Perforated Eardrum - help

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bdd2017 Tue 23-Feb-21 01:12:56

My and my ds (13mths) have been unwell for a while. I spoke to the docs earlier after my ear was completely glued up and it started aching, Inc horrid cough, sore throat etc (not covid). He started me on a/bs. Tonight I've laid down for bed and after a few sharp pains my ear is now leaking bloody fluid. I presume I've perforated the eardrum. I've already got my course of amoxicillin, would you still contact the doctor tomorrow to let them know or just leave it?

Also, my ds had really gunky ears with reddish wax, so was put on antibiotics too before me. Now I wonder if his eardrum perforated too. Obviously as everything was done on the phone, I just wonder if I should get us both checked, or does it not matter if we're both on a/bs anyway?

Thanks! (I just feel like I'm constantly contacting the docs - and they've got so much on their plate)

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bdd2017 Tue 23-Feb-21 01:53:33

I can't sleep as its constantly popping, crackling, twitching, aching and leaking. Not sure which position's best to sleep. Unpleseant. Anyone else experienced similar?

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Rebeccasmoonnecklace Tue 23-Feb-21 01:59:09

I would call NHS 111 for some advice if this becomes painful for you OP and I would definitely call your GP to discuss the situation with them tomorrow, they need to be updated about what is happening with you flowers

SqeakyHindge Tue 23-Feb-21 02:15:37

The pain as it’s about to pop had me screaming on kitchen floor, (not high pain threshold) afterwards I was fine lost my hearing for week had to put cotton loosely (don’t think that recommended) in my ear as fluid leaking. At time couldn’t get GP appointment, think they check to make sure not infected.

Notnastypasty Tue 23-Feb-21 02:21:00

I’ve had mine perforate a couple of times and it’s not pleasant! Although the pain in the buildup to it perforating is much worse I find, when it finally released the pressure it was a relief.

You will find it crackling etc and may find your ear is sensitive for a few days. I had a doctor check mine after about a week and he could see ‘debris’ in there but there’s not much they can do. Might be worth a call if you’re worried though.

Notnastypasty Tue 23-Feb-21 02:22:01

Oh and I find it’s best not to lean on the ear that’s perforated.

SakuraEdenSwan1 Tue 23-Feb-21 02:25:53

Sometimes you may feel a bit dizzy and sick with it, I would recommend ringing 111 or your GP, awful pain it truly is.

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