Swollen thyroid

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Userr19037 Sun 07-Mar-21 07:09:10

Hi does anyone have any knowledge of thyroid issues. I had an appt a few years ago for another issue with an ear nose and throat consultant and as soon as I walked in she asked me how long I'd had the thyroid for. She immediately realised that I didn't know and explained she could see it the second I walked in the door and wanted to send me for a scan but then continued about the issue I was attending for. I went for the scan and all was fine but now I do notice is. My right side on neck at base and in general is quite fat/swollen. At times it seems worse than others but I'm unsure if that can happen? I had asked for a thyroid check a couple years ago also as I am constantly exhausted, cold, had hair loss etc and apparently it all came back normal? That's all I was told. No ones ever spoke to me about the swelling again. Is there a way of sorting it? Is it worth being checked again? What would I say to doctor on phoning if that's the case. I just don't want anything to be wrong cause as I say I have low energy and mood at times etc but also not to sound shallow but it does make me feel quite self conscious also.

Thanks for any advice in advance

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Howdoin Sun 07-Mar-21 07:58:00

I would ask for another thyroid check. You could have been just on the edge of ‘normal’ last time. If your goitre is big enough for ENT to spot it instantly, and you have all the symptoms, you really need another blood test.

Userr19037 Sun 07-Mar-21 08:19:29

@Howdoin thank you. Last time when I asked for it to be tested the doctor made me feel I was being a hypochondriac and there was no reason to but then said they would so I'm unsure if they will test again. Surely it shouldn't be enlarged or can it be with no reason. I'm not sure. They didn't tell me the ins and outs of results, was just a receptionist who said it was fine.

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Loveluella Sun 07-Mar-21 08:41:36

I've had a similar situation, I had loads of tests as it was quite sudden but ultimately they're confirmed it's just a goiter - they can remove it but said it's not necessarily worth doing.
My scans/bloods/biopsies were all fine. They suggested there may be hormonal reasons but as there's nothing 'wrong' with it, they've left it there, especially given non urgent stuff has been canceled

Userr19037 Sun 07-Mar-21 09:09:22

Thank you @Loveluella I guess this may be the case with me also then. Are they looking into the possibility of hormonal issues?

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Loveluella Sun 07-Mar-21 13:27:20

They were going to but then covid hit and they just said to keep an eye on it. It's shrunk so only really visible to me now. It's worth getting checked out if you have other concerns as well. I was reassured after having the biopsies so am happy to leave it for now

Doublethecuddles Mon 08-Mar-21 08:43:28

I would ask for an ultrasound to check the goitre. A simple check on the size is if you swallow a glass of water while looking in the mirror how noticeable is it?

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