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urgently need advice

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cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:18:01

about a month ago ds1 (12) get sayin he had gone dizzy. just lasted a minute each time and wasn't really a big deal.

i posted here friday night after he suddenly went a bit odd. was talking to him in the kitchen and he stumbled forward like he was drunk, crashed into the kitchen cupboard and sunk to the floor.

he was fine afterwards and has been fine all weekend.

now, this morning he's feeling ill. headache, feels like he might be sick.

should i go to the doctor or bypass them and go to A & E ?

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:18:47

A& E I think. Let us know how you get on.

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:19:38

It sounds like it might be a kind of epilepsy? Not sure...sorry.

LydiaTheTattooedLapin Mon 26-Nov-07 09:19:40

I'd be tempted to go to A&E. And for gods sake don't Google, you'll scare yourself.

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:21:07

he's ill but i'm not sure if it's A & E worthy iyswim. don't want to look like a time waster.

if he hadn't have gone funny on friday i would have just put it down to a bug and not bothered with the doctors but it's made me worried.

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:22:24

no i won't google i'm already the worlds worst worrier.

i have no transport until this afternoon. the only doctors appointment available would be before that and i don't think a taxi driver would be too happy to take us.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:22:47

I see what you mean, just seen other thread. I think if you can't see your Dr this morning, go to A&E. Tell them about Friday and ask if they can do any tests. Headache and feeling sick is a bit worrying. Hope it's nothing though smile

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:24:11

I think a taxi would be Ok as long as he isn't actually throwing up, in which case ring Dr and ask advice...could be serious, might well be fine but you don't want to take the risk.

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:24:41

well, dh would be back this afternoon and take us to A & E then. i would have to get a taxi to the doctors this morning but i was under the impression that a puking child would be a no no in a taxi

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:28:49

no, he's just sat here with the sick bowl on his knee. although normally if he says he feels sick he usually is and it always sets his nose off bleeding asell!

i should be o.k to wait till this afternoon though shouldn't i? then dh could take us

SpacePuppy Mon 26-Nov-07 09:29:06

Could he be having vertigo? If an ear infection is in the middle ear I think it can cause dizziness.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:31:05

If he is conscious and not afraid of the light etc. I think you can afford to wait till later.
Poor boy sad

Is he hot or anything? Like Spacey said it could be an ear infection if he is poorly. They can make you dizzy.

Columbia Mon 26-Nov-07 09:31:54

...or migraine??

Hmm. Very possible...

lisad123 Mon 26-Nov-07 09:34:02

there is a nasty virus making the rounds where you feel dizzy, a lot
Takes about a week or 2 to go.

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:34:12

well he isn't dizzy now, hasn't been since the incident on friday.

dh took him to the walk in centre on friday night after that and by the time he got there he looked absolutely fine. the doctor just said keep an eye on him and if he went like that again maybe he should have testing.

i dont want to worry you but my nephew went hru this for 6 months and it turns out he has petit mal epilepsy

which is controlled by a liquid medicine

it came on in fits and starts but he has been so much better since diagnosed

bt he had very similar symptoms bt he was 6

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:35:17

also he hasn't been dizzy for a good few weeks until friday night, he was fine just before and just after that happened it was a bit bizarre like he suddenly fainted or something

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:36:02

did your nephew feel sick and headachy??

yes very he used to go white then lie down and go fnny

but with him being 6 he found it hard to describe what was wrong with him
it has taken lots of diagnosis to get there though

cheeryface Mon 26-Nov-07 09:56:09

i'm really concerned about him going to school (i don't mean today of course!) because he goes on his own, a walk and a bus ride. he could go funny again

my nephew was off for ages the other thing to do would be to ask a mm to take him or speak to local taxi service and see if you can negoiate a cheap rate

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