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MMR jab - lump in groin

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melanie1966 Mon 13-Dec-04 16:26:52

Hi, my son had his MMR jab on 1st Dec and a few days after we noticed he had a small lump in his groin area on the same side as where the jab was given. Saw GP on 8th Dec who said it was a result of the jab and that it would go down but it's still there. Has anyone elses son had this side effect and how long was it before it went??

cupcakes Mon 13-Dec-04 17:01:01

sorry, no advice, just thought I'd bump this up for you...

Laylasmum Mon 13-Dec-04 21:04:50

Hi have seen this before, its to do with your sons immune response what you can probably feel is a swollen gland . I'm guessing he had his MMR in his leg and the lump is on the same side? Its similer to if you have a sore throat or earache and you get swollen glands near to the infection. It just shows his body is mounting a response to the vaccine.!! Hope this helps !!

melanie1966 Tue 14-Dec-04 13:39:24

Thanks for your messages, saw a different GP this morning and she thought it wasn't to do with jab, just a coincidence. She said it was just an enlarged lymph gland and that it may take a while to go down but she didn't think it was serious and to take him back if it was still there at beginning of Jan.

christmaSPODding Tue 14-Dec-04 21:28:13

my dd had her mmr today and they mentionned this to me... said she may get swollen neck, armpit and groin glands... said it was the mumps part of the vaccine kicking in and nought to worry about. glad they told me as have never heard of this before.

Donnagarrity1974 Sun 19-Jul-15 22:49:27

Hi it's 19 days today since my baby had his first mmr jab he's 12 months old and as I've got him out the bath to dress him I've noticed a lump in his right groin area , the same side to which he had his 2 injections! I'm worried? Can anyone help and advise please what I need to do? X

Donnagarrity1974 Sun 19-Jul-15 22:53:52

Here is a picture of the lump in my baby's groin that I've noticed today!

Elliesmama Thu 18-Aug-16 17:34:10

Hi there, did this ever go away. My daughter got her MMR on August 1st, now 15 days later she has a very similar lump. The GP had us schedule a Pediatric Urologist and said it could be a hernia that needs surgery. I am very scared. Her lump looks like this I am wondering how it worked out for you...

steam007 Tue 21-Mar-17 09:37:34

@Donnagarrity1974, @Elliesmama: my son developed similar looking lumps (3) around the same groin area after his vaccination last week. Any feedback from your side shall really be helpful. We went to our doc this morning and he said it is due to the vaccination and will go away after a few weeks. I just saw your post and thought of asking about your experience as well. Thanks

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