffered with depression and high bloody pressure for years.
she has just had a blood test done (again) and been diagnosed with B12 deficiancy.

The Dr hasn't bothered explaining the implications of this, all he has said is that she is to have 3 injections a week for the next 3 weeks and then 1 jab a month.

I just checked out Wikipedia and although if discovered early it is failry harmless and easily treatable it has some pretty severe symptoms.
all of which my mother has.

Depression, Irritability, poor sleep pattern,memory loss, lower brain function and vairous others.

Does anyone have any experiance of this? as i say, the GP was rubbish and i try not to believe all i read on the net with regards to medical conditions.

MrsMattie Mon 25-Feb-08 22:58:28

Yes, my dad was diagnosed with this about 12 years ago, after years of depression, mood swings, joint pain, numbness & tingling in his extremities, headaches etc. He has an injection once a month, and it has changed his life. Towards the end of the month, he starts to get a bit grumpy and tired, then he has his injection and he is back to normal. Very noticeable. His personality has changed to an almost 'nice' version of what he used to be like. I don't know if you have read this, but it can be hereditary and can develop at any stage in your life, so it's important that you know the symptoms to look out for and get tested every few years. Other than that, it's good news. With the injection, your mum should be able to lead a perfectly norma, in fact an improved life.

stuffitllama Mon 25-Feb-08 23:01:02

yes i know someone put on B12 and it really helps

TheBlonde Mon 25-Feb-08 23:04:00

sorry to post and run but bed calls

Emprexia Mon 25-Feb-08 23:07:27

my dad had crohnes and had part of his bowel removed... he can't produce b12 at all and has to have regular jabs.

He's been having them 12 weekly for 22years and is in good health with no problems

We know when he needs one because of tiredness, as long as your mum keeps up the jabs she'll be fine.

TheBlonde Tue 26-Feb-08 08:50:37

Mamazon - your mom should ask your GP how long he thinks she has had it for
They should be able to guess at this from the blood tests

MAMAZON Wed 27-Feb-08 21:58:40

thanks for all your responses.

from the symptom list i would guess she has had it my entire life, certainly the last 7-8 years.

she has so far had 2 injections tyhis week and she says her arm really aches afterwards, is this quite typical does anynone know?

Louandben Wed 27-Feb-08 22:10:42

Yes, normal I think, my Mum has to have an injection once a month (has done for a few years now) and she hates it but otherwise means she feels fine.

TheBlonde Wed 27-Feb-08 22:25:40

the jab is into the muscle so usually hurts afterwards
depends on how good the nurse or GP is

sometimes in the buttock is less painful

Sidge Wed 27-Feb-08 22:32:09

Yes B12 is a really stingy injection so she will probably have a sore arm at first when she is having the loading schedule of jabs.

Here we do 6 jabs over 2 weeks, then one every 12 weeks. Monthly is less common but I suppose if her levels are really low she might need it monthly. She should start feeling better after the loading schedule.

leahkhobi Thu 05-Nov-09 07:22:25

hi, i am new to this forum,
my little man just turned 2. at 10 months old it was discovered he had a b12 deficiency. he is very developmentally delayed because of his deficiency for the first ten months. he now has injections whenever he needs a boost of b12. i am DESPERATELY seeking anyone with a similar story, of their child having a b12 deficiency. i would appreciate any replies.
love leah

abra1d Thu 05-Nov-09 07:45:10

I ihave vitamin B12 deficiency and it is great that the doctor has spotted this because you feel AWFUL. Really dreadful.

I actually take vitamin B12 sublingually instead of having injections but I need to check with the doc. that my levels are high.

When I felt awful I couldn't concentrate for long. Which had bad implications for my work.

alypaly Fri 06-Nov-09 10:55:46

yes my BF mother has these monthly. The B12 then allows them to absorb iron, so that they dont get breathless and anaemic,unsteeady,lacking in appetite etc. But they are supposed to have folic acid tablet 5 mg and most are given ferrous sulphate to take to help with anaemia.

also ferrous sulphate is more readily absorbed when taken with drinks like orange and grapefruit,but do be careful in case she is on other medications that say she shouldnt do this. Some other medicines you cant take with grapefruit so double check with GP

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