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15 month dd can't stand up

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lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 14:13:35

My 15 month DD could not roll over until 7 months and did not crawl until 13 months and still cannot weight bare.

Her hips, knees and ankles all pop out of joint and if we try to stand her up, her legs just bend in ways they shouldn't.

She was refered in September to physio and I've just got an appmt for December 10th.

Just wondering if any one else has had this problem with their kids?

GoneFishing Wed 28-Nov-07 16:37:33

my DD is 13 months and cant stand, she also has "bendy legs". We have been told she has slightly low muscle tone, which we have been told she should grow out of, since she is improving all the time. She sees the physio only every 2 months, they are just keeping an eye on her to make sure she is progressing.

She just started to crawl very recently too. There are lots of exercises which the physio can give you to help. It's a really good sign that your DD is crawling and developing all the time.

My DD CAN stand, we have discovered, she is just not interested in doing so. We are hopeful she will stand in her own time.

GoneFishing Wed 28-Nov-07 16:39:03

can bear weight I mean!

CarGirl Wed 28-Nov-07 16:41:28

Although my dd had/has nothing wrong with her she refused to weight bear until around 15/16 months and even then it was soley on her terms, she also didn't crawl until 11 months and was late rolling (not sure she ever did it really!!)

I hope your appointment comes through soon and you get an accurate diagnosis quickly x

GoneFishing Wed 28-Nov-07 16:50:04

The paediatrician we saw seemed absolutely unconcerned about my DD, and hasn't run any tests or anything. It will be helpful to see the physio - they will assess her movements and make sure they are normal (my DDs are) and if so you can relax and just wait for her to develop in her own good time.

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:15:39

When DD saw a registrar about an unrelated issue last week, I asked her opinion, she was very concerned about this and has requested a copy of the physios report. She was also going to talk to the consultant about possibly refering her direct to orthopaedics.

It's the joints opping out that really worries me, it feels and sounds horrible and sometimes her legs are at angles where you would think they are broken.

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:16:28

that is popping...not opping! Didn't press the 'p' hard enough!!!

Fireflytoo Wed 28-Nov-07 17:21:05

My brother was 22 months old when he started walking. As a baby he never did that stretching thing and bouncing and so on either. He was a very placid baby...but he has grown into a strong man with no problems.

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:27:09

DD wants to get up, she pulls on things and has a lot of upper body strength, she gets as far as kneeling and they cries with frustration because her lower legs just wont play ball. If you hold her, she will put her feet down but her kness bend out at funny angles and her feet roll out sideways so her weight is in her ankle bone which touches the floor. There is no way we can let go of her, she'd just collapse.

CarGirl Wed 28-Nov-07 17:28:13

It does sound worrying but perhaps her ligaments are naturally too stretchy/soft but if her arms are okay then perhaps physio well help sort it out.

bubblagirl Wed 28-Nov-07 17:35:16

could you put he in a walker to help her strenghten her legs my ds had problems but is now fine and running around i found the walker helped as the more he used his legs the stronger they became

also my cousins little boy had poor muscle tone walked just before he was two never really crawled

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:35:24

Yep, her arms are fine. She lifted her head early as a baby, she was only a couple of weeks old and she could hold her head, her upper body is really strong and her co-ordination and fine motor skills are great. She can hold a pen and draw lines and squiggles. Definately nothing wrong there. It's just those leggies.

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:37:08

Tried a walker, she curls her legs up so they don't touch the ground most of the time, when she does put them down her weight is on her ankle bones because her feet roll out. She has never managed to move in a walker.

FioFio Wed 28-Nov-07 17:38:50

Message withdrawn

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:40:07

excuse ignorance... what's hypermobility?

FioFio Wed 28-Nov-07 17:41:59

Message withdrawn

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:43:55

Wahts the treatment for it physio? can you DD walk now?

CarGirl Wed 28-Nov-07 17:44:12

I thought hypermobility too but couldn't remember the word!

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:50:51

I've just looked it up on web and one thing I've just read says it can affect your bowel, DD has bowel problems, thats what the unrelated issue she saw the registrar last week was!

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 17:56:06

Just a thought though, if it is this hypermobility, would it not affect her whole body or can you just have it in your legs? Is there a really informative website where I could get more info, can't seem to find much.

GoneFishing Wed 28-Nov-07 17:57:11

my DD is similar when standing..her legs buckle...the special needs physio she sees doesn't seem too concerned and thinks that with practice she will be able to stand...

lenaschildminding Wed 28-Nov-07 18:19:56

DD has another issue, her bowel problems were the first to be noticed, the next were her eyes, she is having muscle strength tests on those on December 13th because they go the wrong way, I am starting to wonder if all these things are linked?

FioFio Thu 29-Nov-07 09:42:48

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 29-Nov-07 09:43:57

Message withdrawn

lenaschildminding Sat 01-Dec-07 22:48:01

Hi fiofio, thanks for all the info, yes dd has a squint, she is seeing the physio on 11th Dec and has an eye apmt on 13th December, she will have the muscles around her eyes tested and we have been told the apmt could take 4 hours! Not looking forward to that one. Do you know if her bowel problems could also be linked? She has been constipated since birth. She is currently on Movolat for that.

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