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Can I take Imodium Plus while breastfeeding?

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Sushipaws Mon 10-Dec-07 20:30:00

Can I take Imodium Plus while breastfeeding?

If not then any other suggestions to ease my tum would be most welcome.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 11-Dec-07 08:02:57

How old is your LO? The littler they are, the more careful you need to be.

Ok, Immodium plus is loperamide hydrochloride and activated dimeticone (also known as simeticone).

Hmmm, this page isn't v positive about loperamide hydrochloride in breastfeeding. Let me dig some more. It's probably not that bad, but the drug itself isn't recommended for use in children under two ...

It looks like loperamide (active ingredient in regular immodium) is ok in breastfeeding for sure cite.

What's up with your gut?

Santasmankyscotslass Tue 11-Dec-07 10:54:41

When I was BF youngest manky, I was really bad with the annual tummy bug. Dh spoke to our local pharmacist, who would only give Loperamide, he said that was the safest one. When he was older and feeding less frequently, I took standard immodium, as I could take it straight after a feed, and know that he wasnt going to feed for hours after that. So probably talk to pharmacist, I imagine he will tell you loperimide. FWIW, it worked for me!

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