Chronic sinusitis

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SausageBee Mon 08-Mar-21 21:04:37

I'd really appreciate some help and advice please.

I've just received my 3rd course (thisnis the 3rd different type) of antibiotics this year due to repeat sinus infections... they're that severe I lose sleep, suffer headaches, earache, fatigue, hot sweats and it makes me feel like I have tooth ache! I genuinely feel being kicked in the face by a horse would be less painful! The antibiotics work for a couple for weeks I'm fine and then... bam... its back!

Does anyone have any advice on how I can avoid another episode?

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1AngelicFruitCake Tue 09-Mar-21 20:30:08

No but bumping for you as I had this and it was awful. I had lots of hot, steamy showers and used olbas oil to inhale but couldn’t do that when it was at its worse. Also tried a Neti pot. Fingers crossed it gets better x

SausageBee Tue 09-Mar-21 20:37:44

Thanks @1AngelicFruitCake I've now purchased a machine which treats allergies using infared. I'd literally shut my head in the door if I thought that would help

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Flossie44 Wed 17-Mar-21 22:19:11

Oh I feel your pain. Literally!!

I suffer with chronic sinusitis. It comes and goes all year round!! The pain is in my forehead. Extreme pain. Behind my eyes. In my ears too. My nose is blocked solid and the pressure is immense.
I use olbas oil constantly. I’m prescribed 400mg fluticosone nasal drops that are pretty hardcore and do the job in that I do get some spells during the year where it’s not as bad. But this time of year is ALWAYS the pits!! I put it down to tree pollen.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Nasal polyps.

Sometimes I fear it’s something a lot worse, as the pain is immeasurable!!

How are you feeling now?

NotJustAnyOldDog Wed 17-Mar-21 22:25:07

It’s just the worse thing ever. Wiped me out for a month this year. It was awful. I have exactly the same symptoms as you. Tooth and jaw pain is ridiculous. Leaning forwards even slightly makes me feel like my face will actually fall off. I’d love the magic answer too!

NotJustAnyOldDog Wed 17-Mar-21 22:25:56

I must say this time round I slept on my front with my head hanging over the back of the pillow. That seemed to help. Maybe...

Doyoumind Wed 17-Mar-21 22:30:27

There are facial massage techniques that you can do on yourself that I find do reduce the pain and pressure and help with drainage.


DrMaryMalone Wed 17-Mar-21 22:34:37

I've just been prescribed a steroid nasal spray after various antibiotics made no difference and its made a massive improvement in a short space of time. My rhinitis and sinusitis are definitely allergy related and flared up this winter when we had a batch of particularly dusty hay for our pony. I'm now wearing a face mask when doing stables and using the spray and am almost back to normal now after suffering on and off for 5 months.

Wheelerdeeler Wed 17-Mar-21 22:36:17

I'm on a daily antihistamine. I also gave up liquid dairy.

Flossie44 Wed 17-Mar-21 22:36:30

I’ve started oral steroids tonight. It’s the only thing that helps me. Reduces the inflammation enough for the sinuses to drain.
I don’t think mines an infection as I have no temp and the mucus is clear.

LunaHeather Wed 17-Mar-21 22:42:32

Was one of them doxycycline? That was the only thing that worked for me.

StepOutOfLine Thu 18-Mar-21 06:21:31

I'm another with almost permanent sinusitis. Both my mum and 2 of my cousins had small operations on their nasal passages to try and help. I've not gone down that path because I certainly don't remember my mum's sinusitis getting any better after!
So, sorry, no advice really, just sympathy!

LudoTrouble Thu 18-Mar-21 06:24:53

I'm so sorry, sinus issues are horrible. I've had one friend and one cousin have surgery to fix chronic sinus problems. Have you investigated that option?

FortunaMajor Thu 18-Mar-21 06:36:37

I had surgery in 2006, sinuses widened, deviated septum fixed and polyps removed. I've never had a problem with sinus pain since. Recovery wasn't fun, but I could breathe through my nose for the first time in my life after it and could blow my nose properly which I previously couldn't do.

I still use steroid spray occasionally for rhinitis in the summer and have post nasal drip but this is small fry compared to the sinus issues. I would have gladly taken a drill to my own head back then.

