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Cerazette and bleeding again. I am beginning to hate this stupid pill!

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Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 10:17:55

I just don't know where I am with it.
First couple of months I had very long periods, then the following couple of months I had period free months. I went for my pill check & was told that my periods would probably stop altogether, which they did for around 3 months, but then I get a full on period out of the blue last Saturday.
My period calmed down a few days back & had pretty much come to a stop, but today, one week later, I have lots of bleeding again.
Is this normal with this pill? Have others experienced the same kind of thing?
I am very fed up!

Nellybell Fri 11-Jun-10 09:07:21

This thread is really reasuuring as I feel the same as a lot of you. I'm in my 5th week of cerazette and have had a period now for 10 days, it seems like its coming to an end and then suddenly gets heavier again. I've also got spots when I never had them before and I'm really tired too which i just put down to having a lot on but maybe it is the pill. Do you have to finish a blister pack before stopping?

michelle71 Sun 27-Jun-10 22:46:24

i started cerazette 4wks ago period started 2wks ago and still bleeding going from very light to a little red,but it does'nt seem to get heavy but just ongoing,went to gp and said it could take at least upto 3mths to settledown,it is just so annoying especially with sexual relationship with my husband,as having to put on hold till bleeding decides to stop.

linkinparkfan Wed 18-Aug-10 09:05:07

Finally, a thread online where people are bleeding!! On the second packet, one of the Docs in my Practice said I was too old for Microgynon 30 now (44) which had been a breeze taking. Now, bleeding, clots, stringy stuff, ugh, giving it anothet week and asking to see a different doc, this is as someone said, a brilliant contraceptive. No sex at all haahaa

von81 Wed 18-Aug-10 14:35:57

I was spotting on it constantly, drove me mad felt like id been bleeding forever, same with implant and depo!! Changed to copper coil 4 weeks ago and my moods/ anger/ stress are all much better!! Nasty pill! angry

linkinparkfan Thu 19-Aug-10 08:37:17

Doc has put me on Micronor, sure had that before and same thing happened. So annoyed I went up there now.

bleeder Tue 05-Oct-10 19:27:28

I was on Micronor but had constant bleeding so docs put me onto cerazette 3 months ago. The first month was great - back to normal for 3 weeks without bleeding then a light period. Second month, same - normal period, third month and i have been bleeding now for 3 and a half weeks! Went back to docs who told me to stick with it, but its ok for her to say that! I'm getting sick of this constant bleeding with no sign of stopping and am on the verge of coming off it completely!

piratecat Tue 05-Oct-10 19:31:29

hi i know this is an old thread, ( i even posted on it back 2008 lol) but I started having probs with it aswell, after 2 yrs of no periods.

My gp has just given me micronor, to try. TBH I am just thinking it will be the same. eg I will get all this irregular bleeding, or heaven forbid actual periods. Seems as tho the mini pill is a pita really allround.

mumelro Wed 27-Oct-10 18:46:17

I'm fascinated and releived to read these posts about this pill. I was put on Cerazette at my 6 week check having previously used combined pill before both pregnancies. Started on day one of first period, bled lightly for 5 days, then, 10 days later started bleeding really heavily and have no stopped since - 8 days later! The more I read about this pill the more I realise it has horrid side effects - I've never lacked confidence or cried easily but in the 2 weeks or so I've been taking this I've felt truly awful. Am stopping tonight!

Sallypoo Thu 28-Oct-10 15:32:07

Wow, thought I'd just have a look on Mumsnet to see if anyone had had problems with Cerazette as I had had a 2 week long period which stopped on Tuesday and have started bleeding AGAIN today.

This is my first pack and tbh the only reason I'm taking a contraceptive is because I want to have sex with my husband without having more babies!

As several of you have said, it's a great contraceptive, because there isn't actually any days in the month when you can have sex!

Think I might be giving the Dr a call.

Just out of curiosity, have any of you tried the minerva coil? I'm suspecting that if I bleed with a progesterone pill I will with a progesterone coil?

Don't want go down that route if my theory holds...


Sallypoo Wed 03-Nov-10 10:38:32

sorry should of said MIRENA COIL.

