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Headache and swimming underwater

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lory Thu 31-Jan-08 13:46:49

I am training to become a lifeguard, so I swim every day, and never had any problem. On Monday, as I was swimming underwater (always been the easiest part for me), I got a terrible headache on the back of my head, and it lasted for 24h . I took one day off, and when I returned to the swimming pool, the minute I tried to swim underwater , the headache came back, even stronger, and I had to go back to the surface.

Any suggestions? Please don’t tell me “stop swimming underwater”, as it is part of the job.
Thanks in advance, I am quite worried

luciemule Thu 31-Jan-08 13:49:12

Are you going to go the GP? Maybe it's someting to do with your inner ears and balance or something.

snorkle Thu 31-Jan-08 23:25:36

It's an ear thing - I have had it in the past & think it was caused by pressure in ears not equalising for some reason due to wax or infection or maybe both. I seem to remember it got bad enough that I couldn't even do tumble turns at one stage. Haven't had it for ages now though & hence can't really remember exactly what was the cause - except it was definitely the ears. If it's an ear infection antibiotic drops should clear it up, but you'd need to see a GP who could advise on the wax too.

lory Sat 02-Feb-08 06:54:21

Thanks for your replies. I went to the GP, and he wasn't really sure. He said maybe ear, maybe sinus or just fatigue. I have to take a week rest, if headache really bad, painkiller and then we will see. ????

I am pretty sure that not having my hourly break from my two sons will definitely increase my headache!! There is so much silence underwater!!

thisisvinayak Sun 12-Jul-15 08:01:41

Idk if this will be of any relevance to anybody now..but for someone like me desperate for an answer to their underwater swimmimg headache problem..i think its sinus
Let me be clear its that headache that you get as soon as you turn upsode down in water(its extra painful) or otherwise(still bearable)..and the next day you wake up and you feel sick out of balance and all that..
Purchase a noseplug..or try nose irrigation after swimming..cause yea youve also noticed your nose filling up after every lap and you trying hard to get that water out..that chlorine is doing its job irritating your sinus and you feel that nerve pain deep in your head at the back of your eye..yea that this is sinus

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