Untreated PND

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Twatonapogostick Mon 08-Mar-21 23:01:42

I just read a link and I have all the symptoms. But I have felt like this all my life, since I was at nursery. Does PND ever go if untreated? Does it become depression after a while and not specifically post-natal depression? I have not had one nice day since my DC were born but I can't remember having nice times before that.

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Twatonapogostick Wed 10-Mar-21 09:20:41


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idontlikealdi Wed 10-Mar-21 09:23:42

Hi OP, sounds like depression of some sort, if you've had it all your life it doesn't really matter if it's labelled PND, AND, Depression etc.

I really think you need to speak to your GP.

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