Is it possible to walk around with an infection for weeks and not know it

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Greengrassonhighroad Sun 04-Apr-21 00:03:17

Recently I developed pain in my ear and tooth and over the counter medicine didn't even touch it. I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and and a week later an ear infection. It was all connected I suppose. I was prescribed antibiotics and followed by an antibiotic ear drop. All of these came on me very suddenly. I never even had a cold this winter or even last winter and I was feeling blessed with the good run of health I was experiencing.

I was finding some high temperatures for a few weeks like 37.8 and 37.9. The first raised temperature I found was back in January but then it went away just as quick. Over the following few weeks, a raised temperature popped up once in a while. I am vaccinated against covid and I am following the guidelines so I didn't assosiate it with covid and continued on as normal. I couldn't pinpoint any other pain in my body when I was finding these high temperatures. Sometimes I had a headache. Aside from all of this, I felt good. I put the raised temperature down to ovulation and periods.

Now I am thinking if the raised temperatures was perhaps connected to the recent infections that I found. Is it possible to walk around for weeks with an infection and not know it?

I'm on the mend now after about 11 days taking a range of medicines - over the counter medicine, oral antibiotic, antibiotic ear drops

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dizzydizzydizzy Sun 04-Apr-21 17:47:42

You can still catch Covid if you have had the vaccine. I was told this when I had the vaccine. As you probably know, Covid can be asymptomatic.

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