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Nice phlegm question anyone??!

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janmoomoo Mon 21-Jan-08 14:31:08

Since getting rid of my cold about three weeks ago I seem to have a permanent ball of phlegm in the back of my throat. Sorry, its not nice! I have developed an annoying habit of clearing my throat or coughing every ten mins which is driving DH mad. Is there anything I can take or do to break it up or get rid of it?

cheeryface Mon 21-Jan-08 14:45:00

might not be your kind of thing but i once used a homeopathic remedy , new era they are called for cattarh and sinus trouble and it really worked...well seemed to anyway

i got it in boots btw where all the vitamins are

moo5 Thu 06-Aug-09 11:49:03

janmoomoo did you eventually get rid of your phlegm? mine is driving me bananas it is such a disgusting, unpleasant habbit which is quite dirty. Did you use any remedy that was effective? moo5

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