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Help ! In danger of throwing dd out of the window...only joking !!

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Tillysmummy Fri 11-Oct-02 10:50:47

Ok. I am knackered !!! DD had very bad teeth problems last night. She has been very good with her sleep recently, 6.45 to bed and 7 to rise but she was a nightmare last night. I was staying at my mum's with her and basically after going to bed at 6.45 she was then up at 9.30 and didn't go back to sleep until 3pm !! I gave her teething granules, Calgel, Dozol, I tried everything and she was just so tired and grumpy. Really trying to sleep but kept waking up screaming with pain.

I am sooo tired and sitting here at work in a daze

I hope it's not like that again tonight. I had more sleep than this even when she was newborn! Any suggestions on how else I can help her relieve the pain. I wondered if something else was wrong but everytime I took her out of the room she would be fine so I guessed it was just temper aggravated by teeth. I tried everything btw, in bed with me etc but she just kept dosing off and waking 10 mins later screaming.

Any advice from you fab ladies would be much appreciated...

grommit Fri 11-Oct-02 10:57:03

Oh poor you - it is not easy to look alive at work when you have been up half the night. I still swear by Calpol and lots of cuddles - not much else you can do - hope dd recovers soon

Scatterbrain Fri 11-Oct-02 11:09:55

Sympathy !!! I find that the liquid Nurofen works within 10 minutes on teething pain - so would recommend that ! Also the old cold carrot trick seems pretty good for my dd.

Azzie Fri 11-Oct-02 11:11:42

Lots of sympathy - dd had chickenpox at 9 months and I spent several nights with her in my bed waking up every 10 minutes and dh sleeping on the study floor because he had clients visiting work that week and had to get some sleep. I was a complete zombie - I remember vividly how wonderful it was when we got to Friday night and I got to sleep in the study while dh took over chickenpox duty.

Tillysmummy Fri 11-Oct-02 11:15:53

Thanks Ladies. I may try the liquid Nurofen. Scatterbrain, what is the carrot trick ?!

DH was away last night at a work thing and bemoaned to me today the fact that he hadn't had much sleep either. NO SYMPATHY ! He was up drinking till 3pm, I was up with a screaming baby !

Scatterbrain Fri 11-Oct-02 11:22:32

Oh sorry - really easy - always keep some carrots in the fridge, then when little one is teething quickly peel one - sometimes need to chisel them a bit to make them the right shape to reach the spot - rinse under cold tap and give to junior ! Works because it's cold and is something hard to chew on - and it tastes nice too !

Someone did say to me once that it was a tad dangerous as tiny ones might nibble a bit off and choke on it - so I always watch dd (age 2) closely but she normally starts eating it anyway.


florenceuk Fri 11-Oct-02 11:37:45

Tillysmummy, see my post above - it might help. Nurofen is meant to last a bit longer as well.

Willow2 Fri 11-Oct-02 21:36:41

Medised knocks them out but can't remember how old they have to be before you can give it to them. Remember you can give Calpol OR Medised (paracetamol based) PLUS Neurofen (Ibruprofene based) at the same time - but again not sure how old they have to be for this.

Rhubarb Fri 11-Oct-02 22:20:53

Yup, carrots worked for us too, any put any teethers you have in the fridge, they prefer them cold. We got that Calpol gel which worked a bit, trouble is we didn't know where her teeth were coming through so just rubbed the stuff all over her gums. I prefer ordinary Calpol though, it sends them to sleep quicker!

By the way, it doesn't last long, a couple of months from now your dd will be onto something new and teething will be a thing of the past! Thinking like this always helped me along anyway!

SoupDragon Sat 12-Oct-02 08:57:44

Medised do an Infant formula for the under 1s. I think the minimum age is 3 months like most of these things.

Scatterbrain Sat 12-Oct-02 09:03:45

Oh forgot to mention my other tip - "Anbesol" is a liquid teething medication and I find it easier to apply and more effective than any of the gel formulas. It's pretty much an instant hit too.

I usually pretend I'm just having a feel - and suddenly the pain has gone.

Willow2 Sat 12-Oct-02 09:42:46

Just thought I should add to Scatterbrains tip that it is important not to get Anbesol and Anusol - which is a very different thing all together and I doubt would help with teething - muddled up.

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