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my friend told me she has had threadworms for 10 years

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ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:46:54

She is a very strict vegan and won't kill them sees them in her ... every so often. OMFG I am so shocked felt like running away

Desiderata Wed 12-Dec-07 18:49:42

Ha ha ha! Sorry, but she won't kill them because she's a vegan? grin

Some people are just so bloody weird ...

Unfitmother Wed 12-Dec-07 18:50:26

Gross! shock

BroccoliSpears Wed 12-Dec-07 18:52:12

Hmm. I must admit that I won't kill spiders or bugs or anything like that. Just don't have any urge to end something's life. But threadworms I think I could kill - their noble sacrafice would be greatly appreciated by my colon, I'm sure.

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:12

what long term effect do you think they have had can I ever see her again

Mincepiedermama Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:24

What's her policy on nits?

Brandnewchristmaspyjamasgirl Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:29

ewww wont it do her any damage?
does she ever scoot across the kitchen floor on her bum ?

noddyholder Wed 12-Dec-07 18:53:34

I( remember reading that some models in the US were selling them to each other to stay thin shock

Mincepiedermama Wed 12-Dec-07 18:54:14

Won't her home be absolutely heaving with worm eggs?

Are you having us on btw?

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:54:41

That is weird. Even if you don't want to kill them you can still get rid of them without drugs. Very difficult, but possible (super-pedantic hygiene and lots of housework for about 6w should do it).

ineedapoo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:55:04

do you think I should give my kids some medicine OMFG

TwinklyfLightAttendant Wed 12-Dec-07 18:55:20

Reminds me of that person I knew who kept a nasty virus in a pot on the bookcase.

Oddos the lot of them. Give me a goldfish any day.

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 18:56:16

I think it is tapeworms that make you thin.

threadworms just give you an itchy bum.


ShinyHappyStarOfBethlehem Wed 12-Dec-07 18:57:39

Thread worms can do you damage long term if left.. I read up on them when DS had them.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Wed 12-Dec-07 18:57:55

Your children are probably in no more danger from her than from any of their day-to-day contacts at school etc. That said, I don't think I'd let my LOs eat in her house, or spend much time there!

Vulgar Wed 12-Dec-07 18:59:56

I don't know how she can live knowing she's got those inside her.

I even freak out at pictures of those microscope creatures that live on your eyelashes. Blee!

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 19:00:57

really is she bonkers?

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:07:00

i would say so zippitippitoes.
oiy that is sooooo yucky.

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:08:00

microscopic eyelash creatures?

zippitippitoes Wed 12-Dec-07 19:08:39

oh yes they make yourneyelashes fall out

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:10:46

good grief

NotQuiteCockney Wed 12-Dec-07 19:12:56

There are face mites, that everyone has. They're very small bugs.

They have no anuses (anii?) - they don't live long, so they just fill up with poo.

onebatmother Wed 12-Dec-07 19:14:33

good golly

NotQuiteCockney Wed 12-Dec-07 19:20:01

I doubt there's much actual harm that threadworms do, anyway, they're just unpleasant.

I wouldn't have them for 10 years by choice, though. Or 10 minutes. grin

frostythesnowmum Wed 12-Dec-07 19:20:12

Dirty Bitch grin

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