Piles are ruining my life

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pilesareruiningmylife Sat 17-Apr-21 20:23:19

Nc for this, obvs.

I am just wondering if and when I should call the doctor about my piles...

They snuck up on me when I was pregnant (nearly four years ago!) and then seemed to settle down. However the last six months or so, they have come back with a vengeance.

I can feel them when I walk, they are unbearably itchy, and it feels like they are getting worse to the point where it feels like I can't wee properly, as in, they have sort of sprung up closer to my vagina on my perineum, and almost seem to be multiplying by the month.

Anyone got any advice? Sick of feeling like my arse is falling out. I haven't called the doctor yet a) because I literally haven't got time and b) well, it's embarrassing really. Terrified now that there is more going on than just piles sad or even what the doctor would do!

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keeperswif Sat 17-Apr-21 20:32:07

I recently had them I was passing blood when opening my bowels so worried I rung my GP, no problem, she listened said sounds like piles and started on a course of suppositories, you can buy them over the counter but they need to have steroid in I was advised, my GP prescribed them for me as not all chemist stock (I saw that as if your worried about calling buy them and try) but I was advised to try and monitor and if any more blood call back. My period started mid way through the course, so waited that clear, but nothing, I'm trying to drink more water and up my fibre to prevent it. The suppositories were easy to administer and I would say don't worry about calling it's nothing new to the GP.

pilesareruiningmylife Sat 17-Apr-21 20:41:03

Thanks for your reply. I've tried anusol, germaloids etc, but nothing is helping! 😫

Do you know the name of the suppositories?

I guess I am just worried as they seem to have come on quite severely very suddenly.

You are totally right about calling the doc, when I say I don't have time, I literally don't have time!!! I am a single parent with zero support (and I mean zero!) and I work full time, so I genuinely can't get an appointment!!!

Just getting a bit worried now...

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keeperswif Sat 17-Apr-21 20:51:34

I work full time too I just asked for a call back and spoke to GP over the phone no need to go in, they weren't branded as prescribed. I would say phone GP and ask for a prescription try a course and if it doesn't clear it up call them back.

keeperswif Sat 17-Apr-21 20:52:50

Another thing you can try and examine yourself if not too weird so you explain to GP fully what's happening over the phone save you going in

tiredmum2468 Sat 17-Apr-21 20:58:41

I'm so sorry to hear this

Ask your GP to make an urgent referral to a colorectal surgeon at your local hospital

There some information on this link but please get checked out x


MynameisJune Sat 17-Apr-21 21:00:20

Oh Op you could be me, I got piles when pregnant with DC1 6 years ago, they settled down but got worse with DC2 3 years ago. And then about 5-6 months ago started getting worse. I’d seen my GP previously for them so rang and spoke to them again. Got a prescription over the phone.

Uniroid-HC suppositories are what I’ve got, I’ve tried all the over the counter stuff but this stuff with steroids in is the only thing that actually helps shrink them properly.


MynameisJune Sat 17-Apr-21 21:02:56


I'm so sorry to hear this

Ask your GP to make an urgent referral to a colorectal surgeon at your local hospital

There some information on this link but please get checked out x


My GP seems to think I should just live with them now. I didn’t even know you could still get them removed on the NHS.

tiredmum2468 Sat 17-Apr-21 21:05:05

Yes get a referral I got referred on the 2 week wait suspected cancer pathway as I had a lot of bleeding and weight loss but I had my banded and it's loads better now I promise you thanks

keeperswif Sat 17-Apr-21 21:05:07

They won't refer until it's ruled other less expensive treatments ie a course of suppositories, if that doesn't work and or it's severely impacting you then they may make a referral, however in the first instance you need to make contact explain your symptoms, explain you've tried various OTC medications and nothing

keeperswif Sat 17-Apr-21 21:06:36

@tiredmum2468 has what sounds like
More "red flags" ie external weight loss excessive bleeding, my understanding is you haven't experienced these and therefore won't warrant this referral

tiredmum2468 Sat 17-Apr-21 21:10:12

I'd personally keep on at the GP as piles are awful I was so miserable and they really were painful.
I was lucky my GP is great but I'd have paid to go private to get it sorted it was that bad

Only you yourself know how bad they are but mine were just awful

I hope you get things sorted soon x

swirls3468 Sat 17-Apr-21 21:14:02

Hello just wanted to write on here to respond to your question.
I work in gastro as a nurse.
We see piles all the time and usually we can band them , just put a band round them and they drop off. Or they can do surgery to remove them.
I would say deffo get a referral from the gp if they are bothering you that much.
Good luck xx

something2say Sat 17-Apr-21 21:19:38

Have you tried one of those step things that fit round the base of the loo? Theory goes that raising the knees assists the colon and sphincter. I haven't yet bought the real thing but theres a stool i use (!!) and it really does help.

pilesareruiningmylife Sat 17-Apr-21 21:26:12

Thanks for all your replies.

I get bright red blood when I wipe, and when I have to scratch (sorry, tmi). I know I shouldn't be embarrassed but again, it's more of the point that I genuinely have no time to try and even speak to the doctor sad

I had a look a month or so ago and it freaked me out so much I've not looked since, but I can feel that things have got far worse, if that makes sense. Ugh, just fed up!!!! And the fact that I feel like they are literally exploding out of my arse and if I put my hand on my perineum I can feel them just totally freaks me out. Feels like I've grown a pair (or bunch) of balls.

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CherryPieEyes Sat 17-Apr-21 21:33:25

If they're ruining your life then the logical thing to do is call the GP. You don't need me to tell you that they see countless arses a day and won't be fazed by your bottom

TDogsInHats Sat 17-Apr-21 21:38:45

Does your GP surgery have an online referral system? Whereby you put in details of the problem and they will either phone you/email and/or refer you on to secondary care.
I don't think you should ignore this as it's impacting your life.

picklemewalnuts Sat 17-Apr-21 21:53:36

But this is a medical issue, you can take time off to get treatment. That would start with a day off (or going in late) to get the appointment.

MynameisJune Sat 17-Apr-21 22:02:09


Yes get a referral I got referred on the 2 week wait suspected cancer pathway as I had a lot of bleeding and weight loss but I had my banded and it's loads better now I promise you thanks

Thank you, I haven’t had the weight loss but I’d say I have more than normal bleeding when they flare up. It’s usually pouring into the toilet bowl 🙈 they’re also incredibly painful and it feels like they got so big they stopped me going to the toilet at all.

Unfortunately our GP still isn’t doing face to face and the last two times I’ve had a phone call they’ve called just as I’ve picked my kids up from school and I can’t talk properly about things.

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