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contact lens torn in eye, what shall i do now, advices PLEASE!

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noranora Mon 21-Jan-08 04:47:47

hi all,
on saturday before taking my dd to swimming class i put my lens on, a moment later i felt uncomfortable and took it out, saw an edge of it missing. i looked everywhere but couldnt see the missing edge.
i put on my glasses and we went swimming, i swam too. on the way back we went to the optician to be looked at. he couldnt see anything in the eye. he told me to come on monday(today) if i feel like there is something there.
i havent worn lenses yet, i feel like there is still something in the eyelid, it may be psycological i dont know.
shall i go to optician or to my gp?
is there a possibilty that it goes to the back of eye? someone told something like that in the past, i dont know, it sounds a bit strange.
did anyone have such experience?
will it come out eventually at the end by itself?
what problems can it cause?
did you still wear lenses while suspicious there might be a piece in your eye?
thank you very much in advance.

Furball Mon 21-Jan-08 06:51:44

this has happened to me. I put a fresh lens in, then with my finger gentle on it swept it all over my eye and right up under my lid and bingo, found it! give it a go.

belgo Mon 21-Jan-08 07:11:56

I've had part of my contact lense remain in my eye for four days. It came out on its own.

noranora Mon 21-Jan-08 10:43:19

thank you so much Furball and belgo!

wheelybug Mon 21-Jan-08 10:45:10

I had half a contact lens stuck in my eye once and went to the opticians who had a poke around and finally found it but he did say it would do no harm in my eye and would eventually flush itself out as belgo says.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 21-Jan-08 10:46:38

I take it it's a soft lens ? ( cringing at thought of a shard of hard contact lens adrift !)

LadySanders Mon 21-Jan-08 10:48:42

you might have scratched the surface of your eye a bit, hence why it feels like there's still a bit left. if there is it will wash out of its own accord soon enough. might be more comfortable to stay in your glasses for a day or so though.

noranora Mon 21-Jan-08 14:50:30

yes MaryAnnSingleton, it is soft lens.
thank you so much everybody, you made me feel better about it.

pralinegirl Mon 21-Jan-08 20:04:34

I now have them permanently implanted in my eyes - behind the iris, after not being suitable for lasik and fed up with tearing them, sore eyes etc and so far its great! Could not do housework like floor cleaning or bending over for several weeks - great stuff! grin
I'm sure it will work its way out - have you tried lots and lots of drops to flush it out.Or optrx in eye bath has same effect and hold eye open really wide.

LoveAndSqualor Mon 21-Jan-08 20:11:00

I've had this too - puts you into a blind (no pun intended!) panic when it happens, but mine worked its way out after a couple of days, iirc. Agree with pralinegirl on optrex and so forth - soothing, even if it doesn't flush it out straight away.

lazarou Mon 21-Jan-08 20:15:18

Ouch! I've never had my contact lens tear in my eye, but I have had to peel them off my eyes sometimes when they have been really dry. Horrible.

Furball Mon 21-Jan-08 20:17:17

praline girl - tell us more about the implant please - sounds ery interesting

pralinegirl Mon 21-Jan-08 20:32:19

Well Furball it sounds gross but is a bit like a cataract op - except they leave your own lens in, the contact or ICL is implanted behind the iris in front of your own natural lens. It is great for severe short sight - I was -8 in one eye and more than -10 in the other with astigmatism in both. I have been wearing contacts since 16 and am now 42. Gas permeable ones except for the last year or so when I switched to soft but even the most expensive ones got sore after a day so useless for going out and I hate glasses on me! I had 3 consultations for laser after my best friend had it in August but all said not suitable or recommended these. It was really expensive though and a bit scary, although remember nothing due to the sedative. So now am better than 20/20 in both eyes and can get up 10 minutes later each day, take naps when I like, etc, have had to sell DS to afford it but never mind.....

fizzbuzz Mon 21-Jan-08 21:01:48

I had to go to A&E when mine disappered up to under top lid, and impossible to locate.

They put numbing drops in, and tweezed it out (oooh, all of a 20 second job)Not at all yucky or nasty

fizzbuzz Mon 21-Jan-08 21:02:29

How do you swim with lenses in? hmm

Furball Mon 21-Jan-08 21:03:53

gosh, sounds like you've got bionic eyes! my friend has had laser surgery and said its the best ever. Me? I'm too much of a wuss and don't even have my ears pierced.

noranora Tue 22-Jan-08 07:40:02

hi all,
i am still wearing my glasses, waiting if there is still piece inside for it to come out.
the optician couldnt find anything before.
he put that orange colored liquid and looked, i think its the one that numbs the eye.
i was swimming with the lenses on but was careful not letting water in, when it goes in, the lens is moving and when that happened i gently let the water out, its not easy i know.
last weekend i swam with glasses, it was allright

belgo Tue 22-Jan-08 07:47:31

I always wear my contact lenses going swimming. glasses just get wet.

nomoremagnolia Tue 22-Jan-08 07:52:34

You really shouldn't go swimming with soft CL in - they absorb the swimming pool water (even if only a tiny bit gets in your eye) and then hold that chlorine water against the surface of your eye for the rest of the day. My friend effectively 'burnt' her eye because of this and had to not wear lenses for two months while her eye recovered.

harleyd Tue 22-Jan-08 07:55:25

this happened to me too, the optician couldnt find it and said i had just scratched my eye
out it came on its own a few days later grin

i use the continual wear ones now, they are fab!

Chopster Tue 22-Jan-08 07:58:12

I'd try furball's trick - put in a fresh one and it might dislodge any fragment in your eye. I didn't realise I had a torn piece of one in my eye until I managed to pull it out with the fresh one at the end of the next day!

LoveAndSqualor Tue 22-Jan-08 12:26:34

woah, nomoremagnolia, is that true? I had no idea. Eek. I swim with mine in all the time!

belgo Tue 22-Jan-08 12:31:29

oops. Didn't know that about the swimming with contact lenses.

mrsbabookaloo Tue 22-Jan-08 12:33:40

This always worked for me: put your finger on your eyeball, close your eyelid over your finger, then look left and right and up and down, moving your eyeball around. If it's there, you'll find it.

noranora Sat 26-Jan-08 17:18:20

i thought i would give an update:
last wednesday i put my lenses on during the day, i didnt feel anything wrong.
but on thursday when i woke up, when i touched my eyes the torn edge came to my hand.
thank you very much to everyone who answered me and made me feel easier about it.

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