Awful stomach pain after unwanted anal sex last week

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planningtoleave Mon 27-Sep-21 23:07:49

Just wanting some advice over whether I should go to the hospital tonight or wait for my doctors appointment tomorrow?

Background: I have ulcerative colitis, had my large intestine removed in 2015, had a stoma for a year, then had a reversal, no J pouch, just direct small intestine - rectum.

A week ago I had (unconsented to) anal sex, and ended up in the hospital two days after with a horrendous stomach ache that I just couldn’t cope with. They sent me home after doing an X Ray and a CT Scan and said it was a flare.

Since yesterday, my lower stomach has been hurting. It feels like I’ve been kicked and the pain is just prolonging. It hasn’t stopped, not even for a second, and is even worse if I breathe out. I just got a pain that felt like a spark, but mainly it’s this dull ache that hasn’t gone for two days.

It’s feeling a bit worse, and I’m starting to get concerned. As mentioned I have an appointment tomorrow, and I can definitely make it through until then - but with my background (perforated colon) I’m worried about leaving it when it’s getting worse.

Any thoughts?

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PersonaNonGarter Mon 27-Sep-21 23:08:49

Thoughts? Are you serious?

DixonD Mon 27-Sep-21 23:09:15

Call 111 I guess.

Gingenius Mon 27-Sep-21 23:09:46

Oh dear OP,
Sounds awful: have you tried 111. They might be able to get a Dr to advise whether it can wait till the morning?

Wallabyone Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:00

You sound as though you might have an infection? Have you checked your temp? I think it's worth a call to 111 xxx

DixonD Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:03

I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you’ve been through quite an ordeal.

actingsergeant Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:20

Didn’t your last threads about this get deleted?


TimeForTeaAndG Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:30

For a start I'd be reporting whoever did it for rape. Non-consensual sex is rape.

Then I'd be phoning 111 for medical advice.

That's my thoughts.

Bagamoyo1 Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:42

I’d wait for your appointment tomorrow, unless it gets a lot worse, in which case I’d go to A&E.
I saw your original threads. I hope you’ve left him.

Theunamedcat Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:44

Call the doctor they might have caused damage or sparked a flare did you tell them what had happened?

WhenISnappedAndFarted Mon 27-Sep-21 23:10:55

It sounds like you've been through an awful lot, I'd be speaking to 111 and see what they suggest

DoucheCanoe Mon 27-Sep-21 23:11:12

I remember your posts from last week, so sorry you're still in pain. Please go to the hospital and tell them what has happened.

They won't force you into anything but will support you to seek appropriate treatment.

MoreRainbowsPlease Mon 27-Sep-21 23:11:19

Did you tell them about the anal sex when you went into hospital? If you did then I would hope they had ruled out any complications from injury from that. If not though I would be concerned that it is something caused by the anal sex. But if you feel you can wait till tomorrow then you probably will be better off speaking to your GP.

Orang3ry Mon 27-Sep-21 23:11:27

I’m really sorry you have experienced this. I think it may be best to wait until your appointment tomorrow but have a hot bath if possible. Not sure A&E or other urgent care centres will be much good. Is there anyone you feel comfortable contacting with regards to the sex you didn’t consent to? If you felt able to attend a sexual assault clinic, they may be able to refer you for further tests based on the pain you describe?

Karmakamelion Mon 27-Sep-21 23:11:37

Please go back to A&E and tell them the whole information. You have been raped and with your history you could have serious injuries. This is not your fault.

Anordinarymum Mon 27-Sep-21 23:11:54

OP It sounds like rape. I am so sorry this has happened. Did the person know you have these problems before it happened

MurielSpriggs Mon 27-Sep-21 23:12:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

planningtoleave Mon 27-Sep-21 23:12:39

Sorry - I copied and pasted this from my IBD group in a hurry which is why it says ‘thoughts’ because this is a normal conversation in my groups unfortunately and forgot to delete that. Yes my threads got deleted. I haven’t had any comments on my posts and can’t get through to 111 so came here as a last resort. Just not sure if I’m overreacting if I can still get on with daily activities.

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GroggyLegs Mon 27-Sep-21 23:12:59

111 are going to tell you to go to hospital.
Just go straight to A&E.

lynntheyresexpeople Mon 27-Sep-21 23:14:19

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

lynntheyresexpeople Mon 27-Sep-21 23:16:20

Op I'm sorry for what you've been through.
I have IBD. I used to have consented anal sex, however i found it started to hurt me afterwards as my condition worsened. You're not being stupid at all, it is a thing. Mention to your GP, and please get some support for your ordeal thanks

I hope you feel better soon xx

Theunamedcat Mon 27-Sep-21 23:17:05

Did they examine you or just a ct and xray? How far post surgery are you what treatment did they give you? Steroids? Foam?

You really need professional help

Couldhavebeenme3 Mon 27-Sep-21 23:17:53

OP I remember your posts last week. In view of your medical history and the circumstances I'd be waiting for 111 whilst getting to A&E somehow, taxi, friend?

Workinghardeveryday Mon 27-Sep-21 23:18:07

I have uc.

I remember your post last week, sorry you are still suffering x.

If memory serves me correctly didn’t you enjoy it in the end? I only say that because I am thinking if it has caused damage like a nick deeper inside wouldn’t that of hurt at the time and so it couldn’t have been nice at all?

I am no doctor but sounds like you are starting with a nasty flare probably caused by the sex.

Only you know from past pain in your bowl if this is different. Could it be worse today due to wind? If you’re having a flare and everything is sore wind is very painful?

Just a thought but if I were you I would ring 111. Hope you feel better soon xx

StillWeRise Mon 27-Sep-21 23:18:17

I think you should speak to the police OP
did you tell the hospital what happened? as that might have made a difference to their investigations
really, go to a sexual assualt referral centre

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