Diagnose me please? Sinuses maybe?

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littlesheepdog Fri 12-Feb-21 19:45:19

For over a month I've had a really strange thing happening with my ears or perhaps sinuses?
Every time I look up or bend down a get a sharp pain in my head, like a thunderbolt. And every time I cough or sneeze I get the most incredible shooting pain through one ear drum.
I've tried over the counter ear drops, prescribed drops for an infection, a week of oral antibiotics 3 x daily nasal rinses.
It's slightly better, but I still can't bear to cough or sneeze because of the pain.
Any thoughts??

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littlesheepdog Fri 12-Feb-21 19:46:42

I also had a one sided headache that used to come on after I coughed or sneezed, but that's eased up slightly.
GP hasn't seen me, just diagnosed twice over the phone with either an ear or sinus infection, but antibiotics didn't help.

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littlesheepdog Fri 12-Feb-21 19:48:45

Also I normally go straight to google in these situations, but google is as clueless as me!

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CityCommuter Sat 13-Feb-21 01:33:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlesheepdog Sat 13-Feb-21 05:10:21

Mid 30s. A few stone overweight but lost a stone and working on it!
History of high blood pressure in family yes.
I think we have a home monitor somewhere. I'll take a reading.

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Einszwei Sat 13-Feb-21 05:27:24

I had something like this when I had an ear infection caused by a very small piece of plastic that was stuck in my ear drum. You need to push for your GP or a nurse to have a look in your ear, to rule out anything similar.

Literallyfedup Sat 13-Feb-21 07:50:58

Have you taken any decongestant or just the antibiotics? Antibiotics clear the infection but not the fluid from sinuses. May be try an otc decongestant like sudafed and see. Normally one dose is enough to tell if there is a difference in symptoms though you need more for treatment. Don't take decongestant if your bp is high.
Are you suffering from reflux by any chance, because if you are then your sinuses are continuously getting triggered. Might be tha antibiotics work but you get reinfected. If that is so then talk to your GP. Immediate short term treatment is gaviscon liquid at night so that reflux acid won't irritate your sinuses.


littlesheepdog Sat 13-Feb-21 08:19:08

Yes I tried sudafed decongestant spray for a few days. Didn't make any difference.
Don't have reflux. I'm wondering if there is something in my ear at this point!

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Mehripoop Fri 02-Jul-21 07:07:39

I have this @littlesheepdog. How are you feeling now?? I’ve been having this issue since last summer on and off but the ear pain has intensified since October. Drs told me it’s my sinuses so I’ve even had the op a few weeks back but the ear pain is back with a vengeance. Feeling so miserable and sorry for myself. Sorry for the moan!

onceuponacar Fri 02-Jul-21 09:38:41

Sorry I've name changed since this one.
So the pain eventually went on it's own.
Nasal rinse did nothing, nor did decongestant spray, or antibiotics or steroid spray!
Sorry I'm not much help.
It took months to go though.

Mehripoop Fri 02-Jul-21 10:05:47

Ah thank you for replying. @onceuponacar. I’m so so miserable! Did you get headaches too?

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