Any medical experts out there? Neurology Question

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Mumma02 Fri 12-Feb-21 17:40:05

I've had my fair share of illnesses since my second baby was born 15 months ago. This has led to horrible health anxiety which started to cause physical symptoms...BUT I have pulled myself oht of this and started to feel better. Had a brain MRI 2 weeks ago after seeing a neurologist due to constant one sided headaches which were tingling/burning/stabbing - totally unlike anything I've experienced. You can imagine what I thought it was. Neurologist phoned with results and said all ok other than some fluid found in right sphenoid sinus resulting from untreated sinisutis. I had the letter containing results come through today and had the shock of my life which has fuelled my anxiety again!
The report says MRI was normal but then states a small cyst was found...this was never mentioned to me!!! And also my pituatary fossa?? Was partially empty which suggest intercranial hypertension!! I've looked this up and have come across people having shunts in their brains and all sorts. Terrifying. Also, when the headaches were at their worst, I would get fluid running from my right nostril (same side as the headache) which I'm now thinking could be brain fluid as seen in all the people I've looked up daignosed. sad Does anyone have any experience with IIH and could shed any light? I wad initially happy with my diagnose of muscle spasm headaches before reading that report!!

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PaquitaVariation Fri 12-Feb-21 18:01:11

The fluid is likely to be from your sinuses. The cyst is probably not a significant finding which is why they haven’t mentioned it to you. Ask your gp about it if you’re still worried.

alongtimeagoandfaraway Fri 12-Feb-21 18:04:37

Agree consult you gp is best bet.
Could also try
They have a telephone helpline which might be reassuring.

Bohemian18 Fri 12-Feb-21 20:55:24

If the consultant said all OK I wouldn’t worry about it, could always mention it to your GP for further clarification. That’s the problem when we get copies of tests and reports, they make it worse no better, especially if we suffer with health anxiety.

missbipolar Mon 15-Feb-21 17:31:52

Partially empty sella is also a variant of normal and sinitisu does cause clear fluid and headaches. If your worried I would ring and see if you bring any follow up appointment forward by explaining your anxieties but if the consultant isn't worried then I would stay calm. They also treat iih very seriously so if suspected it at all they'd be getting it you in asap not telling you its absolutely fine

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