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Someone please tell me that stomach bugs can't bring on labour at 32 weeks pregnant.....

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Ledodgy Mon 12-Nov-07 21:21:08

Dd and ds had a vomit bug last week I came down with it in the early hours of saturday morning. I was vomiting on and off all day saturday with griping pains. Yesterdy I wasn't physically sick but still didn't feel right and today the vomiting has started again with the last bout around 40 minutes ago I can't seem to keep anything down even water. I feel so ill but I'm also feeling alot of pressure down below and tightening I'm hoping it's just braxton hicks? I'm quite scared as dp is away in London tonight with work so i'm on my own with the dcs.

3littlefrogs Mon 12-Nov-07 21:24:53

Poor you. TBH I think you need to get checked out - sooner rather than later, espacially as you are on your own with the dcs. Is there anyone who could come in to sit with them? how old are they? where do you live?

I am concerned that that you are having a feeling of pressure and tightning.

Is there anyone nearby that could help you by taking you to hospital - friends, family?

3littlefrogs Mon 12-Nov-07 21:28:16

I got food poisoning at 38 weeks and had to go into hospital - I didn't go into labour, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You may need some fluid replacement if you are not keeping anything down.

3littlefrogs Mon 12-Nov-07 21:30:32

Are you ok? I hope you are phoning people who might be able to help???

Ledodgy Mon 12-Nov-07 21:30:35

I'm in Liverpool, my best friend is round the corner but I don't want to bother her unless it's absolutely necessary. It's probably just braxton hicks but the pressure is low down and is making me feel like I need a wee every time I stand up. I didn't really get BH's with the other two so am not sure what they feel like.

3littlefrogs Mon 12-Nov-07 21:31:51

Please bother her. I used to be a midwife, and i feel worried about you. i would advise you to get medical advice, just to be on the safe side.

mumbear Mon 12-Nov-07 21:32:20

Hi sorry youre ill I also had a sickness bug at 30-31 weeks I was really scared as I couldnt keep even water down. Why dont you give NHS direct a call either they can reasure you or at least let you know if they think it would be best to pop into hospital. You may have just pulled your stomach muscles from retching but def get it checked. Good luck

Ledodgy Mon 12-Nov-07 21:32:26

Ok I'll ring her now. Thank you.

Ledodgy Tue 13-Nov-07 02:04:40

I couldn't get in touch with her so I took myself to bed instead and vomited again at about 1 am and still feel yuck so can't sleep. The pressure is still there but the baby seems to be hyper and moving about loads i'm not sure if that's a good sign or not. I'm going to ring the womens hospital in the morning. I think I'm probably dehydrated as any water I drink I seem to puke up an hour or so later.

StealthPolarBear Tue 13-Nov-07 02:17:04

hi, no advice sorry just didn't want you to be alone.
Have you managed to keep any water down? tiny sips?

Ledodgy Tue 13-Nov-07 02:21:02

I can sip it but then I get crampy pains until I vomit it back up an hour or two later. Thanks for posting. smile The battery is going on my laptop and I have no energy to go downstairs to get the plug so i'm going to listen to the radio and try and get some sleep will post again tommorrow if I can.

StealthPolarBear Tue 13-Nov-07 02:22:54

hope youre ok, if you need peace of mind might it be worth callin nhs direct 0845 46 47?
Hope you manage to sleep xx

3littlefrogs Tue 13-Nov-07 07:45:14

Hope you are ok this morning. Sorry I didn't get back to the computer last night.

You must see a doctor this morning. If you can't keep water down try sucking ice cubes - if you have got some fruit squash, make cubes with that.

Is there anyone else you can call if your friend isn't there?

When is your dh back?

StealthPolarBear Tue 13-Nov-07 08:39:06

How are you this morning?
Agree with 3littlefrogs, please get checked out, best to be safe

3littlefrogs Tue 13-Nov-07 09:43:46

How are you this morning Ledodgy? I have to go to work now - (not allowed to use the computer there for anything other than work - spies are everywhere), but will be thinking of you and will check back this evening when I get home.

Ledodgy Tue 13-Nov-07 11:12:59

Hi. I'm feeling a bit better this morning. I haven't been sick since 4 am (woohoo!) and the tightenings seem to have stopped. I've managed to have some water this morning so maybe they were just braxton hicks which i've read can be made stronger when you're dehydrated. Anyway hopefully the worst is over. I'm exhausted today though and dp isn't back till about 11 pm but luckily dd is in school and ds is in a cuddly mood!

Thank you Stealth and littlefrogs for all your posts last night and your concern. smile

StealthPolarBear Tue 13-Nov-07 11:25:38

pleased to hear that
Hope you get some water and sleep today. Sounds like a tv / sofa day is needed! Could you eat dry toast?

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