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freaking out skin cancer?!

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yeahyeah Tue 20-Nov-07 14:39:56

I have had a spot on my nose that reappears about once a month since the early summer...I finally thought to look online last night and seems that it fits the profile exactly of Basal cell carcinoma. Now I haven't been able to get a dr. apt today and am in a total state of panic. Even if they can cut it off I am going to have a huge scar right on the end of my nose! Has anyone had experience of this?

EmmaJW1976 Tue 20-Nov-07 14:44:13

No but I too have an itchy thing on the side of my nose that comes and goes.......

yeahyeah Tue 20-Nov-07 14:46:17

this is bad though, it sort of gets a bit weepy, then bleeds, and is kind of a little crater, it looks exactly like the example online of BCC, so I am sure that must be what it is. Wish I hadn't told the dr it wasn't an emergency, am such a sap! It is common on your nose though, so maybe you should get yours checked just for peace of mind?

Doodledootoo Tue 20-Nov-07 14:50:13

Message withdrawn

yeahyeah Tue 20-Nov-07 15:05:14

I know I know, but a bleeding sore on the end of your nose is not nice, I am terrified of skin cancer my mum had it...although a totally different thing. Better than worried about being fat I guess.

Doodledootoo Tue 20-Nov-07 16:14:06

Message withdrawn

yeahyeah Tue 20-Nov-07 20:19:29

have calmed down, browsing for christmas presents now...will try to go tomorrow...and will let you know what happens...

yeahyeah Thu 20-Dec-07 16:04:51

Just to let anyone interested was basal cell carcinoma, pretty sure, Had a biopsy today (not nice experience)...and will find out how they will treat it when results come back. So if you do have a funny spot that won't heal over months, make sure to check it out! I only went to the GP after I looked online at pictures and realised it looked like typical BCC...would never have thought it was cancer as not actually a mole.

loopylou6 Thu 20-Dec-07 17:50:25

u know im a little papranoid about a mark on the end of my nose, it isnt actually raised it looks a little like a vessel, but it is round and just bigger than pin prick size, doesnt bleed or scab, does that sound dangerous yeah yeah?

Blandmum Thu 20-Dec-07 17:52:04

Even if it is Basal cell carcinoma it totally treatable.

See your GP to get it checked out but stop panicing.

Honestly this isn't a killer, it is utterly treatable.

Blandmum Thu 20-Dec-07 17:53:46

sorry blush read your post.

I realise this must have comes as a real shock but you will be fine. this doesn't spread to other parts of the body and only kills if people leave it for decades.

Really, trully, you will be fine.

yeahyeah Thu 20-Dec-07 18:02:10

loopylou6 - that does sound really tiny...mine was like a spot, it would be open and weepy and then bleed for no reason, it was small though, then it turned into a kind of tiny crater with a hole in the middle...but pretty subtle, none of my friends took me seriously. If you are worried just go go the gp and ask them to refer you to a dermatologist to set your mind at ease. I looked up pics of BCC online and that was what made me realise I had it. It is totally treatable, and if it's tiny all the better, though doesn't sound like it is BCC.

yeahyeah Thu 20-Dec-07 18:02:43

martian what do you mean only kills if you leave it for decades? I thought it couldn't kill...freak freak freak...

Blandmum Thu 20-Dec-07 18:38:14

really it doesn't kill at all, honest. I did see one report of a man who left it for 20-30 years without having any treatment at all, and it killed him, but only because it ate away at his face so much (sorry if that is graphic, but I feel I have to get the basic level of neglect he had....he was a tramp and didn't ever get it seen to)

MariNativityPlay Thu 20-Dec-07 18:40:40

yeahyeah, my mum had one of these 20 years ago, got it treated, has a very small scar on her nose and no problems ever again
You can see her scar true, but I am sure if she had not been a crabby old besom they'd have offered her plastic surgery
Good luck

tilbatilba Thu 20-Dec-07 19:06:21

I've had several BCC's burnt off with dry ice. It does make you grit your teeth a bit! I have also had squamous cell carcinomas cut out by my dermatologist and in retrospect I should have gone to a plastic surgeon. If you require anything beyond burning it off make sure you get a plastics referal as they do have to excise quite a chunk.

Blandmum Thu 20-Dec-07 19:10:16

My aunt had a squamous cell carcinoma removed and died of old age 35 years later.

These are 'good' ones to get , they seldom, if ever spread outside the region and border on the benign

tortoiseSHELL Fri 21-Dec-07 09:51:17

Hi my mum had one of these removed about 6 months ago - it is a really 'good' cancer to get as it never spreads at all. She has a little scar, but it's not too bad at all. Well done for going to the GP!

yeahyeah Wed 10-Sep-08 17:10:25

Just an update...I did have a basal cell carcinoma on my nose...had to have it removed and some pretty creative surgery to fix my nose...took months to heal, but now looks ok, although do have a scar the length of my nose. So if you have a reoccuring bleeding spot on your face that doesn't heal after 6 weeks or so, get it checked out! I had to argue with my GP to send me to a dermatologist. Thank god I did look it up online...

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