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Why oh WHY am I the only person in the Inferiority Complex covered in insect bites?

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motherinfestivemood Mon 13-Dec-04 09:17:13

Rather embarrassingly (but hey, I've admitted so many embarrassing things on Mumsnet), I am covered in bites. And they're spreading - I found some behind my knee this morning. I blame the cat - I've got to blame someone, dammit - but the fact is that the inferiorettes (to my relief) and their dad (rather gallingly) all remain unblemished. I feel like a medieval leper. Is there anything I can do to root them out and track them down, apart from de-fleaing the cat? Is it in fact scabies, or a plague of boils, or something? Will it pass, or will I become one revolting morass recognisable at the Mumsnet party by my hooded cloak and tinkling bell? Should I - horror - go to the doctor?

soapboxingday Mon 13-Dec-04 09:20:18

Are you sure they are bites? Could they be an illness? Chicken pox or shingles???

motherinfestivemood Mon 13-Dec-04 09:30:53

They itch, in bitey sort of way. I've had both chicken pox and shingles as a child. Oh god, it's scabies or something, isn't it. Unclean, unclean...

SnowmAngeliz Mon 13-Dec-04 09:31:37

We had fleas a few years ago (NEVER again- i had to do the house for months), anyway, they only bit dp. Not me or dd so maybe (if it's fleas) they prefer you!!

Hope it's not for your sanity!!!

feastofstevenmom Mon 13-Dec-04 09:34:14

scabies tends IIRC to NOT be on your face and to be on your tummy, shoulders, etc. there is also meant to be a way of telling if it's scabies by whether you have funny light coloured threads between your fingers.

you would never guess that I had scabies about five years ago, would you . the bright side if it is scabies (i know all the yuck connotations tho!) is that you just put whatever the OTC lotion on for 24 hours, and you are cured, with the odd bit of itching whilst it works its way out of your system. tho does mean lots of washing all your clothes tho afterwards - eek

Enideepmidwinter Mon 13-Dec-04 09:37:18

dd1 was the only person in our house to get these a couple of months ago. We thought they were fleas but actually we now realise they were mozzy bites - there are still mosquitos around here even though its been so cold - could it be that?

We 'Raid'-ed her room day and night for a couple of days and she didn't get any more.

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Mon 13-Dec-04 09:38:36

because you're so sweet?

MariNativityPlay Mon 13-Dec-04 09:44:30

You are a fecund wonderwoman? I have heard that women still having their periods are much yummier to a host of biting insects than men and children. I have never forgotten being followed up Goatfell on Arran followed by every fecking midge on the island while dh wandered serenely alongside untouched.
I'd have said cat fleas but then felines and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate them so they make a beeline for me.
Not scabies from the way you are describing it.
You poor thing, what a thing to have to post under your seasonal soubriquet

aloha Mon 13-Dec-04 09:51:04

I am the unofficial flea detector in my house - it's love at first bite, for them at least. dh never gets bitten until our carpets are 50% flea. You can give the cat oral flea killer and douse the house in chemicals, which is fun. It's late in the season for fleas though - they don't like cold, but central heating means the cold is less of a problem than it used to be. Alternatively you could just have some medieval type affliction, perhaps. Get thee to an apothecary for the pox madame!

motherinfestivemood Mon 13-Dec-04 09:59:28

DP bunged a flea collar on the cat yesterday. So that may slow them down. I have a horrible feeling they are now prowling round my body, looking for new bits of me to sink their vile insect jaws into.

aloha Mon 13-Dec-04 10:02:56

Flea collar definitely not enough if there are fleas biting you. Sorry! You can buy little tablets you give the cat that kill all the fleas on them, plus you deflea the house with spray. Flea collars are pretty useless once you get to the people-biting stage....

MariNativityPlay Mon 13-Dec-04 10:05:06

Yes, um, your carpets or rugs might be infested, MI

ladyrobinredbreast Mon 13-Dec-04 10:09:42

I know i shouldnt be laughing but i cant help myself!!
We found headlice on ds1 and ds2 on friday and have spent the weekend delousing everyone,never had them before so my reaction was and is OTT..feel like a leper too ,i ended up argueing with dh last night as i was convinced he was not checking my hair thourouly enough i think im bordering on the obsessive
im going now to search archives as there has to be someone else on MN who has had these little buggers (heres hoping)
Not the same as you motherI but maybe you'll find some comfort in the fact that what we have is probably worse...feckin little crawlers..

Enideepmidwinter Mon 13-Dec-04 10:09:49

flea collar no good, go to the vets and get the stuff you spray around the house - sorry

motherinfestivemood Mon 13-Dec-04 10:16:24

I have emailed DP, urging him to get to the vet;s (he did say reluctantly he could get some spray, although pointing out the damaging effects on everyone else's lungs, skin, general well-being etc, with the smugness that only someone annoyingly smoothskinned can do). Sounds as if it is fleas, given that other people say they too have been the sole lucky person selected for the little buggers.

DP has only one wrinkle, too. And appears never to get spots.

chillbur Mon 13-Dec-04 10:42:08

We had fleas left over from previous cat when we moved - poor ds was covered in bites as his room seemed to be top favourite, despite having had the carpet steamed. I would just say napalm the buggers - just stay out of the room for a while after and your lungs will be fine. Could they be mostly lurking in your ofice which is why you are particularly blessed with bites?

aloha Mon 13-Dec-04 10:53:31

Honestly, the sprays seem terrifying but don't seem to be toxic to anyone but fleas. You do the whole house (has to be whole house), then go out for a few hours. Agree, your office may be particularly infested, esp if you cat likes company during the day.

Blu Mon 13-Dec-04 11:17:50

No Comment

hoxtonturkey Mon 13-Dec-04 11:31:40

when we had fleas a few months ago , dp wasn't bitten at all, whilst ds & i were covered....

motherinfestivemood Mon 20-Dec-04 14:29:33

Update: I'm still bitten. In fact I now have a network of repulsive weals spreading itchily and sometimes scratchedly beneath my respectable thermal vest. DP's tried napalm. He's taken the inferiorettes to the vet's to buy new stuff. For the cat and the house, I mean, not the girls.

Santasluckylittlehelper Mon 20-Dec-04 14:44:02

Where are they MI. Ds2 kindly bought home scabies (yuk,yuk,yuk) a couple of summers ago. They are very itchy but the stuff to get rid of them is very effective.

They tend to start around the fingers, wrists and on the feet. But you can get them anywhere below the neck. Even if you've just got them on your hands the itchiness can be all over.

Has your pharmacist had a look at them?

motherinfestivemood Mon 20-Dec-04 14:45:45

They are all over my neck, bosoms, spare tyres, and back, with occasional forays into arms and legs. I should go and flash at the pharmacist, shouldn't I. I look like one of the more graphic illustrations in Nursing Times when it does a focus on bedsores or other repulsive skin conditions.

Santasluckylittlehelper Mon 20-Dec-04 14:48:36

Don't flash him your bosoms , you might get arrested . Good luck.

Santasluckylittlehelper Mon 20-Dec-04 14:49:35

And just to make you feel better.....dd's got nits for the first time in about 5 years! She's 11 and is suitably mortified.

Batters Mon 20-Dec-04 14:58:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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