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Sharp stabbing pain just under my right shoulder blade just after i've swallowed anything???

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TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 15:06:39

Following on from this thread I started this morning I've realised that I first noticed the pain while eating dinner yesterday.

Just been to Morrisons for lunch - EVERY mouthful I took, about 1 second after I swallowed I got the stabbing pain in my back (it was about the same pain level as the first 3hrs of contractions with DS3 shock - and I was only in labour 5hrs! - but thankfully a much shorter time period).

The pain is still there all the time but not enough to stop me carrying on as normal as long as I don't cough/sneeze/move into different positions to often/quickly......or swallow food.....

What is going on????

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 15:27:53


TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:09:07

no-body likes me, everybody hates me, I may as well go and eat worms......

well not really - just another cheeky bump..there's one thing - I may shift that last bit of baby weight if this continues likes this - as eating is just too damn sore so I'll stick to what I "have" to eat smile

LadyOfWassail Mon 10-Dec-07 16:10:19

I have had similar before, no idea what it was - it just went away. Bump for you smile

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:10:53

how long did you have it before it went???

LadyOfWassail Mon 10-Dec-07 16:14:15

literally only a few mins or something. Do you chew your food properly?

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:17:34

I've had the pain constantly since yesterday evening. It's like a dull ache when I'm sat down not doing much, but hurts a LOT (enough to stop me in my tracks - feel a bit like 2 second long contraction - except under my right shoulder blade instead!) after every mouthful (and yes I chew properly), also when I cough, sneeze, move around (in most directions) etc etc.

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:18:18

also hurts if I take anything more than a small drink of something - large sips of coffee hurt like hell too hmm

We3KingsOfVoiantAre Mon 10-Dec-07 16:19:31

does it hurt when you breathe at all?

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:21:23


Desiderata Mon 10-Dec-07 16:21:47

I know this pain. My mother always said it was trapped wind. I don't know whether this is true, but it does tend to go as quickly as it comes, so it's plausible.

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:23:11

trapped wind shock....! So you mean it may suddenly disappear and I'll be able to sleep tonight????

purpleturtle Mon 10-Dec-07 16:24:36

Could it be a pulled muscle? I know it sounds stupid, but I'm currently 3 weeks into a muscle strain about where you describe, and there all sorts of odd little things that make it worse.

I had a friend who had terrible back pain that she realised was connected to eating, and she saw a chiropracter who did something negligible and solved the problem.

Don't eat worms, though. It'll make your back hurt. wink

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:27:06

could a pulled muscle start hurting hours (or possibly even a day or 2) after actually damaging it???

LOL re the worms - you're right - DS2 wasn't quite sure what to make of me trying to eat my lunch as I chew, swallow.....and wince...really ruined my lovely chocolate pudding I'd bought hmm

yomellamoHelly Mon 10-Dec-07 16:37:13

I'm thinking trapped nerve. Can't remember which one exactly (one of the higher thoracic vertebrae) links swallowing and shoulder pain - T4/T5?. Sorry it's a bit long ago and I never qualified professionally! I'd suggest you see someone who can crick your back - either an osteopath or chiropractor.

paulaplumpbottom Mon 10-Dec-07 16:39:04

I sometimes feel my heartburn in this area

Desiderata Mon 10-Dec-07 16:39:06

<passes the TheIceQueen a box of Rennies>

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:41:35

well I'm certainly getting an interesting variety of possible problems

Gallbladder problems suggest on first thread
Muscle strain,
Trapped wind
Trapped nerve
and Heartburn on this one.


TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:44:01

I've never really suffered from heartburn - had a bit when pg with DS2 but nothing before or it a constant pain??

I would make a dr.s appointment except for a regular one I'll be lucky to get one some time next week (nearly said year!) and there's no chance of me making an emergency one until Wednesday morning, and even then I'll only get on in the morning if I'm lucky....

NoChristmasNickname Mon 10-Dec-07 16:49:25

I get this pain when I get gallstones - or more correctly, I suppose, when a gallstone is trying to work its way out of my gallbladder.

paulaplumpbottom Mon 10-Dec-07 16:50:37

Before I had my gallbladder out the pain was in my chest and middle of my back. Not the shoulder blade

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 16:52:11

the pain is just about where my bra strap is.....(I'm cr*p at anatomy blush - so not exactly sure where my shoulder blade ends....) - sort of in the middle(ish)

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 19:18:22

well the kids are rather enjoying it - I've just tried to yell through to them to be quiet and eat their dinner - and had to stop after the first word as it was too painful hmm

Divvy Mon 10-Dec-07 19:28:13

Tietze's Syndrome?

Google it, see if it fits.

ps, its not a bad thing ;)

TheIceQueen Mon 10-Dec-07 19:41:30

Googled it - It could - I'm not sure....I'm not very good with anatomy - so not exactly sure where my 2/3rd ribs are.....

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