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Smears/CIN3/Lletz/follow up... Please help Saintshar.

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essbee Wed 17-Nov-04 15:34:47

Message withdrawn

lockets Wed 17-Nov-04 15:40:37

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet Wed 17-Nov-04 15:40:56

My freind ahd the same thing happen to her, she had a colcoscopy and lazer treatment after which she was called back , but she was merely told that her resulte were clear and was told she neede to have more frequent smears.It doeasnt neccessarily mean bad news if she is being called back.Hope everything goes well for her.

essbee Wed 17-Nov-04 16:45:10

Message withdrawn

twoforone Wed 17-Nov-04 18:44:51

I had a loop diathermy this Year, but just got a letter saying that everthing had come back all clear.
Have no idea why your friend has had this letter - it must be a very worrying time.X

saintshar Thu 18-Nov-04 11:48:40

Thanks to essbee for starting this for me. X

I need to see if anyone else has been called back for further treatment, a few Weeks after having loop diathermy, or LLETZ.

I went for a smear in June this Year, and to be honest didn't think much about it as i always attend smears, and have always had clear results.

Anyway, in October i had a phone call from my Doctor saying they had only just got the results back (4 months later) saying that i had severe dyskaryosis, or CIN3. I was refered to the hospital on the 28th October, for a colposcopy and LLETZ.

When they took the dodgy tissue away (as i call it!) they said they would send it away to the lab to check everything was ok.

At the time, they also took a swab for chlamidia, which they told me is common practice when anyone has abnormal bleeding. (I have had bleeding between periods and after sex for a very long time now.)

I have also had a cervical erosion for a very long time. When i had the treatment, they told me that the area with the dodgy cells is the same area as where the erosion is, which is suppost to be unusual.

Anyways, after the treatment, i was told that i would have to come back in 6 Months, that was that...

Until Yesterday i had a letter saying that i have to go in on Thursday next Week, to 'discuss treatment and future management' and that they 'can't give results over the phone.'

I obviously went into a blind panic, crying and shaking. I later phoned my own Doctor, who tried to put my mind at rest, but could tell me nothing. So now i am in limbo, I am going to have the Week from hell waiting for Thursday to come around, and i can't help but fear the worst.

As far as i can tell, it could be that i need to have another op, which would more than likely be a cone biopsy, or maybe even a hystarectomy(sp)
Or it could be that i have chlamidia, which would mean that my Husband of 9 Years has had an affair. Or it could be the big C.

TBH, i don't know how i will cope with any of those results.

bonniej Thu 18-Nov-04 11:56:30

Oh I sooo feel for you at the moment. I had CIN3 myself about four years ago now. I had to go for colposcopy and had to have the bad area removed under general anaesthetic. I was called back to discuss future treatment and had a follow up smear pretty soon after treatment to check they'd caught it all. I then had one three months after that. With your swab and cervical erosion etc there is probably lots to discuss. I know it's easy for me to say but please don't worry. I had an infection once when they took a smear and was told to come in. They very rarely discuss anything over the phone. I had clear smears for three years but had CIN1 last year. Went back to colposcopy a few months ago and was actually there again yesterday for another smear. Another dreaded wait for results. This is a bit of a ramble but basically you are not on your own and tbh if you did have the big C I think you'd be in hospital right now, not next week!

essbee Thu 18-Nov-04 23:10:31

Message withdrawn

bonniej Thu 25-Nov-04 09:03:03

saintshar, will be thinking of you today x

Cam Thu 25-Nov-04 11:00:55

Shar, I had a cone biopsy under ga more than 20 years ago. Believe me it is nothing to be frightened of, doesn't hurt at any stage. I then had annual smears for several years but have been back to the usual 3-yearly ones for a long time now. Please try not to panic about your follow-up appointment, all these things are treatable when caught early (as yours is) so congratulate yourself for attending regular smear appointments.
All the best.

essbee Thu 25-Nov-04 15:49:32

Message withdrawn

Titania Thu 25-Nov-04 15:58:37

Thinking of you shar........{{{HUGS}}}

essbee Thu 25-Nov-04 16:03:43

Message withdrawn

Titania Thu 25-Nov-04 16:05:37

I've never bothered..... will think twice now though....

essbee Thu 25-Nov-04 17:32:36

Message withdrawn

bonniej Thu 25-Nov-04 17:35:57

thank god it was caught so early. Thinking of you xxx

Dior Thu 25-Nov-04 20:53:33

Message withdrawn

jampot Thu 25-Nov-04 23:30:05

I haven't had a smear for severl years - i will definitely do it now.

Saintshar - Im really glad they seem to have taken it all away.

I truly am thinking of you and send lots of love xx

essbee Thu 25-Nov-04 23:43:50

Message withdrawn

suedonim Fri 26-Nov-04 09:59:11

Really sorry to hear this but thank god it's been caught in the nick of time. Essbee, please pass on my best wishes to Saintshar.

Hausfrau Fri 26-Nov-04 10:08:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saintshar Fri 26-Nov-04 15:11:07

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind thoughts and wishes. xxx

I think that i am fine about it all now, though i was in total shock yesterday, even though in one way i expected it.

The way that i look at it, i am very lucky. The outer 3mm of what they took away was clear, so they have assured me that it is the best news i could get under the circumstances.

I have to be watched 'very closely' for the next 15 Years, even if everything comes back clear each time - i am glad about that.

I just want to say, anyone due a smear, or who hasn't had one, please make sure you go. Also if you have any irregular bleeding, between periods or after sex, again, make sure you go to a Doctor.

I know it isn't nice, but it is very important. And if i find any of you lot are putting it off, i will become your own personal stalker until you do go, ok?

essbee Fri 26-Nov-04 16:06:29

Message withdrawn

bonniej Fri 26-Nov-04 17:10:07

hi saintshar, good to hear from you. I'm so pleased that they managed to sort it all out in time but have you found out why it took so long to get an abnormal result back. I would be very angry. I'm glad you are feeling better today and hopefully your story has made everyone who hasn't been for a smear get one done. good luck for the future xx

HelloMama Fri 26-Nov-04 21:41:12

saintshar, i think you are handling this very well - i have been thinking of you. Wishing you lots of luck for your future appointments x

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