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Chicken pox

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Kmg Wed 14-Mar-01 22:03:23

I was rather surprised at today's "tip" encouraging you not to avoid people with chicken pox. I just want to point out that chicken pox is not always very mild. My boys had it last summer, ages 1 and 3, so relatively young - it's supposed to be easier. And they were both utterly miserable, and quite ill, with high fevers etc., for quite some time. We knew we had been exposed, so avoided contact with others before the spots even appeared, and then the illness lasted so long, it felt like it completely wiped out the summer. It was an 'ideal' time for us - we didn't miss any major events or any school or nursery time, but if I had deliberately exposed them at that time I would have felt dreadful at inflicting that upon them.

So you may want to think again before deliberately putting your child through this.

Cl Wed 14-Mar-01 23:11:47

The tip came from me - we just had our long awaited and looked forward to skiing holiday ruined by my daughter catching chickenpox just before we went. No creche for her, no skiing togeter for us and no sleep for me for 4 days. Yes it was horrible and she suffered, but they all have to get it sometime - much worse to get it when older and awful not to have had it as an adult, particularly as a pregnant woman and worry you're going to damage your unborn child. The tip may have suonded harsh, I just wanted you to know where it was coming from!

Jac Wed 14-Mar-01 23:42:26

I agree with you cl, they all have to get it sometime. So sorry about your holiday, those bloody nannies are sooo glad when they don't have to look after so many children, what the hell do they do the job for??

Marina Thu 15-Mar-01 09:24:43

I was a bit surprised at the tip too but now you've explained why you posted it I can quite see your point. I'm so sorry you all had a wrecked holiday.
The thing that hacks me off about cp is that it seems you can spend nearly a month in a baby room (five days a week mind) where it is rife and not catch it yourself. Every other baby at our son's nursery has now had it and is back - and we had a nerve-wracking month of issuing false alarm bulletins to respective workplaces, who probably now think we're even madder than before. A warm round of applause to our helpful little son. I expect he'll catch it as we leave for France in August but you can't say we didn't try Cl!

Arnie Fri 27-Apr-01 19:54:20

Hi. can anybody tell me how long the incubation period is for chicken pox, and (on average) how long the kiddies are poorly with it?

Rozzy Fri 27-Apr-01 20:06:18

Message withdrawn

Bon Sat 28-Apr-01 15:20:53

You are less infectious each day once the spots are out but it isn't until all the spots have scabbed over that you are totally clear. My doctor said that it's pretty much unheard of for any child to still be infectious 6 days after the spots appear.

Rhiannon Sat 28-Apr-01 16:49:01

Please read my reply to the subject - The Dragon Receptionist listed in Other Subjects. Be very careful if your child becomes very ill with chicken pox.


Pat Wed 11-Jul-01 10:09:45

My 4 year old has just caught chicken pox, so it has been very useful reading this thread and all the recommendations. Thanks!
A work colleague has recommended Piriton Syrup (antihistamine) which I don't see mentioned here. Has anyone used it or heard if it's to be recommended?
He's come out in LOADS of spots so I'm preparing myself for some angst when the itching starts!

Debsb Wed 11-Jul-01 11:33:26

Pat, we use Piriton syrup for our nearly 4 yr old, to stop her hayfever. Have never used it for chicken pox, so I don't know if it works, but we were also advised to use it for her eczma as well. Would probably be worth a try if he's itching a lot.

Marina Wed 11-Jul-01 13:10:14

When we were expecting our son to catch it, I asked around and everyone recommended Piriton to ease the itching. He didn't, but it is a useful general purpose, SAFE antihistamine for young ones, so you'll find other uses for the bottle too. Hope he is not suffering too much.

Janh Wed 11-Jul-01 20:10:17

pat, when we had a child SMOTHERED in spots we found bicarb baths the best way of easing the itch during the can get a big box of bicarb from the chemist, put lots in a warm bath and keep warming it up and you can keep the itchy one happy for ages...mind you ours was 2, 4 might be a bit more demanding.

good luck anyway!

Pat Fri 13-Jul-01 11:38:46

Thanks - all the pre-emptive treatment (bicarb baths, calomine & a little Piriton) seems to be working. Although he has loads of spots, he's doing his best not to itch them and he seems absolutely fine in himself.
I took the day off work yesterday fearing the worst (poorly, grumpy son) but he was great - full of beans.
So - ended up spending a lovely day together!
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though......

Nmd Thu 02-Aug-01 08:28:57

Does anyone know if dh and I are carriers too? Dd1 came out in spots yesterday and I'm a bit worried about passing it on to pregnant women/new babies. We both had it when we were little, me very badly.

Dixie Thu 02-Aug-01 09:21:37

HI all, just thought I'd add a bit about chicken pox & pregnant women...

