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Saggy tummies!

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Essie Mon 18-Nov-02 11:12:26

So, you are loosing the weight (kind of) but all these stretch marks and the wrinkled saggy skin about the place - will it ever go!? I am not a fitness freak. I have 12 months between my two babies, life is hectic, by the time their bedtime arrives the last thing I want to do is jolly down to a gym! I have Rosemary Connelly's Bums and Tums video - and it is still sitting nicely in its wrap! Anyone have any advice? Am I just bone idol! Probably! I know I need to excersize - but does the saggy skin disappear or just get more saggy??!!!!

threeangels Mon 18-Nov-02 13:39:13

Hi Essie - With my own self after having each of my 3 children I've only just accumulated more flab in the tummy area.I think I have lost most of my muscle that I probally would never be able to lose all. Especially the bottom part. I'm hoping to get down to my earlier weight and whatever is left in the tummy area ahve removed in some way. Still need to in vestigate different procedures for health risks.

You may be able to lose the extra skin. I just know I can tone too much because of so much muscle lost. I would recommend situps everyday. This is one of the best things and doesnt take all your time. Good luck.

prufrock Mon 18-Nov-02 14:13:28

DH has already promised to pay for a tummy tuck once I've had our planned 3 kids - After seeing the state of my belly after the 1st this was the only way I would agree to do it again. Oh, and a boob lift

threeangels Mon 18-Nov-02 17:05:15


Do you know if a tummy tuck is better (safer) then liposuction? My thinking is that a tummy tuck is but I'm noy sure. Thanks

prufrock Mon 18-Nov-02 17:31:17

Lipo would still leave the unsightly overhang of skin behind. No idea about safety though. (And my original post wasn't completely serious)

aloha Mon 18-Nov-02 18:23:19

Lipo would do nothing for the saggy skin except make it worse (even less fat to plump it out) and a tummy tuck is a huge op that involves months of recovery time and leaves a large scar (though one that can be hidden by knickers). I would only consider this at all if a/you've exercised your underlying muscles and dieted away your flab and b/you have so much excess skin it hangs on folds over your knickers etc. I have interviewed surgeons and women who have had tummy tucks and it is major stuff - the worst bit seems to be the sensation of your skin stretched so tight from chest to thighs you feel unable to bend. Also, it's v expensive - over £3000. A daily personal trainer and a nanny to look after the kids as you trained would be cheaper and make the rest of your body look better too!

jasper Mon 18-Nov-02 20:51:58

I have had three babies in three years, have now lost two stone to become lighter than I have been in 5 years but am now left with stretch marks and a very saggy tummy/pouchy bit.
Maybe I am just a sad old git, but know what ?
I don't give a flying whatsit.
I think I have quite a nice cuddly (and saggy) body and I am proud of the fact it nurtured three lovely babies.
If my dh suggested a tummy tuck I'd remind him he's not exactly Jeane Claude Van Damme himself, and tell him to find a new wife .
Ladies, be proud of your battle scars!
Also I recently saw a TV prog. on plastic surgery and the scars post tummy tuck were horrendous.

jasper Mon 18-Nov-02 20:53:51

aloha just read that bit about the scar being hidden by your knickers....isn't half the point of a tummy tuck so you can get your knickers off more often, so to speak?

Tinker Mon 18-Nov-02 21:19:14

Ah yes, jasper ,saw that programme. She had half her stomach missing!

My mother actually had a tummy tuck - her treat to herself. However, since she still eats about 800 bags of crisps a night, have to say, the effects didn't last very long!

prufrock Tue 19-Nov-02 09:32:10

DH didn't suggest mine - I did (and I was half joking). I am not necessarily hugely worried about my "battle scars" but would consider surgery in years to come only as a present to myself. I don't think I could cope with having my boobs hanging to my waist and my waist hanging to my knees I envy your self-confidence jasper, and no you are not a sad old git at all.

Essie Tue 19-Nov-02 20:14:25

I just hate the idea that my tummy area is going to look like this forever and get worse with each pound I loose - at the moment it looks like I have two belly buttons with all the wrinkled skin - I admire your confidence Jasper! We live currently in S.Africa and the heat is overwhelming at the mo. I feel quite ashamed to go out and about in my cozzie! (I still do! - but am VERY AWARE!!) Doesn't help when hubbie (no skinny himself) says 'well you could tone up abit!' - just gets me annoyed and defiant!!
I have decided to try the sit-ups and do the dancy bit on the video for a while when babies are sleeping...........this will happen tomorrow??! I am writing that with full conviction - ask me again next week!

jasper Tue 19-Nov-02 22:22:21

prufrock, sorry, I didn't mean to slander your dh
Not sure I would describe myself as confident appearance /body wise but various life events have made me not self conscious of all my body flaws - like some close friends having serious physical/health problems and making me realise how lucky I am.
Also in the past year I feel I have made three major acheivements (for me anyway) body wise - given birth, breastfed, and lost weight. As I said here just recently, when I was in the best physical shape of my life my then dh left me

jasper Tue 19-Nov-02 22:24:36

aloha I am interested in your professional journalistic experience regards women prepared to undergo major body surgery. What motivated them to actually go through with it ( as opposed to wishing they were a bit less saggy) and were they satisfied with the results?

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