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What antibiotics can I take for a tooth abscess while breastfeeding?

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Mashanapedyjo Wed 23-Jan-08 10:00:44

Have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow for a tooth abscess. Its a recurring abscess and in the past they have always given me Metronidazole and Amoxicillin.

I've just looked here and it has Metranidazole listed as potentially hazardous and best avoided. Amoxicillin is listed as safe but I'm not sure it would be strong enough on its own to fight the abscess, in the past it has always taken quite strong doses of both to clear it.

DS2 is 9 months and still having 4 feeds a day so still feeding quite alot.

Is there anything else I can take instead of the Metranidazole?

I'm asking because I saw my dentist when ds2 was a few weeks old as the abscess was there slightly and he gave me the prescription for M and A just in case but said he didnt know if it was safe or not and I should ask my dr before taking it hmm As it happened I ended up in hospital a few days later with a womb infection on intravenous ABs so I think they did the trick for the tooth too!

TIA smile

kinki Wed 23-Jan-08 10:16:35

I have to have lots of antibiotics for my chest (and am bfing). I had just started a course of augmenten when a tooth abscess flared up. The dentist told me he'd ideally like to give me metronidazole but since I was on augmenten for my chest he'd wait to see if that worked. And it did. Pain went within a day or 2. My dentist said that augmenten was his 2nd choice after metronidazole.

kinki Wed 23-Jan-08 10:18:49

Oh, btw, am currently on amoxicillin, having been reassured it's ok while bfing.

Mashanapedyjo Wed 23-Jan-08 10:30:13

Thanks Kinki, so Augmenten is safer than Metranidazole then?

Mashanapedyjo Wed 23-Jan-08 10:38:22

Have just googled Augmentin and on one site it says "Augmentin appears in breast milk and could affect a nursing infant. If Augmentin is essential to your health, your doctor may advise you to stop nursing your baby until your treatment with this drug is finished."

Then below it has doses for babies over and under 3 months hmm So presumably it is safe for babies and therefore doesnt matter if it does pass over - not ideal obviously but ok.

CountessDracula Wed 23-Jan-08 10:45:07

Erythromycin is generally considered safe when bf I think and is one used for dental infections

kinki Wed 23-Jan-08 11:13:30

Just looked up in the bnf online.
Augmenten says "trace amounts in milk"
Metranidazole says "significant amount in milk; manufacturer advises avoid large single doses"
Erythromycin says "only small amounts in milk"

Mashanapedyjo Wed 23-Jan-08 14:37:14

Thank you Kinki and CD. I will suggest augmentin and ethythingy to dentist tomorrow then if he's still as hopeless not sure.

Think I might have to write them down though so I remember!

Twinkie1 Wed 23-Jan-08 14:39:04

Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide solution - get a bottle from boots and mix as instructed with water - tastes awful but should kill bacteria and give you sparkly teeth at the same time!

mylovelymonster Sat 26-Jan-08 22:10:43

I agree with Twinkie - try a powerful mouthwash instead or first, and see if it sorts it out - corsodyl is good. Although if abcess buried might not be effective.
I'd check with a pharmacist or your GP if dentist a bit lacking in current advice, on safe antibiotics for bf to treat mouth abcess bugs.

Jennster Sat 26-Jan-08 22:19:41

I am a pharmacist. Metronidazole if fine. Print this out and give to your Dentist. It is an unlicensed indication (as are nearly all drugs in lactation) and so not in the BNF. This is a respected source that the pharmacist and dentist might not have heard of but is invaluable.

Hope this helps.

Jennster Sat 26-Jan-08 22:21:28

You can give metronidazole orally to a 9 month baby if they were ill themselves too and it would be a much higher dose than anything ending up in your breast milk.

LadyU Tue 05-Aug-08 06:17:21

Hi, I'm currently breastfeeding, 7 days post delivery (C-Section no less) and the recurring tooth abscess I had that no dentist would fix has now spread all across my face causing immese swelling. What antibiotics are safe when you are trying to establish breastfeeding?? My ds has taken to the feeding really well and I don't want anything that is going to spoil that. I really dont want to have to stop feeding for the 3+ days it would take for metronidazole to kick in 8(

Flightputsonahat Tue 05-Aug-08 07:00:48

That sounds awfully painful, immense sympathies - I am not sure about metronidazole but I have certainly taken several antibiotics (for dental trouble) while feeding and have been assured that it doesn't compromise the milk at all (or very little - maybe a few runny nappies, ha ha - like babies that age have anything else! wink)

Talk to your dentist and explain to him you're feeding. I wonder if they might actually just remove the tooth at this point - often people want to avoid doing it pre delivery as I expect you've been told! (Labour plus toothache - no thanks!!)

I am sure there are options they will explore without your having to stop bf. It's a pretty crucial time obviously - but if it oes end up being that choice, you could always express and get rid of the expressed milk rather than keeping it.

Pleae do ask and be very clear about the feeding though as I'm sure they'll work with you on it smile

Good luck x

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