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One week today-please say well done-no one else cares!

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secur Tue 30-Nov-04 11:53:24

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Tue 30-Nov-04 11:54:06

well done ! keep up the good work

MrsDoolittle Tue 30-Nov-04 11:54:16

Well done-no one else cares

suzywong Tue 30-Nov-04 11:54:28

Good Girl

Have a sugar lump

Tetley Tue 30-Nov-04 11:57:02

Fantastic news, Secur - well done
Keep it up & then I'm sure you'll deserve an extra big Christmas present

WideWebWitch Tue 30-Nov-04 11:57:32

You did good It's worth it, honestly!

MummyToSteven Tue 30-Nov-04 11:58:01

the girl done good. and think how much money you have saved in one week - and how much chocolate you can spend it on

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 11:58:17

Message withdrawn

sparkler1 Tue 30-Nov-04 11:58:52

Fantastic Secur. Don't worry about everyone else. Those children's hugs sound good enough to me!! Keep it up you will feel so much better for it - if not already.

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 11:59:01

Message withdrawn

MummyToSteven Tue 30-Nov-04 11:59:17

yet another of the health benefits of regular mumsnetting then if it stops you smoking!

Angeliz Tue 30-Nov-04 11:59:35

(I gave up 7 months ago now and in the beginning, even my mam kept saying, 'OH just have a fag!')
HUGE congratulations++++++++

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 12:00:12

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Tue 30-Nov-04 12:00:34

well done and congratulations

Gobbledigook Tue 30-Nov-04 12:09:27

Hey that's brilliant!! Keep it up!

KateandtheGirls Tue 30-Nov-04 12:10:30

That's awesome and I'm sorry your family is so unsupportive. I, for one, think you've done amazingly well. Keep it up!

GeorginaA Tue 30-Nov-04 12:12:11

You've done FANTASTIC! Well done!!! Keep it up girl

Loobz Tue 30-Nov-04 12:15:03

Well done, that's a great achievement!!!

spod Tue 30-Nov-04 12:16:52

well done, keep going.... i gave up, so hard, so worth it... even if just to keep getting extra hugs everyday! u doing brill!

pixiefish Tue 30-Nov-04 12:18:25

BLOODY WELL DONE. You should be SOOOOO proud of yourself.

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 12:18:47

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 30-Nov-04 12:19:15

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Tue 30-Nov-04 12:19:30

You've done fantastically well, secur, what a shame your family are being so negative. Keep it up, girl, have some hugs from me and keep your fingers busy typing away on MN!

cathncait Tue 30-Nov-04 12:24:29

Congratulations Secur, you are doing a great job - not ever an easy thing! I think the hugs every day from your girls is so lovely. They sound like great kids

Thomcat Tue 30-Nov-04 12:25:22

You done good
Well done.

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