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is 5.4 bad for a cholesterol test?

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MoreSpamThanGlam Fri 25-Jan-08 11:58:27

My docs receptionist told me it was normal.

Ive looked it up and there are such conflicting ideas about what is normal.

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unicorn123 Fri 25-Jan-08 19:50:37

My dh has high cholesterol and goes to a consultant at the hospital who says 5.5 or below is normal. hope this puts your mind at rest.

CaptainCod Fri 25-Jan-08 19:51:38

yes it hink around 5 is nromal

iw as 3.6 which made me feel like i had lost 20- stone.

MoreSpamThanGlam Sat 26-Jan-08 12:40:31

What do you mean it made you feel you had lost 20 stone? Is that too low?

At 5.4 do you think I should be aiming to get it down a bit?

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CaptainCod Sat 26-Jan-08 12:42:34

maybe a bit
a professional will tell you there are two measuremnts wihtin that of good and bad cholestrol btu i am too dim to get it

if the recptionist has been told to tell you its ok id accpet it and cut outa bit of cheese and sat fat

Mercy Sat 26-Jan-08 12:54:41

My cholesterol level is/was 5.2 and was told that it was at the upper limit of the normal range. But was told to cut down on dairy and animal fat.

However I have since read that 4 is the level to aim for.

cariboo Sat 26-Jan-08 12:59:52

Agree. Mine was just above 5 & I was told to get it down. Which I've done & feel much better. Exercise helps as does cutting out saturated fat & processed food. More work in the kitchen but is worth it.

Highlander Sat 26-Jan-08 16:50:37

if you have other risk factors then 5 is fine. If you are hypertensive, a smoker, diabetic or overweight then the target is under 5. Have it checked every year. GPs are a bit clueless about this apperently.

Highlander Sat 26-Jan-08 16:52:50

sorry, that shoudl read, if you don't have other risk factors.

Just spoken to DH and he says he aims for under 5, but GPs can be a bit behind the times and think 5-6 is OK.

Desiderata Sat 26-Jan-08 16:54:23

My dh is diabetic, so he has to check his cholesterol levels regularly.

5.4 is well within normal. I wouldn't worry. The Brits are very obsessed with cholesterol.

MoreSpamThanGlam Sat 26-Jan-08 16:56:01

I used to exercise 4 times a week for 1.5 hours, am now with toddler and sans dh so am lazy cow - please dont say power walking I fecking hate it and would probably be robbed round these parts (cue evil laugh)

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yurt1 Sat 26-Jan-08 17:00:22

Depends on HDL's vs LDL's (high density lipoproteins vs low density) - HDL's are healthy, LDL's - lethal. The LDL figure is much more important than the overall figure.

MoreSpamThanGlam Sat 26-Jan-08 17:04:47


Was just told 5.4 - satisfactory.

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yurt1 Sat 26-Jan-08 17:06:49

- they probably checked that though- ring up and ask them.

My dad had the opposite problem. His is high - very high. (Family trait- he has white deposits in his iris). He's brought it down with diet but the doc wanted him to go on statins which he didn't want. So he reminded him to check HDL's vs LDL's - those figures were fine. Hence he remains drug free.

Mercy Sat 26-Jan-08 17:25:51

I must be due for another test soon. So should we aiming for a low LDL level?

(I have joined a new surgery now so hopefully the results will be explained to me if I ask)

yurt1 Sat 26-Jan-08 17:27:17

Yep- preferably you want low LDL and high HDL.

Mercy Sat 26-Jan-08 17:29:18

Ok, thank you smile

noddyholder Sat 26-Jan-08 17:29:44

5 and under is the ideal You could probably bring that down with diet and those little flora drinks

MoreSpamThanGlam Sat 26-Jan-08 17:34:52

Do those benecol drinks REALLY work?

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noddyholder Sat 26-Jan-08 17:36:28

they REALLY do grin

MoreSpamThanGlam Sat 26-Jan-08 17:45:21

How long do you have to take them for, before you get a good result Noddy?

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noddyholder Sat 26-Jan-08 22:39:01

they work within 6 weeks I had a particular type of raised cholesterol because of a tablet i was on temporarily and the doctors didn't think they would be as effective as pills but i took them instead and they worked

Sooty122 Thu 27-Jun-19 16:23:18

Hi. I’ve just had a letter from the dr saying my cholesterol is ‘slightly’raised at 5.4
I am the right weight for my height I go the gym regularly and I eat well.
Although I do like cheese especially Stilton. Do I cut the cheese out??
Feel concerned 😟

NanTheWiser Thu 27-Jun-19 16:40:19

Disclaimer - I'm not in any way medically trained, but have done much reading about cholesterol. I don't think a level of 5.4 is anything to worry about - the breakdown of HDL, LDL, triglycerides and the ratio is more important. HDL is the "good" cholesterol and LDL is the "bad", but some believe that triglycerides are even more important. Diet plays a very small role in our cholesterol production, so as long as you aren't having Stilton for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I wouldn't worry.
You might find this interesting to read:

Egghead68 Thu 27-Jun-19 16:42:56

Mine’s 5.4 on 20mg simvastatin (exercise most days BMI 23). I was told to get it down a bit. My HDL is really high and the LDL really low but I am told they don’t look at the ratio any more and think that HDL cholesterol above 1.5 functions like bad LDL.

My BMI was 25 last summer, I was exercising less and my cholesterol was 4.

No idea why it’s gone up.

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