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Sinusitis and breastfeeding?

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flossish Thu 14-Feb-08 11:49:57

I've had this for about a week now and am a bit fed up with the constant head pain. I went and saw a pharmacist at the weekend who told me I couldn't take any kind of sinutab type preparation as I'm breastfeeding. However consulting my BNF it seems to suggest that the amounts that transfer to breast milk are too small to have any effect. Anyone know the answer? Is it worth another trip to a different pharmacist who might not be in the middle of a good gossip too busy to come and talk to me directly? hmm grin

belgo Thu 14-Feb-08 11:50:50

yes, ask another pharmacist, there may also be something on the kellymom website.

flossish Thu 14-Feb-08 12:19:32

thanks belgo, some good non medical tips linked from there. smile

lljkk Thu 14-Feb-08 12:23:30

I remember using pseudo-ephedrine -- it was oneof the main brands of OTC sinus problem pills, sinutab? That drug was okay by Hales, 6.5 years ago.
Also, methylated crystals were a bit helpful and okay with bf (ask pharmacist for instructions how to do it).

flossish Thu 14-Feb-08 12:26:47

the psuedo one is the one in sinutab you are right - the one it says only small amounts in the BNF. Will try again this afternoon. It's stopping me from doing the housework! grin

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