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help needed

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youngfifemum Fri 03-Dec-04 21:41:33

when i move my bowls it is really painfull and stings i end up screaming in agony and when i wipe my bum there blood on toilet paper and in toilet pan why is this

LIZS Fri 03-Dec-04 21:45:36

Sounds like an anal fissure (small tear) or perhaps piles ? Have you had to strain recently ?

youngfifemum Fri 03-Dec-04 22:00:29

i had went to doctors beforeabout it and was giving lactose solution because doctor saidit could b because my stools were hard

gingernut Fri 03-Dec-04 22:02:25

I think it sounds like a fissure too...see factsheet here . Factsheet on piles here

gingernut Fri 03-Dec-04 22:03:01

Are your stools hard? Have you been using the lactulose?

FlosstyTheSnowman Fri 03-Dec-04 22:11:00

Probably best to go to doctors, as they are likely to want to examine you (not nice I know) as see if they can find the cause of the problem, ie, small tear or piles. If that dosen't show anything then they may want to take a sample of feaces for further testing or refer you to somewhere where they can look into the bowel further up. Bowel changes and bleeding should be checked out and taken seriously so I'd get checked out again if this is a new occurance, just to be safe. Does sound like either of the above though, HTH.

bottle Fri 03-Dec-04 22:23:02

i suffered like this with piles for months the over the counter stuff did not help -before going to the doctor gave me some fantastic pessaries with steroids in it was such a relief - i screamed so bad once my ds burst into tears terrible pain - what keeps them at bay now is ground flax seeds and yoghurt every day and i am fine, wish i had gone to the doc earlier

NatureDoc Sun 05-Dec-04 21:34:42

Have a cold shower aiming at your bottom every morning - use vitamin e oil capsule as a suppository to heal and eat plenty of prunes, flax seed and oat bran and drink 2 litres water daily to soften the stools so it doesn't hurt - after a couple of weeks things should have improved. Horrible horrible agony you poor thing.

Poo2 Sun 05-Dec-04 21:42:09

God - I had this too. No way I going to the docs - I had been poked about quit enough with the pregnancy and birth. Mentioned it to HV and she suggested Anusol cream. Took about 2 weeks to fully heal, but was immediate relief from teh soreness, and was significantly better after a few days. Definately recommend lots of water, no junk food, live yoghurt and excercise. HTH.

jamiesam Sun 05-Dec-04 21:50:27

Can't help with your problem, but if you do have to go for any investigations, I have had some pretty intrusive tests/investigations for problems resulting from third degree tear and although it isn't comfortable, it's not painful. Fear of these things often worse than the event itself. Anyway, hope others suggestions re diet bring results and you don't need any tests.

FlosstyTheSnowman Mon 06-Dec-04 13:03:52

Just to make it clear, any bleeding from that area should always be checked by a doctor to ensure nothing more sinister.

judegarland2512 Mon 06-Dec-04 13:08:16

i had a fissure after birth of DS (i got constipated). It took almost a year to get it sorted. Male Dr kept giving me lactulose, creams and other such things but it wasn't getting better. Not only agony when going, but when just sitting around too! Finally female Dr said this is ridiculous and referred me. Yes the examination was uncomfortable but it was a relief to know exactly what the problem was. I had an operation to fix it which didn't! had a second operation, and have had no problems since.
Please see a Dr to get it sorted and don't "put up" with it as i did.

Mickj Sun 06-Feb-05 22:13:40

I have just got some of the symptoms you are talking about 11 weeks after ds was born!!! It is not at all painful and I have been a little constipated, just blood on the paper and in the loo but never any other time. Had a tricky vessel to mend after the birth with a tear, but no problems since until now!! Shall I give Anusol a go? Don't fancy going to the doctors, seem to spend my life at the surgery with the ds!

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