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Has anyone ever used a kneeling (backless) chair to help lower back pain

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twofalls Tue 06-Nov-07 13:05:50

My work chair is awful and have started getting lower back pain as a result. I have sat in those backless chairs you kneel on before and found them really comfortable but haven't tired them for long periods of time. Any experiences?

LiegeAndLief Tue 06-Nov-07 13:23:53

Yes, I used one at work. Didn't have backache but we had one in our office because it had been bought for a pregnant colleague who was off on maternity leave and I found it much comfier than a normal chair! Definitely worth a go. The only downside I found was wanting to stretch my legs out, because you have to keep them bent to stay on the chair.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clarevoiant Tue 06-Nov-07 13:34:01

If your work chair is uncomfortable your company is obliged for you to see an ergonomic consultant(cant think of the exact phrase i want here). speak to your HR department.
MY partner runs a company that imports ergonomic chairs from germany and deals with back complaints and disabilities all the time, as well as teaching people how to sit correctly.
You'd be better getting a consultant to come and see you at work, you may find your chair isn't set up correctly, or you are not sitting correctly, or you may find your chair just isn't suitable for you and that you need a new one.
I know the kneeling chairs that you are talking about, and while they may help your back, they do nothing for your knees.
hope this helps. smile

Hathor Tue 06-Nov-07 13:35:03

I alternate between this and an office chair. You do get some pressure on your knees and the padding isn't great so a cushion might be needed. Only works to keep your back in a good position if you make the effort - you can still slump into a bad posture.

Hathor Tue 06-Nov-07 13:35:48

Maybe OP is her own boss?

twofalls Tue 06-Nov-07 14:59:22

hello, thanks for your replies. Yes I am my own boss so no HR consultant department for me smile. I have just moved from working at the kitchen table (where I had no problems) to our spare bedroom with a proper office chair and foot support and am feeling uncomfortable. I wondered what people thought of these chairs.

cmotdibbler Tue 06-Nov-07 15:11:53

I moved to being a homebased worker 6 weeks ago, and took the opportunity to get a Varier kneeling chairs, and its made a huge difference to me. I like the rocking as I'm a real fidget, and it lets me fiddle with my feet. It also makes you sit more actively, and so seems to stop slumping.

kindersurprise Tue 06-Nov-07 15:16:59

I would be more inclined to go for one like this. Sitting for long periods of time on a kneeling chair is not so good as your knees can start to hurt. I used to sell (and use) the Moizi chairs and they are really great. You sit in the same position as on a kneeler but can change position and lean back too. They are a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

Slubberdegullion Tue 06-Nov-07 15:23:42

A cheaper option two falls is to buy a foam wedge and /or a lumbar roll for your chair. The key principle for a good ergonomic sitting posture is maintaining the natural lordosis (inward going curve) in your lumbar spine.

You can achieve this quite easily by raising your hips higher than your knees (as in the kneeling chair) by sitting on a wedge, fat end under your arse, thin end at end of chair.

You could also make a lumbar roll (thin towel rolled up, put some masking tape around it) to see if that helps. You don't want a massive bulge in the small of your back, just a gentle inward going curve.

You might want to try those before buying a spenith chair!

mistlethrush Tue 06-Nov-07 15:37:29

I use one at work. I can use a normal chair for only about 30 mins if working at a desk before getting back ache.

I bought my own kneely 'office' chair - with castors and variable height - 10 years ago, and it is still going strong and not looking any the worse for wear.

This is the one I've got. I got this one as my 'craft' kneeler was being perched on by colleagues passing the desk when I wasn't there, and they were threatening to break it, so I wanted something that would be robust enough for work and stand the wear.

It is very nicely padded. I also find that I can change my position quite a lot (as long as I'm not wearing anything particularly slippery): at the moment I have just changed from a 'traditional' kneeler chair position so that my legs are over the top of the kneeling cushion and my feet flat on the floor - almost like a more traditional chair position, but with my hips higher than my knees.

I never miss being able to lean back!

Swifty1986 Mon 05-Sep-16 12:26:39

I see this post when looking for something to help with my lower back. Had a car crash and can not sit on a normal chair. After searching online I found one that helps. Kneeling Chairs this site helped me as it give me a good amount of info. I ordered the Variabe Balans Chair if that helps.

belcha Tue 04-Jul-17 21:13:11

i using this chair last few month feel better now relaxed knee
kneeling chair

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