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Ibuprofen, night nurse and paracetamol - advise please!

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auntyspan Sat 05-Jan-08 19:28:24

Without sounding like a druggie, I need some advise. I have the flu at the moment and am feeling dreadful sad

I took 2 x paracetemol at 2am
I took 2 x paracetemol at 9am
I took 2 x paracetomol at 1pm

I was asleep at 5pm so am now feeling totally horrific. Can I take 2 x ibuprofen now, and still take 2 x nightnurse at 10pm?

I think I can as nightnurse is just paracetemol based... but would like confirmation!


KbearTheOverExcited Sat 05-Jan-08 19:29:32

there are instructions on the night nurse bottle about how much you can take with how much paracetamol

auntyspan Sat 05-Jan-08 19:40:14

yes it does - as far as the paracetemol is concerned it's fine, it's the fact I want to take ibuprofen too... and it doesn't mention that.

I might just power on through til 9 and take the NN then.

Thanks for posting x

singyswife Sat 05-Jan-08 19:41:52

Providing there is no asprin type product in the night nurse it should be okay. Hope you are feeling better soon.

KbearTheOverExcited Sat 05-Jan-08 20:41:35

I don't think paracetamol and inbruprofen clash do they? I mean it's safe to take both as they are different.

PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Sat 05-Jan-08 20:53:20

You can give children calpol (paracetamol) and Ibuprofen together....

Alambil Sat 05-Jan-08 22:24:05

Ibuprofen and paracetemol can be taken together (preferable to stagger them for a couple hours to get the best from both pills apparently - not essential though) so it wouldn't matter if NN had paracetemol in it (you could only take ibuprofen of course, if it does).

Hope you feel better soon

Myalouise10 Mon 10-Oct-16 01:08:07

I took night nurse tablets now becoz i have a bad tooth ache,

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