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Sorry, gruesome question about 1st period after coil removal

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WideWebWitch Mon 14-Oct-02 23:05:29

As I said, sorry! Had my coil out on Friday and my period, which was due now-ish has started today. But it's an almost black blood (sorry again!) is this normal? Should I be worried? I'm sort of not worried (but enough to post here) since I suppose it will get 'normal' within the next couple of days but has anyone else had this? TIA to anyone who can help.

tracyhay Mon 14-Oct-02 23:26:09

my 1st period after coil removal lasted 6 weeks!! I ended up in casualty as doc thought i'd miscarried!! Found out i was just a bit mucked up but quite accidentally found out i had polycystic ovary syndrome too! Don't know whether the 6 weeks was the coil or the PCOS but something wasn't right!


monkey Tue 15-Oct-02 07:46:23

What a small world www - I had mine removed last week.

My period isn't due till the end of this week, but I've had a couple of days of bleeding, 2nd day was very dark, so I suppose that sounds like yours, except I stopped after a couple of days, but then my period isn't due. Maybe just wait for the normal duration of your period. You don't feel unwell do you?

Can I ask another q re coil removal? Like I said, mine was removed last week. A couple of days later I had a couple of days bleeding, but now I feel rough. Could I really be pg?(I've avoided dh like the plague - could I really get pg from nookie that took place before the coil removal? I think it'd be too early to test as period not due yet, but I feel rough.I've had a headache for 2 days, and I feel a bit sick, actually like I've got a hangover, although I've not touched a drop for a week. (Never had morning sickness before, but I remember feeling like I had a constant hangover before) Thanks

Marina Tue 15-Oct-02 08:59:01

WWW, nothing to contribute except sympathy and wincing . Was wondering how you had got on, sorry to hear you are experiencing this. Hope it clears up soon.

percy Tue 15-Oct-02 14:32:25

Hi wickedwaterwitch
I had my coil out a few months ago so I can't remember all that well, but I don't remember having dark blood. I would perhaps give the nurse at your doc's a call if it doesn't get better over the next two days. Oh, but mine was a non hormonal one - ie just the metal - not sure if that makes a difference. HTH

21stcenturygirl Tue 15-Oct-02 15:06:33

WWW, sorry to highjack this thread, as I don't have a coil, but do have almost black blood every period. To add to the gruesome-ness, it is always very clotty. I thought this was normal but looking at the replies, I think not. Does anyone else have periods that aren't red? (I'm on the pill by the way so can't be pg.)

WideWebWitch Tue 15-Oct-02 16:36:06

Thanks everyone, ds downstairs with friend and I'd better make tea and check they're not killing each other in a sec so quickly, monkey, I've avoided Dp too!!! Weird thinking for the 1st time in ages that I could get pregnant (although that is the idea at some point!) can't answer your question tho, could you do a test? Asked a friend today who said it sounded like hers so will not worry. Feel well in every other way so think I'll wait and see what this week brings. Should be my period.

WideWebWitch Tue 15-Oct-02 16:37:15

But tracyhay, reading your post maybe I should just call them. Will do it now!

monkey Tue 15-Oct-02 18:54:19

tell us what they said, www, eh? Btw are you hoping to get pg quickly - or avoid dh for ages?! If I am, and I'm sure I can't be, but I really feel it (I feel tired, so tired, even after having a week of early nights, no booze, healthy diet, I feel nautious & raging headache)I haven't done a test because it would be too early - I'm not due for another 4-6 days - or would it - that was kinda one of my questions

bundle Tue 15-Oct-02 18:57:20

monkey, I did a test before I was due and it came up a very pale blue rather than anything definite. built my hopes up a bit - which was fine, because I was pg, but might have made me feel miffed if I hadn't been.

lilibet Tue 15-Oct-02 20:29:37

Did it hurt having it removed? When I had mine fitted I couldn't beleive the pain. No one had told me how much it hurt and I do have a feeling that this one stays in till I die if it hurts that much! I've had three children so can't be that much of a wimp!

WideWebWitch Tue 15-Oct-02 21:28:29

Monkey, not sure re the getting pregnant straight away or not. Feel very ambivalent about the whole thing. Would like to lose a stone, stop smoking, have given up alcohol for a month, have taken folic acid for ever and have settled into working and have been there long enough to be entitled to maternity benefits before I get pregnant. Mmm, in an ideal world!

Partly feel let's crack on, I'm 36 soon, aaahh a baabbby and what if it takes ages/I miscarry/can't get pregnant easily or again and partly feel, shit, pregnancy, labour, depression again (? maybe), sleeplessness, not enough money again, another 5 years off work (possibly), no life! Sounds like it might be too late for you though!!!

