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Cerazette and bleeding again. I am beginning to hate this stupid pill!

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Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 10:17:55

I just don't know where I am with it.
First couple of months I had very long periods, then the following couple of months I had period free months. I went for my pill check & was told that my periods would probably stop altogether, which they did for around 3 months, but then I get a full on period out of the blue last Saturday.
My period calmed down a few days back & had pretty much come to a stop, but today, one week later, I have lots of bleeding again.
Is this normal with this pill? Have others experienced the same kind of thing?
I am very fed up!

loopylou6 Sat 02-Feb-08 12:47:39

Yep, totally normal and very annoying, im on the other end of the scale, am beginning to get a bit concerned as i havent bled in MONTHS hmm

Pinkchampagne Sat 02-Feb-08 13:55:06

I didn't bleed for months, and the nurse told me that my periods would probably stop completely on this pill. She came out with something about how you can normally tell in the first 3 months if you're going to be a "bleeder" and how 70% of women have no periods at all with this pill.
Just as I was starting to get used to this no periods business, one landed right on me! Then just as I am putting my sanitary products away a week later, my period starts up again!!
You just don't know where you are with it, do you?

moaningminnie2020 Sat 02-Feb-08 15:59:43

I tried this for a while as I was BF and couldn't use my old combined pill - changed back as soon as I stopped BF as the constant, unpredictable spotting and bleeding was just too annoying - my sympathies.

CarGirl Sat 02-Feb-08 16:02:46

I never found a combined or mini pill that controlled my bleeding, just used to be random! I'm now on the mirena and lo and behold nearly 2.5 years later I still have periods, although at least they are very very light!!!!!!

Pinkchampagne Sun 03-Feb-08 11:21:20

It's driving me mad & I have a feeling it's affecting my mood too as I have been feeling more low than normal over the last week or so.

pirategirl Sun 03-Feb-08 11:28:36

I am on this and never have any periods, but my friend has hers as normal. I forgot to take ot for 2 days so am wondering if i will get one tho.

I do get those horrible boil like spots on my back tho. yet this pill also helps my spd/pelvic and back pain by regulating my hormones.
Thats why I really dont understand how it has such different results in different women. That the hormone can be so weak that periods stillhappen. My friend is getting fed up too and isn't sure of what would be a better solution.

Pinkchampagne Sun 18-May-08 13:42:16

Since starting this thread, my periods disappeared again, and then last night, with no prior warning, I started bleeding again!
Seems I am getting a period every 3 months or so. Goodness knows how long this one will drag out!

Raydar Thu 14-May-09 22:43:58

I started taking Cerazette on 18 April, the first day of my period. That period lasted about 5 days and I then had one week before another one started. This has been the most horrendously heavy period I have ever had in my life and it still going on.
The worst thing though has been the effect it has had on my emotions. I found myelf getting more and more upset for no reason over the time I have been taking it. After three weeks on Cerazette I was then bursting into tears for no reason. The worst day was 12 May when I started crying at work and could not stop - very embarrasing.
I stopped taking Cerazette that night. That was 48 hours ago and I already feel 100% better.
I know that it can take a few months for everything to settle down when you start taking a new contraceptive pill but I just could not stand it any more.
My only question now is when will the bleeding stop?
No wonder Cerazette has such a high success rate as a contraceptive. Constant bleeding and crying mean sex is the last thing you want!

NickiGirl Sat 30-May-09 16:06:25

I started this pill on 18th April and for the first four weeks I was fine. However, since starting my period agin on 18th May I just havent stopped bleeding. It's not like a normal period. Its like red then brown, then red again then brown and it seems to be heavier when im moving about during the day. I am getting a bit concerned now as I am constantly tired at the moment and im suffering from headaches more than usual. I also have period like cramps but ive never been on for this long before. Anybody else similar???

MimieD Mon 01-Jun-09 14:00:15

Hi Nickigirl, same for me! I stopped BF last month and ever since then I'm bleeding on and off, also since I started Cerazette in Nov last year I have regular headaches. I blamed the tiredness on my new DD but now she's sleeping through I still feel exhausted. Going to make an appointment with the GP asap to go back on my old pill...

missbell Sun 21-Jun-09 00:37:09

I am the same i have been bleeding now for five months and im just so fed up with it. like so many others it gets worse when im moving about, so i went back to my gp to see if there was anything they could and they turned round and said that the bleeding can last for 6 to 9 months but im going back because i dont think this is right.

kellie1632 Tue 13-Oct-09 17:02:35

ive been on this pill for around a year and a half and ive never had any problems...until about two months ago, i suddenly came on my period which lasted for around 2 weeks, and ever since ive been bleeding on and off. Ill bleed for around a week and then be normal and then it suddenly comes back. i stopped taking the pill around a week ago and im still on my period. i keep gettin headaches and i have very bad period pains. dont think ill be taking this pill anymore, time to look for an alternative.

Lifeisforliving Wed 14-Oct-09 20:08:07

Kellie1632, it's best if you start a new thread as this is an old one. Sorry no advice just didn't want to leave you

gingerkitten Tue 20-Oct-09 14:50:08

I've been on cerazette for a while now and my period became quite regular- 4 weeks off n then just a week of bleeding. all of a sudden I went without for 9 weeks (panicked i was pregnant) but have now been bleeding for 4 weeks starts of normal, stops almost then starts again. goes red/brown/red/brown. starting to do my head in!

