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my friend told me she has had threadworms for 10 years

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ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:46:54

She is a very strict vegan and won't kill them sees them in her ... every so often. OMFG I am so shocked felt like running away

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:06:21

Ok - please enlighten me.

How the feck do you manage to get a worm growing inside your body?

I have no concept of this at all.

(this is from someone who also thinks lice are a strange and disgusting phenomenom - so be gentle............)

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:14:02

you eat its eggs eric, it hatches in your guts, and then you poo out its eggs, scratch yer bum, get the eggs on your hand, pass them on to somebody else, who eats them, and so it goes on. Gentle enough?


This thread is SO hilarious, rofling so much DH has shouted down from the bath asking if I am mad.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:17:33

That is disgusting.

i can't imagine getting that at all.

How the hell do you ingest eggs in the first place?

I'm still confused as to the whole thing to be honest.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:20:08

i'm sorry - "scratch your bum, get eggs on your hands and pass them to someone else"???????


Are you lot living in a manky farm brothel or something?

I just don't get this at all.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:21:20

Is this like when you scratch your bum and sniff your finger?

But with eggs?

<<runs off to toilet>>

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:24:37

I'm not living in a manky farm brothel - I said you scratch your bum eric, not me.

I think its usually kids who get them from each other, does that help?

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:27:02

No - not really.

I have never heard of this before.

I think you are all manky buggers.

I shall retire to my four poster bed now and purge myself of the thought of peasants passing eggs round on shitty fingers.

EricScrooge Sat 15-Dec-07 00:27:30


Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:29:51

are you serious, you have never heard of someone having worms?

Astrophe Sat 15-Dec-07 00:31:19

they are microscopic eggs, btw, not like marble size...does that help?

ineedapoo Sat 15-Dec-07 09:13:39

ds has .. no worms observed going to wash bedding anyway

awayinamuppet Sat 15-Dec-07 11:09:45

now I am retching at the thought of adults poking around in their own poo

exploding suicidal females is SO yesterday

DarthVader Sat 15-Dec-07 11:22:02

what other parasites does this friend have I wonder

Blandmum Sat 15-Dec-07 11:23:33

Eric, I've cut amd pasted my own posting on this, to save you hunting for it. It explains how easy it is to ingest microscopic eggs

'Thread worms lay their eggs around the anus.

The eggs cause itching, you scratch, bit your nails and re-infest yourself. This is one method. Ditto kids passing the eggs round in the sand pit.

Once one member of the family has them, the eggs can be passed from person to person via the lungs.

The eggs are microscopic and fly into the air when you make beds, sort clothing etc. You breathe in the eggs, which go down deep into the lungs.

There are tiny hairs in the lungs called cilia when beat dirt and dust , bacteria, and eggs which get trappen in mucus produced by goblet cells (great name eh??) up and up the bronchi and trachea until the mucus and crud tips into the oesophagus (this happens all the time btw, we just don't sense it happening).

The eggs pass into the stomach, and are protected from the acid. they then pass into the alkali small intestine, where the hatch, and the whole merry process starts all over again.

Some female thread worms actually allow themselves to dry out at the anus, so they explode and send their microscopic eggs floating in the air! '

HTH grin

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Sat 15-Dec-07 17:16:37

onebat what happened to your vegan thread?

awayinamuppet Sat 15-Dec-07 18:23:02


mb WHY did you HAVE to go and paste in the expoding suicidal females drying out at the anus ffs

I thought I had moved on from it... but no


ineedapoo Sun 16-Dec-07 17:17:42

we appear to be all clear

susiecutiemincepies Thu 20-Dec-07 21:34:13

so, so far, we have :

a mad vegan with a wormary living up her anus

kamikaze worms infecting the world with their wormy eggs

people scratching and sniffing other peoples botties

this is a gut wrenchingly wretchworthy thread. I am feeling ITCHY all over. please, someone help me...

Why oh why did I read on.... sad


jane32123 Thu 29-May-14 18:19:48

i saw a _threadworm_ once after going loo about 2 months ago bu tnever seen one since

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