Lilibet, it didn't hurt having it out as much as it did having it put in. Lay there thinking, I'm a wimp, I'm wincing and I've done childbirth on gas and air, how can I EVER do it again if I'm this pathetic about having my coil out?!!! BTW the nurse said the blood is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Phew! Just pregnancy or not to worry about then

sb34 Tue 15-Oct-02 23:41:13

Message withdrawn

monkey Wed 16-Oct-02 07:51:08

lilibet - it didn't hurt at all having it removed. He asked me to cough & that was it. I was bracing myself, but nothing at all. Not even a twinge.
Bundle - I read any line no matter how pale was positive - how long before you were due. Maybe I'll just torture myself and do a test, although a negative mught still be a positive, just too early, so I'd be torturing myself for no good reason.

www - I feel the same but at least I feel virtuous about no alcohol for a week - I stopped the day I had the coil removed, just in case.

susanmt Wed 16-Oct-02 11:41:10

The best side effect of the mirena in my opinion (better than not having to worry about contraception!!!) is that my periods have not come back at all since ds was born. With dd they came back at 10 weeks despite exclusive breastfeeding. This time ds is nearly 9 months and - nothing!! Hooray.
Glad to hear it doesn't hurt having it out, though for me it wasn't too bad getting it put in either.

bundle Wed 16-Oct-02 13:15:36

monkey, I think I did one test a good few days before I was due. I just felt weird. but my periods are pretty erratic so the 'due' date is a bit of a moveable feast. obviously the longer you leave it, the better because of the concentration of hormones in your wee. but I know how hard that is when you're dying to know....

Katherine Wed 16-Oct-02 17:16:24

contribution about testing rather than coils etc. Just wanted to say that I tested on day 10 when pg with my ds and got a faint +. Good quality tests can now be done at any time of the day from the day your period is due, ie 14 days from conception. With this reasoning if you think you conceived earlier it will show earlier and also if you test first thing it should work sooner than "any time of the day". Trouble is if you take the test and its +, great you've got your answer, but if its neg they you don't know whether you can trust it so end up doing another anyway which can get expensive. Hang on in there guys. I know its awful waiting but you'll not be sure otherwise.

Clarinet60 Wed 16-Oct-02 18:34:39

www and others, it can hurt v. much having a coil put in. I gather it depends which part of the cycle you are in. When I had mine in, years ago, it was agony and I went green for hours. I know others who both have and haven't had pain this way, so it doesn't affect everyone (a bit like childbirth really). As for having it removed, I don't know. Mine was removed under a general anaes., as it had moved and embedded itself in my uterus
(mm, nice).

abbey1 Wed 16-Oct-02 20:48:33

Good luck in getting pregnant. But after my 3rd child has just started school I do not want to go back to that. I went on the Minera coil 4 yrs ago and have never had a period heaven, it did hurt to have it fitted but that is nothing on the advantage of period free life and cheaper. i hope to be on it for ever but will have to have it checked after 5 yrs?

susanmt Wed 16-Oct-02 22:14:56

After 5 years the mirena has used up its hormones so needs replaced. Appareantley they take one out and put the other in at the same appointment, so you are lot left unprotected. But if you leave it much past the 5 years you might be, and as there are no more hormones, your periods will come back -- uuurgh!

abbey1 Fri 18-Oct-02 19:25:38

Thank you fo clarifiying that for me susanmt.

susanmt Fri 18-Oct-02 20:06:35

No probs. May as well make the most of being married to a doctor. There arent a lot of perks. Like now ! Fiiday Night, 9pm, kids in bed, he's been called out. Just me and the wine and Mumsnet! Sorry, did I say there weren't any perks???? ROFL!

susanmt Fri 18-Oct-02 20:07:10

That would be 8pm. Looks like the wine has kicked in already!!

kizzy212 Tue 16-Nov-04 14:55:12

hi people, i have finally found people who have had mirena. i had mine inserted after my son was born and i have just had my second removed as we have decided to try for another baby. i was not looking forward to the periods again. so i sat and waited for it but it never came. doctor assured me that periods and fertility would return. i have no problem with fertility and got caught straight away with first son. finally 9 weeks after removely she finally came and i mean came. i do not wish the amount of bleeding i have had on any one. so to my question. has any one had this and will this prevent my chances of getting caught again.???

Sanlw Sat 19-Feb-05 13:02:20

I had the mirena coil removed six weeks ago, to try for a baby, after having it in for 6 years, as yet I haven't had a period just wondered when to expect it! Feel like I'm in limbo at the mo and not in control of my own body. Have done pregnancy test but it came back negative but ahve been feeling really grotty. Anyone help me out?

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