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toddler got blister on penis

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MaeBee Tue 27-Nov-07 12:39:51

small blister on my toddler's penis, on the side of the foreskin. is this common or should i get it checked out? its not infected, it just looks like a regular blister like you get on your heel. i guess his nappy could have been too tight or rubbing or something?

DaisyNightingale Tue 27-Nov-07 12:42:47

maebee, there was a thread on MN local about hand foot and mouth doing the rounds in Leeds. This can also show up on bottoms and genitals iirc.

more info

i'd get it checked out by the doc though.


MaeBee Tue 27-Nov-07 16:22:39

thanks daisy. it was my boy who just had hand foot and mouth so i hope he hasn't got it again!

DaisyNightingale Tue 27-Nov-07 16:40:38

oops, should have read that thread more carefully blush grin

I don't think that you can get it again. I read somewhere it was unusual in adults as most had had it as children.

I hope he's alright.

KashaSarrasin Tue 27-Nov-07 16:43:22

DS had something like this a few months ago - turned out to be impetigo. It was accompanied by quite bad nappy rash though. Cleared up fine with antibiotics.

I'd go and get it checked out by the GP.

MaeBee Tue 27-Nov-07 19:25:33

tonight the blister seems to be burst and now its like a small cut. i will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't look like its getting infected, and take him to the drs in a couple of days if its not better.
i so hope its not impetigo!! as far as i know, impetigo, whilst very contagious, has to be passed on skin to skin contact? he's not at nursery so only family have changed his nappy,so wouldn't have thought he could have had contact on his penis with anyone who has it? (assume we would know if we did!)
but thanks for the advice, mumsnet is such a blessing isn't it!?

33kjs Tue 27-Nov-07 19:45:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaeBee Tue 27-Nov-07 19:50:07

33kjs - i had a coldsore about a month ago, so yes, that did cross my mind. hmmm. i probably wouldn't be stressing if it was somewhere less personal!
have just answered you on a sleep thread somewhere i believe!!

33kjs Tue 27-Nov-07 21:20:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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