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Hair loss/ alopecia in children

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babalon Mon 12-Nov-07 15:29:28

My Ds1 (8) was recently very ill, stopped breating had to be resusitated then ventilated in intensive care for a few days.

He's been home for nearly 2 weeks now initially he didn't want to sleep in his own bed but has settled and gone back to school.

At the weekend I noticed a bald patch in his hair. First I thought maybe he'd shaved it himself but he was as surprised as me. Also it has no stubble it's just smooth and well bald.

I've searched the web but can't find anything helpful. I'm thinking its a reation to the stress of everything but don't know if to take him to the doctors or try and find a psycologist of something???? Or should I just wait and see.

I spoke to him at the weekend about everything that happen and asked if he had any questions. He said when he got really poorly did he ask me if he was going to die? He did sad It was a very truamatic situation and I don't know how much he can really remember.

Has anyone any experience of post trauma effects on children or hair loss in children?

mummyofgirls Mon 12-Nov-07 15:41:12

babalon I cannot answer your question. My daughter (3) had one bald patch which just appeared at Easter and has now started to grow back and I think she was quite unsettled at the time this occured although nowhere near under as much stress as your ds. Has your son been offered any support - counselling or child psychology. After stays in ITU many adults need support to work throught the reality of what happened to them and to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't see why young children would be any different. The affect of the drugs used in ITU blur reality and in some cases are hallucinogenic so he might benefit from some professional support? SOunds like you are coping with what happened tremendously, by talking openly and honestly about it though HTH x

FluffyMummy123 Mon 12-Nov-07 15:42:06

Message withdrawn

babalon Mon 12-Nov-07 19:47:47

No support offered for ds. I did ask on discharge from icu and the doctor seemed really surprised by the request hmm Alot of the other kids in icu were babies so maybe that is why there is no real aftercare

He was hallucinating the day he was extubated, spiders! He does remember this, I don't know who to ask for help with counselling.

I'm kind of hoping it won't spread to his eyebrows too. God I hope it doesn't

mummyofgirls Mon 12-Nov-07 20:36:57

Is there a paediatric community nurse looking after him? If so try him/her. If not you could speak to your Health visitor if they are supportive, or your GP. The GP can refer to child psychologist. Think this is important to nip in the bud now.

Re the bald patch. The liklihood (?sp) is that it will be temporary and limited. Is the patch growing in size or are there anymore appearing? Again, you GP will be best placed to advise. Let us know how you get on.

tissy Mon 12-Nov-07 20:43:53

my dd (5) has alopecia areata.

In her case it wasn't related to stress, and is probably an auto-immune condition, as we are a family with several allergies.

She loses patches of her hair on a regular basis, and they usually grow back within a few months. The patches range in size from a few mm across to several cm across. The hair has alwaya grown back (so far) but a large patch on the back of her head has very fine baby-like hair and doesn't grow as fast as the hair round it.

We put steroid lotion on the patches till it comes back, on the advice of a dermatologist.

tissy Mon 12-Nov-07 20:47:47


your ds probably has what's known as telogen effluvium, related to stress.

I googled it quickly but couldn't find a site that wasn't peppered with adverts.... it's usually temporary.

Talk to your gp. Doubt if a psychologist is necessary for the hair loss, but if he is showing other signs of distress, I'm sure the paediatrician in charge of his care could organise it.

babalon Mon 12-Nov-07 21:06:35

Bald Patch has appeared rapidly, I remember looking at his head begining of last week because when he collapsed he hit his head and cut it so I was looking for the scar/scab and bald patch wasn't there then.

No paediatric follow up. Drs mentioned an out patients appointment in 3 months ish but I don't want to wait that long.

Thanks tissy good to have a name I'll search it. I was finding that every site was trying to sell wigs or cures etc when I just want some info

TheFairyOnTopOfTheTree Mon 12-Nov-07 21:23:38

Just a thought, a friend's little boy had sudden patches of hair loss, caused a lot of worry, turned out to be an infection...dr took swabs, with right medication it started growing back.
Good luck.

babalon Mon 12-Nov-07 21:40:36

I think a trip to the gp then.
do you think I should talk to Dr on my own first? I don't want him to worry that I'm worried iykwim

scienceteacher Mon 12-Nov-07 21:45:01

My Godson has alopecia arreata (sp). It started with tiny bald patches when he was around 9 or 10. He lost all his hair when he was 12, although it did return for a few months a couple of years later. Now there is very little hope of his hair returning (he is 16). He has been seen by many specialists, but to no avail.

scienceteacher Mon 12-Nov-07 21:45:03

My Godson has alopecia arreata (sp). It started with tiny bald patches when he was around 9 or 10. He lost all his hair when he was 12, although it did return for a few months a couple of years later. Now there is very little hope of his hair returning (he is 16). He has been seen by many specialists, but to no avail.

TheFairyOnTopOfTheTree Mon 12-Nov-07 21:49:12

Maybe you could ask for an advice call first if your gps do that?
I would be tempted to be straight with him, if he has seen the patches already. Keep it low key with the 'infection' idea, might help take the stress away?

kidsrus Mon 12-Nov-07 22:13:01

sounds like a case of alopecia areata caused by a bump to the head,illness and stress. try to keep calm and reassure your ds.
It would be advisable to check with your dr.
its most likely to regrow and also possible more might appear. but areata (tempory Hairloss) is better than alopecia totallis(permanent hairloss).
have you looked on any trichology sites they might give you a better understanding.
I hope your ds gets better soon as it sounds like he's had a rough time of late.
to you both.

TheFairyOnTopOfTheTree Wed 14-Nov-07 20:36:41

Any change? Hows things?

user1480000265 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:25:44

Hi Mums,

I'm new to mums net. I am searching for soem help in finding whats happening to my 2 yr old daughter. She has been losing her on her hands and legs.. slowly developing around her head. I reached out to the gp and he says might be fungal, but she doesn't have any itching/ spots/ rash in those areas. Its just normal skin without hair!

Have any of you been in this situation. Please advice.


Permanentlyexhausted Thu 24-Nov-16 15:34:54

your ds probably has what's known as telogen effluvium, related to stress.

This. My DD was suddenly and extremely ill when she was younger and a while later she lost substantial amount of hair. However, in her case it was about 3 months later which is about right for telogen effluvium so if your DS was ill a couple of weeks ago, it might not be that.

cestlavielife Sat 26-Nov-16 11:40:46

Dermatologists deal with hair loss and can offer medications but they are v strong.
Ask gp to refer.
But likely was stress caused for ypur ds so likely will grow back.
Ds has alopecia totalis. Began with patchea age 10.

user1480000265 Mon 28-Nov-16 10:22:52

Thanks for the response dearies. I went to the go and they have referred to a dermatologist. Waiting to get a call from them regarding the appointment, Not sure hoe long thats going to be. sad

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