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shooting pain in tooth but dentist claims NO cavity!??

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vannah Tue 01-Jan-08 18:16:04

Anyone shed light on this for me? Im getting shooting pains in one of my back (middle-ish) teeth.

About 3 weeks ago, just before I gave birth to my daughter, I had my teeth cleaned by a hygenist for the first time. I can recall it being painful.

Then about 2 weeks ago, I started to get pains (manageable) in this tooth. Last week I went for a filling and enquired about the tooth but the dentist said that the xrays showed all clear. He went on to drill a nearby tooth, and then when I got home I started to get shooting pains in my tooth (not the treated tooth)

Had pains all weekend and went back yesterday was told there was nothing they could do (they did another xray) and I could be referred to a facial pain clinic which could take 3 months!

The pain is like a raw nerve pain, like a series of electric shocks. Sometimes triggered by eating but sometimes just for no reason.

any ideas? Or what I can do/Use?


FairyTaleOfNewYork Tue 01-Jan-08 18:17:33

could it be sensitive teeth after the cleaning? try a senstive toothpaste and see if that works.

denbury Tue 01-Jan-08 18:22:14

have you got a cold at the moment?

needmorecoffee Tue 01-Jan-08 18:26:03

I got a special super powerful sensitive tooth toothpaste from my dentist and it cleared up shooting pains I had. That said, I still get it sometimes but the dentist swears blind there's nothing wrong with the tooth.

perpetualworrier Tue 01-Jan-08 18:51:55

denbury - thank you . I always get a toothache when I've got a cold - people think I'm mad and it's all in my mind.

vannah Tue 01-Jan-08 18:57:55

thanks for the replies - needmorecoffee: what was the name of your toothpaste?
Nope havent got a cold at the moment...

Tiggerish Tue 01-Jan-08 19:01:32

I sometimes get pains like this in a tooth with no nerves!! Usually all I need to do is floss really thoroughly around it.

loopylou6 Tue 01-Jan-08 19:08:10

it sounds like sensitive tooth to me although i know "sensitive" isnt always the word, agony is more like it. i had my teeth bleached at the dentist and i wasnt warned i could be in extreme pain afterwards but believe me i was, shooting pains like u describe, they where enough to have me in tears and i have a high pain thresh hold hmm

vannah Tue 01-Jan-08 19:52:10

loupylou how long did this go on for after the teeth bleaching treatment?

Pheebe Tue 01-Jan-08 19:52:11

I find my teeth are always hypersensitive after going to the hygienist. she said its probably because they scrape off all the gunk thats covering the tiny holes that we nearly all have in our teeth. that could be causing the shooting pains you're describing and wouldn't show up on an xray. I rub sensitive toothpaste on my teeth after brushing now, its totally ineffective if you use it as a normal toothpaste apparently as it works by filling these holes.

loopylou6 Tue 01-Jan-08 20:43:35

it was a week or so, but i have to be carefull now, cold or hot drinks can set it off

fizzbuzz Tue 01-Jan-08 21:02:27

I get this when I have been clenching my teeth.

Sometimes I don't even realise I,ve been doing it

vannah Tue 01-Jan-08 21:37:44

ok thanks loopy and everyone else too. Pheebe Im going to try coating it in toothpaste tonight

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