What is wrong with my knees?

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Whatnamesareleft Sat 06-Mar-21 15:17:02

I have had no injury or fall, no issues in the past. I am early 40’s not overweight and I walk and do yoga to keep fit so no high impact.

Basically my knees are hurting more as the time goes on, going up the stairs or getting up from the floor. They don’t hurt when I’m walking around. I can’t take anti inflammatories. Any ideas?? Yeah I can ring the doctors and wait for an appointment but wonder what they are likely to do/say?

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frostymornings Sat 06-Mar-21 15:25:56

Possibly arthritis. I have arthritic hips and I'm 46. I was advised to walk regularly which I do as much as poss, and to do exercises 1st thing every day which I'm shit at remembering to do.

Whatnamesareleft Sat 06-Mar-21 15:39:22

I didn’t think there was a way to actually tell if you have arthritis? Are there actual tests for it? It’s been getting worse over the last few months? Now it is every time I go upstairs, every day?

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Livedandlearned Sat 06-Mar-21 16:28:56

X-rays can show arthritis, I have osteoarthritis in my wrists and that's how it was diagnosed after months of pain.

Whatnamesareleft Sat 06-Mar-21 17:46:43

@frostymornings do you get other pain? I often get random sort of shooting pain from the top of my knee straight down to about half way down my shin as well randomly, mostly at rest.

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