Has anyone used both... did you bleed on both. Into 3rd week of bleeding so have stopped cerazette!

Please give me your stories....


cournflower Sat 20-Nov-10 22:10:27

I've been on it for just over a month, i started taking it on the 4th day of my period, a few days later than normal i got my next period which usally lasts 7 days but i've been bleeding hevally for about 15 days? I wanted to go on to having the implant which is a lower dose of cerazette but am worried about the long bleeding? My mood seems fine but i think my swet stinks more? I'm going to go to the docter tolook into changing it.

cournflower Sat 27-Nov-10 00:05:18

So i decided to come off it, as was bleeding for 16 days and was worried i might become anaemic. Even when i came off it i bled for 5 days? then stopped then started. I'm going to get the non hormone coil fitted.

cournflower Sat 27-Nov-10 00:08:30

After i came off it the doc said to me oh didn't anyone tell you you would bleed for 3 months before normalising? And yes she said you could become anaemic. confused

SparklyJules Sat 27-Nov-10 00:16:07

I've been on it for 2yrs without a bleed.

merrywidow Sat 27-Nov-10 12:22:53

me to bleeding all over the place, light bleeding for weeks on end then stops never know where i am

BellyBaby Wed 05-Jan-11 13:05:15

Began taking Cerazette on the 11th November 2010. Started my period on the 30th November, and have been on it ever since (its now the 5th January). So thats 5 weeks and counting that I've had a constant period. Its not like a normal period either, its really nasty and syrupy, somewhere between light and heavy.

Is this normal? Is it gonna end anytime soon?

I want to do what the doctor said and take them for the whole 3 months, but I'm finding it pretty hard to be honest. I'm also finding I'm irritable, have acne and its killed my sex drive.

The ironic thing is that I only went on it as my periods were too regular ; I don't even need contraception as I'm not in a relationship. Oh well, guess the 11th February isn't a lifetime away in any case...

relieved121 Sat 08-Jan-11 10:44:31

I am so relieved to be reading that so many others are experiencing the same problems as me. I've been on Cerazette for about 6 weeks now, and have only had about 4 days when I wasn't bleeding. Not necessarily heavy, but disgusting all the same. I'm more irritable, especially with my children and husband, and have no sex drive whatsoever, which is causing friction between me and my husband. All of which adds to my huge mood swings where I can't decide if I want to scream or cry!!!!
I am definately going back to Doctor after reading all your posts and realising that it's not just me. I WANT TO FEEL NORMAL AGAIN!!!!

Northumberlandlass Sat 08-Jan-11 14:32:24

Have been taking cerazette for 3 months. Am now on 23rd day of heavy period.

Feeling awful (just posted on another thread about it). Like a black cloud is following me around, can't get excited about anything, feeling like tears are just below the surface all the time.

Family & Friends asked me to back to GP, as they thought I just wasn't myself anymore.

Have been yesterday and they have put me back on the combined pill (which I was on years ago).

Hope it starts working soon, and I feel better. Am so bloody miserable at the moment.

Zoe2244 Sat 29-Jan-11 18:59:17

I had the mirena pill for 3 years then after having my son I had it again for 5 years, I didnt bleed at all and never had a period. I went back for it again and had constant spotting and had to get it removed, this was odd seeing as i had had it twice before and was fine. I started the cerazette 7 days ago and have been bleeding heavy since and i cant continue it so am stopping today, but u could be fine with the mirena, as like I say I was on 2 occasions so its worth trying it and its easily removed. Think I may have to try it again myself but its very painful while getting it!!

Abbey25 Sun 20-Feb-11 11:06:38

It's such a relief to read these posts. I was on cerazette for 6 years before stopping for 6 months or so last year. I had no problems and stopped bleeding after a few months when i first started, aged 18. I restarted in november but it has been a nightmare. I bled for a week, then had 5 days off, then bled again for 8 days. I was willing to wait it out, then I noticed with horror that I had started to smell down below... Disgusting fishy odour and discharge. Looked it up online and saw bacterial vaginosis can be caused by excessive bleeding. So so awful, I wanted to hide in the ladies all day at work. Stopped taking cerazette and, over the next month, gradually stopped smelling and returned to normal, and didn't bleed again till normal period was due. Thought maybe I had started cerazette on wrong day of cycle (didn't wait for first day of period in november), so decided to re-start on first day of period. Restarted 10 days ago, finished period, then today (5 days later) am bleeding again, that horrible bleed others have described (stringey and brown- red blotchy) and painful too. Am stopping cerazette immediately and going back to gp. Have others experienced nasty smelly side effects too as a result of too much bleeding? I feel like a freak.