SandyBoon Tue 27-Oct-09 19:48:31


I only started Cerazette a month ago and I already hate it. Mood swings galore, period starting again 2 weeks after stopping and constant light irregular spotting, my skin which used to be nice is now spotty, my hair gets greasy easily, I am constantly tired (ok I have a 16 months old baby but since starting that pill it's worse), I've been waking up with headaches in the morning and generally speaking I just feel pants. I have 3 pills to go to finish the blister I started but I decided to not even bother. I don't like being constantly irritable and feeling like I am suffering from PMS 24/7. I've just been reading online reviews of that awful pill and quite a few women are even saying they have been suffering from bouts of depression since taking it. I am still breastfeeding so can't take another one but that Cerazette is not worth it...


Mums89 Thu 12-Nov-09 10:29:44

i started taking cerazette 3 weeks ago after being changed from the combined pill becausde after taking that for a year besides the constant emotions, i weas spotting i was told that i was supposed to be checked out internally because it was a common occurance. but now im on cerazette for the first two day i was fine nothing to report but now 2 weeks after i feel like crap very down and now my emotions are thesame as when i was taking the pill my boyfriend thinks i dont like having sex with him because every time we have sex i cry like a baby afterwards and i dont jknow why i just well up with tears and its getting me down i cant enjoy something on the telly without getting all teary eyed. and then this morning i had gut ache and discovered that i was bleeding and clotting and i just gt more depressed, nbut saying that when i got the pill i read the side effects and i must say it doesnt look great i could become a fat bald purple blotchy person how fun i cant wait do any one feel the same?

carlyjo4 Wed 20-Jan-10 10:19:10

Im into my 8th week of cerazette now and thought everything was going great until the 7th week. Started bleeding and 10 days later, still havent stopped, its like others mention, its alot worse when im moving around. Getting spotty too and i feel like an emotional wreck!!! Alternating between crying and really stroppy. Having had problems with heavy periods in the past, my doctor told me they should stop with this pill, obviously not!! At least before i knew when to expect them and that itd be over in a week, with this, theyre totally random!

GolfingGirl Fri 05-Mar-10 07:50:17

Ive been on Cerazette for 7 months, im taking my 8th pack now, didnt have any periods until this pack. Im just finishing the pack but i'm confused as to why its only started now. Its making me really down and although my boyfriend says it doesnt bother him, I know it does. Any suggestions??

bellissima Fri 05-Mar-10 08:27:23

My sister was on it - no periods at all for about 4 months and then had to rush out of a meeting at work because of what can only be described as 'flooding'. Needless to say when the doc mentioned the mini pill to me I said no thanks.

duggy79 Mon 08-Mar-10 11:40:38

I have been on Cerazette for 6 months. The first month was as I would expect, I had one period, which lasted 7 days. The next month my period came as expected. However one week after this had finished another came. This was really heavy and unpleasant. Alot of cramps and clotting. I would be using a Tampax Super Plus and find I was having to change it after 90 mins, sometimes less!!!! This went on for the next for months. I am curently experiencing a period which started 4 weeks ago and shows no sign of letting up. I was put on this pill, because I have gained weight and my bmi was too high for me to be put back on Cilest (which have never had any trouble with). Does anyone know if the Contraceptive Injection is suitable for someone who is overweight, because I really don't know how long I can stand Cerazette.

LittleLady18 Fri 12-Mar-10 23:26:20

Im 18 and im on cerazette cuz all the other contraceptive pills gave me headaches but im experiencing exactly the same, ive been on for nearly a month but its jus the end bit of the period, im abit worried but i think its just the way the pill works, tbh its a right pain..had any1 else been on for this long? confused xxxx

KerW Mon 12-Apr-10 13:53:06


I came off the Depo injection 3months ago after 8 years on it and was told because i didn't have periods or any problems I was to go on Cerazette.

This is a nightmare!!!

I forgot to take it 2 days about 14 days ago not consecutive days though, i had nothing for the first 3 days whilst i was still taking it and then lo and behold my period started this then lasted until last Friday (so i had been on a total of 12 days) i then had sexual intercourse on sunday night and now my periods have come back with an avengence (sorry i can't spell!). I'm really confused i don't understand why they have come back when i'cve been taking it regularly again!

any advice on this would be helpful, but as I see with the posts this is a regular thing with this pill?

Tiredmumno1 Mon 12-Apr-10 15:24:26

I was on this for years, i didnt have periods, but then out of the blue my body seemed to have a mind of its on, bleeding on and off. So i went to the docs she said she couldnt understand why i was on that anyway, so she changed me to microgynon and i seem to be having more probs with this, my last pill out my last pack was last tuesday, and no period yet, so going to docs later. kerw maybe you should see the doc too just to be sure.

lady24 Fri 21-May-10 14:30:02

i am 21 and i have been now on cerazette for about 10 days. my doctor recommended cerazette because i am breastfeeding. i started this pill a week and a half ago during my period i had a 7 day bleeding free break and now i am bleeding again and it doesnt seem to be stopping. i'm loosing my mind from all this bleeding i think this is what is causing my depression and anxiety. is this normal? help!!!

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