Hpv and low grade dyskaryosis

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Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 14:00:35

I had a letter today to say I have the hpv virus and low grade dyskaryosis. I’m waiting on a appointment at the hospital. I’m upset and scared and don't know anyone who has ever had this letter🙁 can someone please reassure me and make me understand I’m not on my own

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StrawberryPi Thu 08-Apr-21 14:42:58

I had this a few years ago so I completely understand the panicky dread feeling you will be having right now sad all A-OK now though, so I thought I would tell you what happened to me as it might be reassuring:

I was invited to the hospital for colposcopy. This was unpleasant but not painful - think smear-test++ - and the dr and nurse I saw were both the most kind and understanding HCPs I have ever had any contact with, so much so I actually wrote to PALs to pass on the compliment officially. At this appointment I was sat in a dentist type chair with stirrups, speculum inserted and then they had a good look at my cervix whilst painting on various different chemicals. The reaction to those chemicals (colour change etc) highlights any areas of concern. I was allowed to look at this on a TV screen (which fascinated me, but say no if you are squeamish!). From this examination they thought they could see some areas of high grade changes so they did some biopsies - this felt like a big pinch and made me jump but wasn't painful and the lovely nurse held my hand all the way through. I got the results from this back a couple of weeks later, and the biopsies showed only low grade changes. Because of the difference between the examination and biopsy result, they repeated the whole thing a few months later just to double check nothing had been missed. At this appointment everything just showed low grade changes so they were content to leave me on watch-and wait rather than having any treatment. I had one more similar appointment with colposcopy and biopsy a few months later which showed the changes had resolved themselves (apparently this is common with low grade changes) and they were happy to discharge me to my GP. After that I had annual smear tests for three years to make sure everything was staying normal, and now I am back to the usual three-yearly schedule!

So essentially it was an unpleasant and scary few months, but everything has turned out ok! Please do ask any questions if you have them and I would be more than happy to talk a bit more about my experiences. Big hugs and handhold and I hope your hospital appointment comes through soon!

Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 15:55:47

@StrawberryPi thank you for your reply, I am so so scared I’m 27 with two kids on my own. I rang the hospital up to try and calm myself down. She did reassure me that this is common and that low grade is the better one to have so to speak. I’m just so scared they will find something. My appointment is in two weeks after she could tell how upset I was she moved it forwards xx

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StrawberryPi Thu 08-Apr-21 15:59:07

I know, it's so scary to be in that situation and be thinking of all the worth possible outcomes! One reassuring thing is that the whole point of the screening programme is to find these low grade changes waaaaay before the become anything too scary. They might monitor them or treat them but the main thing is it's been found now and can be headed off before they are dangerous. Does that make sense?

Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:01:59

@StrawberryPi you are a angel thank you. Yes it does, if only I had your positive outlook on it. I am a serial worrier ever since my mom has breast cancer and I just get terrified of all of this xx

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Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:02:37

@StrawberryPi sorry that should of said “had” instead of has. Xx

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StrawberryPi Thu 08-Apr-21 16:05:07

Oh you poor thing, that must make it 100 times worse! Especially with low grade changes, like the hospital said, that is only very slight cell changes and really far away from cancer so that is definitely the best ones to have! I hope you are OK for the next few weeks until your hospital appointment, I think the waiting is often the worst bit!!


needagirlsnight Thu 08-Apr-21 16:07:06

I had high risk HPV and low grade changes on smear but the colposcopy was clear

Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:09:09

Thank you, it does I just worry about everything but this is possibly the worst I’ve been, the waiting is the worst. I just want it over with so I know xx

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Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:09:42

@needagirlsnight ohhh really. Does it clear up on its own??x

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PineappleTart Thu 08-Apr-21 16:11:40

Currently also awaiting my appointment OP, smear test took ages to come back with results and already been a month awaiting a date for my colposcopy. Although I know I just have to wait I'm not sleeping well and overthinking

lolypoly Thu 08-Apr-21 16:16:55

I had this a few years ago and went though exactly what @StrawberryPi said. It was fine and the worst bit was the wait, I was terrified. I had biopsies which showed CIN 3 and I had to have a treatment at a later date- which was also fine. I had abnormal cells and HPV for around 2 years and had 6 monthly smears which eventually came back normal. Since then I have had yearly smears and they have all been normal. I was only 23 at the time with 2 babies. I had abnormal bleeding which is why I went to the doctors and I'm so glad that I did. It still worries me now but honestly, you will be okay! Sending hugs

Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:32:54

@PineappleTart I hope you get your letter soon, it’s scary having to wait. It’s rubbish not being able to sleep.

@lolypoly did you, I’m so scared. What is cin3? And what treatment did you have? It’s the wait, I’m just terrified like everyone else. Worried about if it is something bad xx

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needagirlsnight Thu 08-Apr-21 17:21:02

@Cassie9321 yes they did the smear and then colposcopy on the same day as the original murder couldn't do the smear due to visibility, they said that the smear result showed hpv and low grade changes but colposcopy was clear; so even an abnormal smear can be nothing when the colposcopy is done - I'm back to usual 3 yearly checks

needagirlsnight Thu 08-Apr-21 17:21:30

Clearly I meant original nurse grin there was no murder blushconfused

Cassie9321 Thu 08-Apr-21 18:21:39

@needagirlsnight I’m glad you cleared that up hahaha! Ohhh I’m pleased that was the case for you xx

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