What exercise can I do that won't bore me to tears?

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snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:05:05

I want to do some regular proper exercise. I walk a lot and do stuff with DS, but I mean a class or something - but I am so easily bored... my mind wanders and I just can't be arsed. I want something really energetic but interesting, some kind of dance or something that will interest the mind. Can anybody recommend something they've done? I'm not bothered about weight loss or toning any particular body parts, I just want the glowing feeling and mental lift.

NB I hate hate hate pilates and yoga. Boooooring. I want to leap about but in an interesting way.

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moondog Mon 21-Jan-08 23:07:07

You need a mix. I do step and trampolining. Also swimming cycling,gym and running as well asl ong walks with the kids.Have a wide repertoire and vary them.
An iPod helps.

VVVQV Mon 21-Jan-08 23:08:37

Oh step is soo dull.

Try doing a few different things. Swimming, cycling are good. Aerobics now and again wouldnt bore you I suppose. Yoga - slow and very relaxing.

moondog Mon 21-Jan-08 23:09:52

Step is great. I have just been to one tonight.I fantasise that I am a show girl in a line up.hooffing it for a Jewish impresarion chewing on a cigar in the front seats.

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:11:42

Hmmmmm, where do you live? Anywhere near me? If so, come and do poledacise with me. I can't tempt any of my friends, they think it's chavvy. grin

snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:11:46

Isn't step just stepping up and down? do you get to dance a bit? I like the sound of yours moondog.

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snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:12:42

Edinburgh. Poledacise hmmm? Chavvy name certainly (poledacise not yours!) but I could be tempted...

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moondog Mon 21-Jan-08 23:13:02

Oh no,you whirl about and do 360 turns and do groovy moves.
'Rocking horse!
'8 knees,8 sides,8 kicks, 8 bums!
Over the bench!!

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:14:53

Damn it, you live too far away!!! I am in wiltshire. Yes, it does sound good, swinging round a pole for fun, not money. My friend wants me to do belly dancing with her but the pole beckons.

snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:21:49

I've done belly dancing before. Good in theory and probably great fun if you're very good at it, but the classes were just very slow, lots of practising minute, difficult movements and very little actual dancing around.

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snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:23:09

Have just looked up poledacise and fitness pole dancing in my area but the websites I'm getting I can't deny have a certain... ahem... chavviness. All to do with hen parties and so on. Shame as I'm up for it now...

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luciemule Mon 21-Jan-08 23:24:01

ball room dancing?

snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:27:21

Ballroom dancing soounds nice but I want to go to a class alone - together would mean babysitter worries and all that. (Plus DP is the world's crappest dancer and he'd hate it.)

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Clary Mon 21-Jan-08 23:27:37

salsa (best with a partner tho)

Jazz dance.

I like running but I'm a bit weird I think. swimming is good too but I like the chance to empty my mind so it might not suit you.

snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:29:22

Yes running bores me too - I know, I'm demanding. I just hate having an empty mind and nothing to do with my hands. I wouldn't mind if I could run, watch Grand Designs and do my sewing at the same time.

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snowleopard Mon 21-Jan-08 23:29:56

I would be the world's worst Buddhist retreat customer.

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lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:30:54

Horse riding?

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:32:51


hatwoman Mon 21-Jan-08 23:32:56

hi there snowleopard. run. enter a race. do yourself a training schedule. get yourself some good music or intelligent podcasts and some scenic routes. find someone to run with - then you can talk and exercise at the same time. there's even an {{http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/138/446038?stamp=080121211817 mn thread]] to dip into and some great sites for measuring and logging your runs. it's also time efficient - you don;t have to go anywhere to start - you walk out your door, break into a run, run back in again and straight into the shower. if you're really canny you can build it into your day eg run from work to station - takes barely any more time than getting the bus (and is more reliable) or run to pick the kids up from school.

hatwoman Mon 21-Jan-08 23:34:16

just seen you reject running. but have you really given it a chance? if you don;t have a target then yep it's boring. but it needn't be. honest.

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:34:45

I once went to a hippy dippy music group with a friend. we all had instruments and had to basically make it up as we went along. Quite good fun, but we only went once. My friend also enrolled on a circus skills course, and never went.

Carmenere Mon 21-Jan-08 23:34:54

Walking fast whilst listening to Razorlight and fantasizing about Johnny Borell is the only thing that works for me atm.
Martial arts used to keep me entertained whilst jumping about a bit.

hatwoman Mon 21-Jan-08 23:34:59

tap dancing?

hatwoman Mon 21-Jan-08 23:35:23

try again

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 23:35:49

precision brick throwing.....

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