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Recurring spot on inner labia. :(

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NameChangersRUs Mon 25-Feb-08 09:32:11

I am a regular but felt the need to name change for this one.

I have a recurring spot/boil and don't think it's a Bartholin's cyst, as it is about half way along the labia.

It arrives, gets gradually larger (about the size of a pea) and more painful and then a week or so later bursts, oozing out lots of slimey gunk and blood.

Any advice on getting rid of the bugger for good?


whomovedmychocolate Mon 25-Feb-08 09:37:25

Ooh nice

Are you generally under the weather? It could be a viral thing. But you actually need to get a GP to have a look at it. Don't worry, they really do see it all every day. However you also need to rule out anything dodgy (like a blocked sebaceous gland or something) or indeed anything infectious though it's doubtful you'd just have one repetitive spot if you see what I mean.

milou2 Mon 25-Feb-08 09:45:02

Not name changing for this. I get these too, definitely recognise the description. They occur singly for me and can be quite painful. They will flare up all of a sudden I find. They are not in the same place each time though.

I started getting them when I became involved with my husband. I have been to the GUM clinic to be checked, no helpful info. I haven't been to the GUM with one brewing so they can see for themselves, a bit pissed off that they didn't recognise what I meant from my description.

I have googled all manner of things and have got no closer to an answer that way.

I notice that I get one after a row or difficult pressurising conversation with my mother or husband.

My thought at the moment is that it is stress related and if I chuck the wish to relate and please my mother and my husband it will no longer be a problem It could be my body telling me to sort out how I think about myself and continue to learn to be an adult, bolshie, stand up for myself, claim my place in the world.....

Does any of that ring a bell for you?

NameChangersRUs Mon 25-Feb-08 09:48:26

Could be stress related I suppose but I don't see any real pattern here. It's definitely not STI and my thoughts are that it could be a blocked gland.

I guess I need to make a GP's appointment for tomorrow.

NameChangersRUs Mon 25-Feb-08 09:48:45

Thanks guys.

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 09:49:50

I don't know what a bartholin's cyst is, but I o get those little white spots that you squeeze and whits stuff come out, I think they are blocked sebaceous glands or something, harmless, perhaps your just gets infected. Sebaceous cysts do recur as they leave a little sac behind that refills itself. You can get them removed fully surgically, to prevent recurrence, but ouch, I'd rather have the spot thanks wink

Incidentally, does anyone get recurring spots on their boobs? I have one that came and went last year and is back : (
Slightly worried, I never have boob acne.

Maybe it's related to breastfeeding/blocked duct?
Sorry to hijack! blush

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 09:50:37

Sorry, typos etc. one hand typing as feeding babe!

NameChangersRUs Mon 25-Feb-08 09:50:42

No worry about the hijack - it's all in the same vein as it were.

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 09:51:33

It sounds traumatic just the thought of showing the Dr your labia at all! Good luck..

LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 09:52:15

Ah, stuff the name-change - 'tis me. I'm going to be brave and call the GP and get an appointment with a female doctor. I'm having a coil fitted in a few weeks and could ask then, but I'm guessing they'll want to see the evidence.

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 09:55:37

Brave woman!!! smile
Yeah I think name changing is a hopeless activity as you have to keep swapping back and forth, and I always manage to mess it up and post in my real name by mistake,

'thanks for the help with my bottom boil, guys' signed FA

would be a typical incident


LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 09:56:58

That's what I figured FA - I usually screw up name changing and now that I know I'm not alone with this kind of thing I may as well 'come out'!

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 09:57:47

<Group hug>


LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 09:58:38

Right - off the Rhythym Time with DD! You'll be able to spot me, I'm the one walking like John Wayne!

Thanks again.

Littlefish Mon 25-Feb-08 10:27:47

Have you tried the normal things like dabbing it with tea tree oil?

LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 11:20:36


LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 11:21:11

Have decided not to go to the docs, just to mention it when I go to have my coil fitted.

milou2 Mon 25-Feb-08 19:13:44

We have done well to bring this problem out of the closet!

I have had a new thought, could it be related to having a fatty diet?? I know I have bacon and chocolate quite freely since I'm naturally thin, maybe this is nature's way of telling me to stop.....My diet did change when I met my husband, he's into crisps, Mars bars, I was shocked when I met him, but soon altered my diet.

Please tell us if the doctor has some good info.

milou2 Mon 25-Feb-08 19:14:30

Sorry not doctor, but practice nurse.

Califrau Mon 25-Feb-08 19:22:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marmon Mon 25-Feb-08 20:10:48

I have had this problem a couple of times and finally went to the docs as it was so painful. She told me it was a Bartholin cyst and gave me a course of antibiotics, i remeber having a warm bath that evening and like yours Califrau it exploded. I think it is hormonal and possibly something to do with age. i am 36 and have never had them before so maybe it is. All i know is they bloody hurt!

Califrau Mon 25-Feb-08 21:40:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilRedWG Mon 25-Feb-08 22:10:25

Yes, Califrau - painful and growing for a week or so and then eruption I'm 34!

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Feb-08 22:13:03

i think they can still be bartholin cysts & sort themselves out.

AlistairSim Mon 25-Feb-08 22:45:31

Oh god, I'm a sick puppy.

I'm kind of hoping I get one just to see it burst.

Sounds satisfying.

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