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Sgolding Sat 03-Apr-21 15:02:54

Hi can anybody advise how long the antibiotic erythromycin which as a 2 hour half life would remain in my system once I finish the course. I'm on 4 a day 250 mg for a dental infection. Thanks

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bobbiester Sat 03-Apr-21 15:20:12

If the half life is 2 hours - after 2 hours 50% will be left in your system, 25% after 4 hours, 12.5% after 6 hours, 6.25% after 8 hours etc etc.

Why do you ask?

Sgolding Sat 03-Apr-21 15:42:24

Just wondering once I finish course dont have a dental appointment for at least a week and hoping they do the trick just on edge incase soon as they have stopped infection comes back

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