When I was pregnant a work collegue was diagnosed with shingles (THE ADULT FORM OF CHICKEN POX) and was extremely worried about giving it to me as I was pregnant. Off I went to the doctors & spoke to the practice nurse and she informed me that it is ONLY A PROBLEM IF THE PREGNANT WOMAN HAS NEVER HAD CHICKEN POX. I was sure I'd had it as a child but couldn't remember and my parents were abroad on holiday so I couldn't ask. So they sent me for a blood test anyway to check my immunity and sure enough I had high immunity.

The nurse also told me that this would be of benefit at next pregnancy because obviously baby No1 would be at the age likely to get it so I need not worry next time I'm pregnant either. Just imagine being pregnant and not going near your own 1st child when they are poorly with the POX!

So I agree, best to get it when you are young like I did, it deffinetly has its benefits! (though when I had it I didn't think so!)

Morgie Tue 04-Sep-01 22:11:43

I had chicken pox when I was 12 weeks pregnant having caught it from my ds who was 2 and a bit at the time. I found out very quickly that chicken pox and steriods, which I was taking at the time for severe morning sickness, are not a good mix. I was very ill ending up as a patient in an infectious diseases unit and being very worried for a large part of the remainder of my pregnancy. I would encourage everyone to try and make sure that little ones get a dose of chicken pox before they grow up!!!!

Robinw Mon 10-Sep-01 08:34:43

message withdrawn

Emsiewill Mon 10-Sep-01 17:09:06

My 2 had chicken pox when the elder was nearly 3, and the younger 6 months. Neither really suffered, but the younger one was not quite as bad as the older. My sister's 2-day-old baby was at the party where we caught the pox, and she had it at the same time as my 2; 2 weeks after exposure. She was obviously only 2 weeks old when she has it, and my sister was naturally worried, but she was not affected at all.

Bexi Mon 10-Sep-01 22:02:04

My daughter has chicken pox at the moment (21 mths old), she doesn't seem unwell but wants to scratch a lot. I've so far managed to distract her so that she doesn't scratch - as soon as I see her having a bit of a go it's "let's sing a song" or "ooh...look outside there's a tree" - seems to be working. The spots are mainly in her hair and in her nappy and she doesn't have very many on her back, her face, arms and legs.

It seems a very mild case (compared to the amount of spots my nephew had) and I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's because I'm still breastfeeding and I've already had chicken pox. I'm sure I've been told before about antibodies in breastmilk (or something along those lines) but I'm only feeding her once in the evening so I didn't think it would have much affect (compared to the effect it would have on a fully breastfed young baby with chicken pox). Does anyone know anything about this?

Also - I've been told she will no longer be infectious 5-7 days after the spots have appeared but how long is it before the spots go away completely? Does anyone know of any cases of children only having a mild case of chicken pox and then getting them again later?

Thanks, Bexi.

Bloss Tue 11-Sep-01 07:36:19

Message withdrawn

Janz Tue 11-Sep-01 11:58:36

My ds may or may not have had chicken pox when he was about 5 months old - a very similar case to Bloss. There was chicekn pox going round at the time, so he probably picked it up at the child minder's. We didn't even notice initially - he was at his Grandma's and she changed him and noticed two large spots on his back - only one of which "crusted". I was still b/f at the time and have also had chicken pox myself - so I am presuming he fought it off with "my" immunity!

I've also been told he may get it again when he's older, as he hasn't really built up his own immunity, but if he does, it should be a mild case.

Lizzer Tue 11-Sep-01 18:29:48

Hope she get's better soon, Bexi! She's my daughter's best pal and R's been asking after her all day - especially when we were in town before - apparently she just wants to see her to pinch the noo-noo though, so she tells me!!

Bexi Tue 11-Sep-01 22:29:39

Cheers Lizzer, she doesn't seem ill at all, just spotty and they seem to be going all scabby (urgh - apparently a good thing) so hopefully R. can come to play soon!

Thanks Bloss and Janz for the info. I'd always thought that once you'd had chicken pox that you were immune. She does seem to have a mild case so she may get it again in the future.

Fms Wed 31-Oct-01 09:55:06

Chickenpox Etiquette!!

I'm presently rather stuck at home with my 3 yo who is at about day 3 of chickenpox. He's spotty but absolutely fine and in good form. However, he's still contageous.
Daddy is away in Germany all week, and son and I need to get out to get some food at the very least (Tescos Direct not in operation!)... but my conscience is wracked with guilt about taking him out and mixing with other strangers. Obviously, I'd keep him in the trolly in Sainsburys, but what views should I have about taking him to the playground?
No doubt some of you have been in this situation before, so would welcome advice!
Thanks very much

Jj Wed 31-Oct-01 10:13:12

Fms, we have a little playground near us that is almost always deserted during weekdays. I've taken my son there when he's been contagious with whatever but feeling well. If someone comes, we just pack up and go. That's a little hard-- I explain to my son before we go that we have to leave if someone comes. Also, it helps to have a word or two with the mother, father, nanny or whoever, since I don't want to appear anti-social.

As for grocery shopping, well, you've got to eat. :)

Hope he clears up completely soon!

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