boo18 Tue 17-May-11 21:07:15

hey. im almost 18 and ive been on cerazette for about a year, the last two months i missed four pills in total and doctors thought i had a good chance of being pregnant because of the dates. so the doc advised me to stop taking it. that weekend i had massive stomach cramps so bad that i could hardly move. so i decided to listen to the doctor and i stopped taking my pill. after 2 days the cramps settled and i had 2 weeks of spotting on and off. i went up the doctors week after week doing preg tests and they all come back neg. they even sent me for a blood test to see if i was preg, but that came back neg as well.
now, a month and a half later, i still havent had a period. i dont know if this is my body telling me that i am preg, or if it is the pill mucking with my periods.
also while taking cerazette i have felt down, not all the time but when i feel down it feels alot worse than it use to before i started the pill. almost every time me and my boyfriend have intercourse i break down crying for no reason, and i feel so bad about it because it makes him feel like he has done something wrong.
i feel better in myself since i stopped taking cerazette and my skin looks alot healthier. its just confusing me that i havent had a period yet. is this normal?

sally001 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:49:04

just come back from the doctors. i was made to feel like i was the only person to have problems on this. i have suffered none stop bleeding, which is very heavy. i am so pleased ive now found im not the only one. after reading these posts i also now understand exactly why ive been so down! i was put on cerazette because of my age (ripe old age of 37!) and the fact i smoke. really not impressed with my doc, hes told me the only answer to my problem is to have a coil fitted, which i find a bit extreme to say i didnt have a problem before taking this pill! (i'll just add that i am a big baby when it comes to anything medical and there is no way i will have one fitted) even after i suggested sending my hubby for the snip he said that wouldnt stop my bleeding, but surely if i wasnt taking anything my body would just return to its normal state? after a bit of debate i finally managed to get a different brand of mini pill prescribed (which i am looking up next) but cerezette is definately going in the bin!!!!!

auntyt Mon 20-Jun-11 02:17:38

where can i start, after reading these messages i hate this pill even more. i was prescribed this by the doctor for period pains, and to be honest i would much rather suffer with the pains! i was on my period when i started, and therefor my period stopped the next day and i have been having very light bleeding about twice in 1 month which lasted less than 5 hours... which i find very strange. i also find it weird that its possible for your period to not come at all.. i never wanted to stop my periods, i just wanted an end to painful periods. anyway that aside, i have been the moodiest person on the planet since i started this and im even starting to hate myself... i cry almost everyday for absolutely NO REASON! it is getting quite ridiculous.. if im not crying im shouting at my partner or picking a fight with anyone in my sight again for NO reason. the mood swings im having is enough to stop me from taking this pill ever again!

xGeex Sun 26-Jun-11 23:12:08

I've been on this pill for about a year & never had any problems. Over the past week I had slight spotting. A week past on Saturday I had sex and I've been getting cramps on and off since then, has anyone else experiences this?

Rilith Wed 06-Jul-11 22:33:23

I had my baby on the 9th June and waited the 21 days before starting cerazette... I have been on it 6 day and already I feel miserable, I had only just stopped my post birth bleeding before the bleeding started up again. I feel the huge black cloud of depression above me, I cry at the slightest thing, I am constantly angry and my poor DH is constantly asking if I am OK.

I struggle with hormone based contraception anyway (hence me just having had baby no 6) I was on depo before any of my babies, and I was totally fine on it, but since my babies I have suffered long term depression which I now know is the contraception I use. When not on any I am only miserable the week leading up to my period (very very erratic mood swings, but only for one week) this pill is making me feel crazy ALL the time.

I am booking in to get sterilised, but how I feel right now I want them to just take the whole hormone producing parts out of me completely.

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