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Can chicken pox appear on the actual eyeball?

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ladytophamhatt Fri 01-Feb-08 11:34:34

Ds3 is covered in them, spots still appearing even though its over 2 days since the first appeared and I've just noticed his eye is bloodshot in one area and the edge of his iris (the coloured it the iris??) has a blurry edge where the bloodshot bit is. Could that be a chicken pox (pok??) too?

have called the GP but can't getto see him ubntil tonight so tgought I ask the all powerful MN.

beansprout Fri 01-Feb-08 11:37:32

My friend's son had a pox spot on his eye. Poor thing, hope he feels better soon.

AdamAnt Fri 01-Feb-08 11:47:56

Yes, and I think it's usually a good idea to get it seen by a GP. DD had one in her eye and the GP gave me some special cream for it, IIRC. <<sniggers at 'special cream' in light of recent sex/wooing thread>>

LilRedWG Fri 01-Feb-08 11:49:30

Ouch - poor DS3

ladytophamhatt Fri 01-Feb-08 12:11:24

he's not bothered by any of them, he has one mahhhooooosive one on his ribs that I think he strached the head off when it first appeared that is irritating him but considering how many he's got he's remarkably chippersmile

Twiglett Fri 01-Feb-08 12:13:09

yes .. poor thing .. but it shouldn't be uncomfortable for him should it?

chicken pox can be anywhere, including on internal organs

it is normal for chicken pox spots to come out on day 1 and on day 3 .. but then no more

poor thing .. baths poured through a sock filled with oats .. truly the best thing

Vickylynn25 Fri 03-Jun-16 17:17:50

I have a scar from one in my Iris had it sience i was 4 never effected my eyesight I don't wear glasses and really good vision alot of ppl dont notice unless they really look

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