You need to go back to your doctor and tell them you want a referral.

cliffdiver Thu 18-Mar-21 06:37:30

I've had what I though was consistent sinus infections since March 2020.

Symptoms were pain/pressure either side of my nose and behind my eyes.

GP spoke with ENT at the local hospital, they diagnosed Atypical Facial Pain, and prescribed Amitriptyline.

I've been taking if for about 5 weeks and have been pain free since.

HappyThursdays Thu 18-Mar-21 06:38:14

It's dreadful. I've just had an awful bout that ended up with me losing my hearing for months in one ear. It's only now starting to ease but my sinuses are still v swollen.

I had a course of oral steroids again this time which helps.

I've been recommended to wash the sinuses 4x a day with the Sterimar isotonic and then use the steroid spray at night (so it has the longest time to work). This has been the longest bout of chronic sinusitis I've ever had (since Xmas) with only minor improvements every day and it is soul destroying!

Mamette Thu 18-Mar-21 06:40:13

I gave up milk a few years ago and no longer suffer as badly.

Flossie44 Thu 18-Mar-21 06:46:56

I have oat milk now, which helped to begin with..but it’s back with vengeance.
I really believe it’s allergy based.
I’m taking oral steroids now and keeping fingers crossed. It’s so exhausting isn’t it!!
I’ve thought I’d surgery so many times for my polyps but have heard they grow back.

Empathy to everyone else in this position. It’s hideous

Hirewiredays Thu 18-Mar-21 06:47:39

I have had three operations on my sinus. I would advise you get an X-ray done to look for deviated septum, holes in sinuses, maybe have them widened. Ask dr to refer to you ent specialist.

Flossie44 Thu 18-Mar-21 07:03:11

I’ve got a deviated septum and nasal polyps. Found by a gp with ent background.
It scares me having any procedure tbh

Bonheurdupasse Thu 18-Mar-21 07:32:48

I had the same symptoms as @Flossie44...
I think I went to the GP over thirty times one year. Getting at least 10 bouts a year lasting for ages etc.

I started taking zinc religiously, not sure if that was it but I now get them 1-2 a year which is much better.

SausageBee Thu 18-Mar-21 11:07:02

Thank you all for your responses. Im sorry to hear there's so many of you suffering.

doxycycline is one of those I've taken. Im now on a 2 week course of Erythromycin with Nasonex spray. Im also using this infared thing twice a day which apparently treats allergies and taking antihistamines.

Im mostly dairy free due to lactose intolerance.

I've found some taking tramadol help relief the pain in teeth and ear over the past few days especially at night.

A DR friend of my.mums had the sinus surgery and said its done nothing to resolve the problem and possible has made it feel worse. I shall give it another few months and if no better I shall investigate privately

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somewheresorted Thu 18-Mar-21 15:50:54

It just sucks doesn’t it..? just finishing my 2nd course of Penicillin and steroid nasal spray and I can still feel that it’s there and know that within a couple of days it will really kick up again. I am so fed up with this headache and the vile taste and just feeling generally yuk.

HappyThursdays Thu 18-Mar-21 20:34:22

I'm on nasonex and it does eventually work but this has been the longest time I've had to take it for @SausageBee

I'm considering going dairy free to see if it works. What worries me is that we're about to hit hay fever season too which will only make it worse

The saltwater spray is horrible - really makes me gag - but it is getting marginally better I have to say

@SausageBee have they given you prednisolone with the antibiotics? I think that can help a lot with the inflammation

Spottysausagedogs Fri 19-Mar-21 07:31:00

I'm just putting this here as nobody has mentioned using or trying one. I had a couple of rounds of antibiotics and was using steroid spray morning and night basically constantly, and it just wasn't shifting it in any permanent way. I was suffering for 2 winters with chronic low level pain and discomfort in my face that was sometimes worse on moving around, bending forward etc, with nausea occasionally too. Came to a head when I was sent home from work as I couldn't cope. So I bought this, used it very reluctantly (although its really not that unpleasant) just a handful of times and I haven't looked back, it's pretty much cured me. I'm going to have another go today as my family are all full of a cold and i have woken with eye ache and a post nasal drip. This is how it manifests in me, but my sinus rinse will sort it out. I hope this helps.

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