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6 month DD has clicking joints and jumping knees. Very bendy,double jointed??????

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crazymumo4 Wed 19-Dec-07 21:35:48

My daughter was diagnosed with DDH at 10 weeks after the GP found her hip to be "clicky".
She was put in a harness for 6 weeks then a plaster cast for 6 weeks and her hip is now fine.
However, the day before her cast came off her knee appeared to jump when she moved it. I have watched it closely and all her joints are now clicking and her knee and ankle in particular are very clicky. Her knee seems to be jumping and it just does not feel right.
I have made another appointent with her doc but it is 2 weeks away and am really worried.
DH says it's probably due to being in a cast for 6 weeks but am not convinced.
Has anyone heard of this?
She is also very bendy and there are other family members who were double jointed.Could this be linked?

deepbreath Wed 19-Dec-07 23:28:01

My dd had a Pavlik harness on for a couple of months when she was a baby, as she had ?grade 5 hip dysplasia.

When her harness was taken off, I remember her feeling very clicky too. However, my dd has got a genetic condition that causes joint hypermobility (double jointedness) as well. It just seemed for a while there that she clicked everywhere. Even her chest clunked when I picked her up.

You are doing the right thing by taking her for a check up. It's probably nothing to worry about, but better to know for sure. It might be worth mentioning the double jointed relatives too, in case it is linked. Dd's doctors weren't worried by her clicks and clunks, and hopefully it will be the same for you.

crazymumo4 Thu 20-Dec-07 21:35:01

Thanks for that, I feel a bit better. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the docs say.

pinkoona Sun 19-Jul-09 17:02:44

Dear All

I am delighted to find babies with early diagnosis and treatment! It proves that early detection and conservative treatment is possible.

I am mum to Siomha born 26/1/2007 - At 14 months (yes MONTHS) she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip) and her hip socket had not formed at the dislocation had been from birth. She was operated on in Great Ormond Street for 7 hours last September. Her surgeon created a new socket from her pelvis.

Please sign a non political petition which is encouraging the Department of Health to meet with late diagnosed parents so ensure what happened to Siomha is rare.

We have been up to the Houses of Parliaments with a Early Day Motion (which 107 MPs have signed)

and have pushing and pushing for media coverage. This condition is not necessarily hereditary and can come about through breech positioning.

I am absolutely delighted that your daughters hip was detected and as importantly TREATED early - as this is key.

Please, please sign. It takes about a minute

Many thanks Oonagh rset/8047730.stm

deepbreath Mon 20-Jul-09 11:41:44

Hi pinkoona, I've just had a look at your blog smile

I'll sign the petition, as it seems that it was only through the determination of a local paediatric orthopaedic surgeon that we were lucky enough to have our dd (and ds) checked so carefully for hip dysplasia as soon as they were born. This surgeon thought that early intervention was better for everyone, but that the local PCT didn't really agree because of the cost.

Every baby had the standard hip rotation check, but they also had an ultrasound scan. Without this, I think that dd's problem may have been dismissed because she is very hypermobile in every joint. Ds was also suspected of having hip dysplasia initially, but his hips had stabilised by the time he was seen at the hip clinic.

Sadly, the surgeon has retired and it seems that they don't routinely do the scans here now unless they think that there is a problem. Good luck with your petition!

romina Mon 20-Jul-09 19:58:19

Clicking joints are not supposed to be anything to worry about - hopefully she is better now.

If she is still very flexible, it might be worth considering joint hypermobility or even ehlers-danlos syndrome (the latter tends to have unusually stretchy skin and other symptoms also). But a lot of specialists won't look at the diagnosis in young children - only treat symptomatically - as a lot of young children are very hypermobile - most babies can put their feet in their mouth - not so many adults still can.

good luck

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