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Two hernias and a big gap in abdominal wall - anyone have experience please ?

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NicMac Fri 01-Feb-08 11:32:13

I had twins 5 years ago and one baby last year. When I was pregnant with the twins I was huge and my tummy was so stretched that I had some funny bumpy looking things afterwards (Apologies for the lack of medical terminology but I live in France and don't know the translation) Anyway, as my stomach was fairly flat and well hidden (my Burberry bikini days are def over) I just thought it was normal. I saw a physio last year and she thought I had a hernia so I saw a specialist and I have in fact 2 hernias and a gap between the abdominal muscles, likely caused by the first C-section and them prising my muscles apart. I am going to have the hernias sorted and a mesh put in between the tummy muscles in two weeks. I just wondered if anyone had had any experience of anything similar and how was the end result and indeed the recovery as am more than a tad apprehensive.

NicMac Fri 01-Feb-08 13:55:33


minko Fri 01-Feb-08 16:36:54

I had this operation after the birth of my daughter a few years ago. It was fine, you really have nothing to worry about. Apart from having a big vertical scar of course, but my bikini days were long gone anyway.

I was in hospital for one night. Through a very lucky NHS initiative thing it was done in a private hospital so I had my own telly and everything - it was great! (I really enjoyed not having to get up with baby too!) Anyway, I digress... It didn't really hurt much, though I took it easy for a few days.

I was told it was essential if I was ever to have more pregnancies so I had no choice. However after the birth of my 11lb son 16 months ago things have gone a bit Pete Tong. I have a 5cm gap between my stomach muscles and I have been told that they are unlikely to meet back together, though exercise 'may help' apparently (and boy - I'm trying!). So I am a bit pot-bellied now. Straight after the operation things were fine though so unless you're having more kids you have nothing to worry about!

That's about it. If you need to know anything else let me know...

NicMac Fri 01-Feb-08 18:39:39

Thanks Minko, that is very reassuring. They are actually doing it keyhole so I shouldn't have a scar according to the surgeon, but hey if it helps my muscles I am not too fussed! I am certainly not planning on having more children - three boys keeps me very busy. Take care and thanks again

annabach Fri 01-Feb-08 19:24:12

Hi NicMac. I'd be very interested to hear more about your keyhole surgery. My tummy muscles were left very separated after last birth, and have been thinking of surgery but didn't want to go down the route of full abdominoplasty.

NicMac Tue 05-Feb-08 14:25:15

Hi Annabach
I'm the same, I looked into having an abdominoplasty done but found it too offputting and scary plus I have to admit that my tummy is quite flat barr the muscle problems. The doctor is going to make 6 small incisions on the sides of my tummy, he will feed a mesh through to bind the muscles together again apparently. I'm having it done in two weeks time so will let you know how I get on. It won't remedy the excess skin problem but should look better all round and won't have a great gap hopefully in the middle.

morningpaper Tue 05-Feb-08 14:27:34

blimey, so do they sort of put the mesh in and attach that to both sides? Rather than sewing the sides together, like in a normal abdominoplasty?

Have a really big gap here too - I can lie in teh bath and watch the peristalsis of my intestines


Lubyloo Tue 05-Feb-08 14:38:56

Are you all super slim? How can you tell if there is a gap? I am very potbellied since having DD two years ago and there isn't a noticeable difference when I try and hold my tummy in. My muscles just don't respond well!

morningpaper Tue 05-Feb-08 14:50:24

I don't have much fat on my belly area - it's all on my arse

When I lie down my belly looks like the parting of the Red Sea

Lubyloo Tue 05-Feb-08 16:01:30

We need to redistribute our fat between us Morningpaper! I've got a scrawny bottom and a barrel of blubber for my belly grin

NicMac Tue 05-Feb-08 19:00:44

Lulyloo try doing sit ups, if you can put you fingers in a home in the middle of your tummy then you have muscle separation. I wish I could move the excess skin to my boobs which have diminished to nothing.

Spacedaisy Mon 31-Mar-08 08:25:42

Hi there,

I am planning to have the diastastis and umbilical hernia repaired this autumn and will have a vertical scar on the NHS. The surgeon has said he will use a mesh to bind the muscles together and that it will take up to three months to get over the op.

I am a bit nervous of the whole thing, especially since they may not be able to 'save' my actual belly button!

Could Minko reassure me about her recovery time when she had the op?

Many thanks, smile

PhoenixCourt01 Sun 11-Jan-15 06:36:49

Hi there,

I'm about to have a similar surgery. Is it possible for you to share your advice on how it worked out for you?

I'm scared about having a vertical scar. Plus my surgery will be done at the same time as correcting my prolapse so it will not be preformed by a plastic surgeon.

Was yours done by a plastic surgeon and how was recovery?

Many thanks.

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