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Swimming for children with grommets

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JaneyT Mon 14-Oct-02 08:21:42

DD2 has just had grommets, and dd1 also has them - they are 1 and 2 and we have recently started taking them swimming, and I am plugging their ears with cotton wool and vaseline as per Dr. But they are pulling them out ALL the time!

Does anyone have a better method ?

MandyD Mon 14-Oct-02 09:19:09

The only alternative I've seen is called an Ear Bandit, available from but it's £14.99 plus p&p. My son is 3½ and has grommets. I would probably consider buying this if he liked swimming, but at present he doesn't!

berries Mon 14-Oct-02 11:57:35

DD has specially made ear plugs. We got them from the hospital where they squirt plasticene (looks like) in the ear and create special plugs from the molds. You have to pay for them, but they last about a year & have worked extremely well. Seriously considering getting them for eldest dd who had her 1st ear infection this year on holiday.

JaneyT Mon 14-Oct-02 13:57:19

MandyD I've found the ear bandits and will probably buy one, see how it goes and then buy one for dd2 if they like them.

berries - do the plugs stay in on their own - and was it an ENT hospital ?

berries Mon 14-Oct-02 15:10:18

Janeyt - yes, they stay in very well, and don't need the band round the head. They fit completely into the ear. We got them at the audiology dept of our local hospital, so don't know if everyone does them. they also fit hearing aids.

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